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Thinkphp verification code error cannot be displayed. thinkphp verification code _ PHP Tutorial

Thinkphp verification code is a perfect solution to the problem where thinkphp verification code fails to be displayed. The thinkphp verification code error cannot be displayed. the thi

Random generation of 4-bit verification code, the user input and verify that the input is correct, if the input error to generate a new verification code to allow users to re-enter, up to 5 times

1 //four-bit random verification code2Random ran=NewRandom ();3String str1 = "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIGKLMNOPQRSTUVWXUZ";4 Char[] A=New Char[4];5 for(inti=0;i)6 {7A[i]=str1.charat (Ran.nextint (62));8 }9 TenStringBuilder rzm1=NewStringBuilder (); One for(inti=0;i) A { -Rzm1.append (A[i]);//Generate 4-bit authentication code

thinkphp The verification code cannot be loaded or the verification code error problem is resolved under Ubuntu

"byte order mark (Byte-order Mark,bom)" To identify the encoding and byte order used in the file.Linux/unix does not use the BOM because it destroys the syntax conventions of existing ASCII files. (– This is why a blank line appears on this page)Dom is not a good thing is a data signature, a string of strings, often lead to blank lines on the page, especially when PHP file introduction require_once and include.③linux find the file containing the BOM header and clear the BOM header commandLocate

Google browser to pay treasure "verification code Error" solution

In the use of Chrome browser landing Alipay often appear the following error prompts: A very wonderful problem, in Weibo complaining after the mistake of Alipay. The above image account name the rightmost Red Square asterisk of the input box is the input box for the password input application LastPass. LastPass will store all user input data including account name, login password, authentication code

Install the GD library to resolve thinkphp verification code call to undefined function think\imagecreate () error

commands for the operation: Run the command to install PHP with the GD library online: The code is as follows Copy Code Yum-y Install PHP-GD Restart the APACHCE service for the post-installation GD library to take effect The code is as follows Copy Code

Python Verification code identifies installation of pillow, TESSERACT-OCR and pytesseract modules, and error resolution

) \\Tesseract -ocr\\tesseract.exe 'Method 3: Specify in the actual run codePytesseract.pytesseract.tesseract_cmd = ' D:\\tesseract-ocr\\tesseract.exe '2.pytesseract.pytesseract.tesseracterror: (1, ' Error opening data file \\tesseract-ocr\\tessdata/eng.traineddata ')Workaround:Method 1[Recommended]:Add the path to the parent directory of the Tessdata directory (the default is the TESSERACT-OCR installation directory) to the TESSDATA_PREFIX environment

A verification code error occurred when submitting the login information in curl.

Verification Code. Currently, you can find the URL and directly display it on the front-end webpage. Then, enter it manually. You can use AJAX to submit the login information on the webpage and return the correct information. I transfer the same combination of information to the PHP file in the background and submit it with curl. However, the verification

Zhimeng dedecms background verification code error set and solution

Dream dedecms Background Verification Code persistent error problemBelieve that a lot of users, in the background of weaving dream, you will encounter the verification code can not show or persistent errors, and so on, then the problem should be how to solve it. Here are a f

Python crawler entry (4)-Verification Code Part 1 (mainly about verification code verification process, excluding Verification Code cracking), python part 1

= hncainfo "checkcode_headers = {} checkcode_headers ['user-agent'] =" Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; rv: 43.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/43.0 "checkcode_request = urllib2.Request (checkcode_url, headers = checkcode_headers) checkcode_res = urllib2.urlopen (checkcode_request ). read () if (checkcode_res.count ("organizer name")> 0): print "verified" checkcode_soup = BeautifulSoup. beautifulSoup (checkcode_res) print "unit name:" + checkcode_soup.findAll ("table") [0]. findAll ("tr") [0]. find

Laravel5 logs on with the user name or email address. how does one display the verification code multiple times when a logon error occurs?

. if the user name/email address or password is incorrect three times, you must enter the verification code. how can this problem be achieved? Rewrite the postLogin logon function: /*** Handle a login request to the application. ** @ param \ Illuminate \ Http \ Request $ request * @ return \ Illuminate \ Http \ Response */public function postLogin (Request $ request) {// Obtain the form value $ username

Stash Login Verification Code does not display, reported could not initialize class Sun.awt.X11FontManager error

Stash sign in when prompted to enter a verification code, but the verification code does not show, how to solve it?Error message: 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/72/85/wKiom1XlXJ_wyyq-AAFhGMLGC1I205.jpg "title=" Login

Solve the "image cannot be displayed due to its own mistakes" error when PHP generates the verification code.

Today, I used code to implement the PHP verification code generation function, and found that firefox always prompts "image ....... due to its own error and inability to display, the author also prompted that "if the browser displays" image XXX cannot be displayed due to its own er

A workaround for PHP when generating a verification code "the image cannot be displayed because of its own error" _php

Today, the implementation of PHP generated check code using code, found that Firefox has been prompted "image ...." Because of its own mistakes can not be displayed, the author also suggested that "if the browser display" image xxx because of its own error can not be displayed ", may try to remove the text hollow lattice", but the

Php website background construction (verification code) error, please help modify

Php website background construction (verification code) error, please help modify I want to determine whether the entered verification code is consistent with the verification code on t

Php verification code error Calltoundefinedfunctionimagecreatetruecolor () multiple methods ineffective solution

Php verification code error Calltoundefinedfunctionimagecreatetruecolor () multiple methods invalid I just learned PHP to get the verification code. I found a lot of debugging on the Internet and reported the unified error Calltou

Dedecms background verification code total prompt error solution _ PHP Tutorial

The dedecms background verification code always prompts an error solution. Directly use the following code to overwrite login. php in dede to copy the code as follows :? Require_once (dirname (_ FILE _)... includeconfig_base.php); require_once (dirname (_ FILE _). use the fo

Phpcms-verification code error,-the image uploaded by the editor is stuck

Phpcms V9 background login prompt verification code error After the phpcms V9 verification code is generated, the number of the verification code is saved to the session. By default, p

PHP program always prompts verification code input error solution _php instance

Today, when you put a set of programs on another server, you find that the login verification code in the background, regardless of whether the input is correct or not, always shows: Validation code entered incorrectly Then it started to debug. Because the correct verification c

JQuery Ajax displays the check mark and error number to verify that the entered verification code is correct. jqueryajax

JQuery Ajax displays the check mark and error number to verify that the entered verification code is correct. jqueryajax If you don't talk much about it, paste the Code directly. The specific code is as follows: First introduce jquery .sl-

DedeCms logon backend verification code error solution

DedeCms logon backend verification code error solution1. Check the information and find that the session is not cleared. Go to the data/sessiondirectory and delete all files except index.html.2. If the problem persists, check whether the session has the write permission. If not, add the write permission to "internet guest account". For Linux, set the di

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