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HTTP returns the difference between 301 and 302 in the status code

Tags: http 301 302 DifferencesOfficial statementlist of http status codes301 moved permanently#this and all  Future requests should be directed to the given uri. [23

HTTP status code: 301, 302 redirect

Label:Concept 301 Moved Permanently The requested resource has been permanently moved to a new location, and any future references to this resource should use one of several URIs returned by this response. If possible, clients that have

SEO Case: 302 redirect will cause the site to be down right

In the previous analysis of my company's website keyword ranking disappeared mentioned (now from the company resigned), the company's website keyword ranking disappeared the most likely reason is 302 redirect, now can be determined, is because of 302

Experience talking about the power-descending disturbance caused by too many 302 redirects

Reasons for rejection: The article is not readable high continue to work hard I think most of the seoer are familiar with the HTTP status code for 301 redirects, the main purpose is to change the domain name or not with WWW domain name to the domain

HTTP Status Codes 302, 303, 307 differences

Tags: handling Another use delete track markdown return client SaveHTTP status Code 3XX indicates redirection, indicating that the browser needs to perform some special processing to properly process the request.301 Moved PermanentlyPermanent

About HTTP return Codes 301, 302 differences with SEO

Label:301 (permanently moved) The requested page has been permanently moved to a new location. When the server returns this response, the requestor is automatically forwarded to the new location. You should use this code to tell the search engine

Several ways iOS intercepts redirect requests (302)

Label:ObjectiveIn most cases, the network request we make is to return a 200 status code, but also return 302, such as when using an API based on the OAUTH2 authentication protocol, in the authentication phase, you need to provide a callback address,

Ajax Asynchronous Request 302

Tags: target alt Reference Model parameter blog CTS Direct defWe know that only if the request is successful Ajax will be callback processing, the status code is state >= && status < 300 | | Status = = 304; This can be verified by

Step pit--http Return code of 302 status code

Tags: submit management method HTTP return code item spring HTTP Business Demand requestProject Description: Springboot+shiro+mavenBusiness requirements: Intercept all non-login hotlinking URLs, in addition to questionnaires, can be filled and

PHP Implementation 301 Permanent redirection and 302 temporary redirection method _php Tutorial

In the server 301 and 302 for the search engine is a permanent jump new address, one is to tell you temporarily to a new address, then we in PHP How to implement the 301 permanent Redirect and 302 temporary redirect, let's look at the method

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