270 degrees clockwise

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Unity3d Easytouch calculates the joystick rotation angle and the joystick eight direction control role

When writing third-person control, the first computer test is to use WASD to control the character.Later it needs to be posted to the phone, so a joystick is added.The code for the keyboard control role has been written and the character moves in

[IOS] Some questions about video direction

Version: OS X 10.10.5 Xcode 6.4 (6e35b) IOS >= 7 I. Rotation metadata in mov/mp4 video filesThe Mov/mp4 video recorded on iOS built-in camera app may produce a rotation metadata that indicates how many angles the camera rotated to when the video was

[IOS] several questions about video direction and ios

[IOS] several questions about video direction and ios I. Rotation metadata in MOV/MP4 video filesThe mov/mp4 video recorded by the built-in camera app on iOS may produce a Rotation metadata, which indicates how many angles the camera rotates during

Image rotation under IE and standard browser (ii)--canvas (1)

Article too long, an article can not be saved.Image rotation under IE and standard browser (i)--filter, CSS33. CanvasCanvas is a new label in HTML5, before we use canvas we first look at its definition: tag is just a graphics container, you must use

Html5 Canvas painting tutorial (5)-arc method for drawing curves in canvas

Comments: One of the difficulties in drawing curves in anvas is that there are four functions connected to curves! They are arc, arcTo, quadraticCurveTo, and bezierCurveTo. let me start with the simplest method of arc. If you are interested, you can

Matrix Rotation-(c)

There are four cases of clockwise rotation of the matrix rotation matrix of order n: 0 degree 90 degrees 180 degrees 270 degrees, equivalent to 90 degrees of reverse The calculation of the algorithm IDEA matrix mainly involves the

Android self-setting view realizes _android of imitation QQ movement steps arc and animation effect

In the previous Android ultra-precision pedometer development-dylan step of the home page to use a custom control, and the QQ movement of the interface is a bit similar, and animation effect, the following is to tell how this view is drawn. 1. See

CSS rotation and flip use examples

CSS 2.0 is still not flipped, 3.0 has the Rotate property, this can be the elements of any angle rotation, gray often powerful, there is a good example, we can refer to the following A project to draw a graph, there are horizontal and vertical axis,

Usaco Section1.2 Transformations Problem Solving report

Transform Problem solving report--icedream61 Blog Park (reproduced please specify the source)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------TopicThe

HTML5 canvas Drawing 5: Draw a curve of Arc

Draw lines on canvasArticleIn, I talked about the method of drawing a straight line. The article on drawing a curve should have been published. However, because the canvas draw curve is special, I have not understood it yet, so I should try it step

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