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Layer2-wan-3 Frame-relay

Session 1 Frame-relay Frame RelayFr was first standardized in 1990. has replaced the X. Technology, which simplifies the 2nd layer of functionality, is a connectivity-oriented data link technology, to provide high-performance and high-efficiency data transmission import line of technical simplification, it relies on high-level protocol import error correction, shipowner fully utilize today's optical fiber and digital network technology. Only basic err

Configuration of layer-3 Switch DHCP relay improves address management efficiency

Bkjia.com exclusive Article: in a large-scale LAN working environment, if static IP Address Allocation is adopted for the terminal system, it will obviously increase the workload of network administrators, the DHCP Service can automatically allocate IP addresses stored in the address pool of the DHCP server to the terminal system, which not only improves the address management efficiency, in addition, it can avoid address conflicts caused by assigning an address to multiple users at the same tim

Layer-3 Switch DHCP Relay technology full solution

The layer-3 switch is currently one of the most popular switches, especially suitable for small and medium enterprises, especially the use of DHCP Relay technology for layer-3 switches. DHCP Server can automatically set network parameters such as IP address, mask, gateway, DNS, and WINS for users to solve client location changes such as hosts or wireless networks

CCNP experiment: layer-3 switch enables DHCP relay proxy between VLANs

[Experimental environment] veryhuo.com Cisco Packet Tracer 5.3.2 veryhuo.com [Tutorial Objective] veryhuo.com The layer-3 Switch + DHCP relay proxy technology is used to solve the problem that multiple VLANs share the same DHCP server. Lie-fire-network VLAN Division can effectively reduce the impact of ARP spoofing and broadcast storms. If we use DAI and other technologies, we can minimize the harm of ARP s

CCNA Training Course (3) -- Vlan VTP relay single-arm route generation Tree Protocol

CCNA Training Course (3) -- Vlan VTP relay single-arm route generation Tree Protocol This is the third day of the CCNA training course. There are many knowledge points on this day, and the experiment content is gradually becoming more complicated.VLAN A vswitch separates the conflict domains and the broadcast domains. A vro separates the conflict domains and the broadcast domains. In a pure exchange network

[Cisco] DHCP relay, layer-3 Switch VLAN Routing Practice

[Cisco] DHCP relay, layer-3 Switch VLAN Routing PracticeThe experiment topology uses the GNS3 0.8.6 simulator to build a DHCP server using Red Hat 6.5. The experiment requires configuring a layer-3 Switch VLAN routing so that VLAN10 and VLAN20 members can access each other. Performs DHCP relay for layer-

Summary of the complete configuration of the six network types of ospf in the fr Environment

1: NBMA mode on Hub-and-spoke (also the default mode)Summary: Features of The NBMA mode on HUB-AND-SPOKE:(1) the IP addresses of the frame relay interface are all on the same subnet;(2) manually configure OSPF neighbors;(3) DR needs to be elected, and DR needs to be manually controlled on the HUB side;(4) manual Frame Relay ing is required.Verification:1: Verify

Configure a frame relay switch

This experiment is to configure a general router as a frame relay switch to provide a frame relay experimental environment for other experiments in this chapter.1. Tutorial PurposeThrough this experiment, you can master the following skills:● Configure a frame relay environment with only two nodes;● Configure a star frame rel

Enterprise Network downlink Relay Network

=" 114145724.jpg"/> In this enterprise Internet, a Headquarters has two branches. In order to connect them, the intermediate cloud maps are connected using the network's frame relay network; because the others are Ethernet, while the middle Wan is frame relay, the middle Internet cloud maps are prepared by the operator; Therefore, the implementation restrictions cannot be implemented using a layer-

Demonstration: configuration of a Cisco device based on the physical interface Frame relay (fame-relay)

: R3 (config) # inte s1/0 R3 (config-if) # encapsulationframe-relay R3 (config-if) # ipaddress R3 (config-if) # frame-relaymap ip 301 broadcast R3 (config-if) # noshutdown Step 3:Check the connectivity between router R1 and router R2192.168.1.2) and R3192.168.1.2. As shown in Figure 8.54, the router R1 successfully communicates with R2 and R3. 650) this. width = 650; "s

Router_Switchboard Configuration & lt; 15 & gt;

Frame Relay switch configuration Target: Frame Relay switch configuration Lab preparation: Configuration knowledge and Frame Relay knowledge. Lab device: Router with serial port) 4 V.35 cable DTE/DCE) 3 Tutorial principle: The frame relay standard can be configured and ma

Understand and take: How frame-relay works

carrier, this indicates that a virtual circuit is obtained. 650) this. width = 650; "src =" http://www.bkjia.com/uploads/allimg/131227/0459335625-1.png "title =" 2.png"/> Compared with leased lines, it is more cost-effective to understand Frame Relay: If an enterprise has four office sites in different geographical locations, the four office sites need to communicate with each other through the WAN link to meet the needs of the business platform. If

DHCP White Paper

the giaddr field, and sends the DHCP response message to the DHCP relay marked by the giaddr field. After receiving the DHCP response packet, the DHCP relay processes it as follows: L DHCP relay assumes that all the response packets are sent to the directly connected DHCP client. The giaddr field is used to identify the interface directly connected to the client

Static Routing and ospf for Frame Relay Configuration

: none; "title =" r1pvc.png "/> 650) this. width = 650; "src =" http://www.bkjia.com/uploads/allimg/131227/0500502000-2.png "style =" float: none; "title =" fr1.png "/> FR-2 Configuration Router (config) # hostname FR-2 FR-2 (config) # line console 0 FR-2 (config-line) # logging synchronous FR-2 (config-line) # no exec-timeout FR-2 (config) # frame-relay switching FR-2 (config) # int s0/0 FR-2 (config-if) # encapsulation frame-

Simple frame relay Configuration

Frame Relay Configuration R1, R2, R3 simulated PC 1. Frame Relay Main Interface Configuration on FR: Global: no ip routing Frame-relay Interface: Int s0/1 Encapsulation frame-relay Frame-relay lm-type cisco/ansi/q933a Frame-relay

DHCP Relay Configuration

kind of application plan needs to combine 802.1X attestation as well as our product Rg-sam. Through the Rg-sam in the 802.1x authentication process, the device is delegated different IP rights, combined with the VID group of the DHCP client to synthesize the circuit ID sub option. When the DHCP relay is uploaded to DHCP server, the application of IP with different permissions can be implemented with the configuration of DHCP server. The Circuit ID fo

Demonstration: configuration of Cisco sub-interface type Frame Relay

403200 Fr_switching (config-if) # frame-relay route 201 interface s1/0102 Fr_switching (config-if) # no shutdown Fr_switching (config-if) # exit Fr_switching (config) # interface s1/2 Fr_switching (config-if) # encapsulation frame-relay Fr_switching (config-if) # frame-relay intf-type dce Fr_switching (config-if) # clock rate 403200 Fr_switching (config-if) # f

Network Administrator: four key points of Frame Relay switch Management

Relay switching device will automatically create a table to print different data link connection identifiers to the outbound port. This table is like a map. When there is a car on the frame relay link, it will not be until the Driver opens. Step 2: When the frame relay device receives a frame, the switch needs to analyze it. This frame should be suitable for the

Tor source code analysis 7-handshake protocol

| length Relay cmd = extended Streamid = 0 (in fact, any value is acceptable. The streamid under the extended command is useless) Relay payload = G ^ Y2 | H (sk2) | padding if neccessary Finally, Alice obtains the data packet and corresponds to the circid. The decryption finds that the data is successfully identified, and the Data command is used to expand the link, so the symmetric key sk2 of Alice and o

Configure a Cisco router as a frame relay switch

In this tutorial, R2 is configured as a frame relay switch www.2cto.com. The tutorial topology Router (config) # frame-relay switching is used to simulate a Router as a frame relay switch www.2cto.com Router (config) # inter s1/1 Router (config-if) # clock rate 128000 Router (config-if) # encapsulation frame-relay conf

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