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Reprint: MySQL ODBC under 64-bit prompt cannot find ODBC driver problem

On a 64-bit machine, if you want to connect to 32-bit MySQL, you will typically install MySQL CONNECTOR/ODBC 64-bit and connect properly in the configuration of

MySQL ODBC is not prompted for ODBC driver issues under 64-bit

On a 64-bit machine, if you want to connect 32-bit MySQL, you will typically install MySQL CONNECTOR/ODBC 64-bit and connect properly in the configuration of the

MySQL ODBC is not in the 64-bit prompt for ODBC driver problem resolution

Label:Cause of the problem:When an application accesses a database, such as ASP, ASP. NET, VB, LoadRunner, and so on, if the data source is configured in a 64-bit ODBC-driven Configuration Manager, an ODBC-driven scenario may not be found.This is because these applications are 32-b

About mysql-ODBC driver installation configuration in 64-bit win7 _ MySQL

Install and configure the mysql-ODBC driver in 64-bit win7 To use powerdesigner, you need to configure ODBC. after repeated failures, the following knowledge points are summarized: 1. there are some bugs in ODBC drivers of d

How to configure a 32-bit ODBC data source in 64-bit Windows

How to configure a 32-bit ODBC data source in 64-bit WindowsThe procedure is as follows:1. Install mysql ODBC driver: mysql-connector-

Microsoft Visual C + + 32-bit runtime MySQL workbench ce 6.0.9 download

Install MySQL Workbench and rely on other packagesMicrosoft Visual C + + 2010 Redistributable Component pack:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/zh-cn/details.aspx?FamilyID=a7b7a05e-6de6-4d3a-a423-37bf0912db84Brief introduction:The Microsoft Visual C + + Redistributable Package installs the runtime components of the Visual C + + library, enabling users to run on computers that are not installed on Visual C + + 2010 that are developed using Visual C + +

How 64-bit Windows systems Configure 32-bit ODBC data sources

Label:The steps are as follows:First, install MySQL ODBC driver: Mysql-connector-odbc-5.3.4-win32 Second, open cmd, enter:C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe (Be sure to enter the full path!) ) Then we're going to configure MySQL

64-bit/32-bit operating system ODBC setting method

Label:Recently made an upgrade of the system at hand to upgrade from the original Windows Server 2003 32bit to Windows Server 64bit, because the program in the system through the ODBC connection database, according to the previous Setup method set up, but the program can be To run but can not properly connect the status of the database, after colleagues to mention the point only to know that ODBC settings a

64-bit Windows 7 platform installation 32-bit timesten, configuring an ODBC data source

Problem:Due to the system version, the client can only install the 32-bit timesten, but the client's platform is 64-bit win 7, after the installation is complete, follow the general Control Panel, management tools, The data Source (ODBC) open ODBC Data Source Manager does no

Using ODBC to access 32-bit oracle on a 64-bit Server

In the project of the Security Supervision Bureau, the Internet website needs to display the enterprise declaration result. The website is developed by another company and the database is Oracle. We originally wanted to open an account to allow them to access our database, but people do not want. Later, after being determined by the information center, they opened the database. We created tables with the same structure in their Oracle database and then wrote data to the table. At the beginning,

VBA connection to MySQL database and ODBC configuration (ODBC version and MySQL version if mismatch can occur driver and application errors)

db_connected = False' Get database connection settingsDsn_name = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (2, 5). Value)------(data SOURCE NAME in the ODBC configuration)user_name = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (3, 5). Value)Pass_word = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (4, 5). Value)' Get Database Settingsdb_name = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (8, 5). Value)--------Database nameSet cn = New ConnectionSet rs = New RecordsetS

Correct the previous statement about the 64-bit ODBC driver

Generally, data source management is run in 64-bit windows.ProgramThe 32-bit ODBC driver (XLS/MDB) is not visible. For example, only the 64-bit driver of SQL Server is supported. Window

Annual boutique XP,32/64 win7,32/64 bit win8,32/64 bit Win10 system download

activation tool activation can be;* * Integrated SATA/RAID/SCSI latest driver, massive drive package support a variety of hardware, perfect compatible with a variety of desktops, notebooks, workstations;* * This work is based on the use of Microsoft Packaging deployment technology, combined with the author's actual work experience, the integration of many practical functions;* * System on a stable basis for a small number of necessary registry and sy

oracle10g Download Address-32-bit and 64-bit under multi-platform

/10201_database_linux32.ziphttp://download.oracle.com/otn/ Linux/oracle10g/10201/10201_client_linux32.ziphttp://download.oracle.com/otn/linux/oracle10g/10201/10201_ Clusterware_linux32.ziphttp://download.oracle.com/otn/linux/oracle10g/10201/10201_gateways_linux32.zip Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( Enterprise/standard Edition for Linux x86-64 http://download.oracle.com/otn/linux/oracle10g/10201/10201_database_linux_x86_64.cpio.gzhttp:// download.oracle.com/otn/linux/oracle10g/10201/10

hadoop2.6.0 rollup: New features latest compilation 32-bit, 64-bit installation, source package, API download and deployment documentation

Related content:hadoop2.5.2 rollup: New features newly compiled 32-bit, 64-bit installation, source package, API, eclipse plugin downloadHadoop2.5 Eclipse plugin maker, connect to cluster video, and hadoop-eclipse-plugin-2.5.0 plugin downloadhadoop2.5.1 Summary: Latest compilation 32-

Windows 7 Official original image download "Simplified Chinese version 32 bit + 64 bit"

Windows 7 is an operating system developed by Microsoft (Microsoft) with a core version number of Windows NT 6.1,windows 7 for use in home and business environments, laptops, tablets, multimedia centers, and more, Windows 7 continues windows Vista's aero style.Official version of the Windows 7 version of the CD-ROM ISO image, please feel free to download, in order to avoid the problem of network transmission, please

Latest Win7 System 64-bit and 32-bit system Ghost installed stable version download

.* The system is automatically activated using the OEM serial number and supports Automatic Updates.* Updated system patches and Office2007 all important patches to July 2015 (available through Microsoft Vulnerability Scan and 360 vulnerability scan).* Automatic unattended installation, using the Universal Ghost technology, installation system process only 5-8 minutes, suitable for new and old various models.* Integrated DX latest version, Msjava virtual machine, VB/VC Common runtime, Msxml4sp2,

In a 32-bit system, use Windows 7 usb dvd download tool to create a 64-bit win7 System

Thanks to the author of http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_56a40e5001017ayi.html Note: If you reinstall the 32-bit system, the number of. 32-bit update 64bit is correct. Because 64-bit bootsect.exe cannot be read in a 32-

Reprint oracle10g Download Address--32-bit and 64-bit under multi-platform

://download.oracle.com/otn/linux/oracle10g/10201/10201_client_linux32.zip Http://download.oracle.com/otn/linux/oracle10g/10201/10201_clusterware_linux32.zipHttp://download.oracle.com/otn/linux/oracle10g/10201/10201_gateways_linux32.zip Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( Enterprise/standard Edition for Linux x86-64 Http://download.oracle.com/otn/linux/oracle10g/10201/10201_database_linux_x86_64.cpio.gzHttp://download.oracle.com/otn/linux/oracle10g/10201/10201_clie

Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 32-bit 64-bit activation code serial number download

manage startup options (Boot manager). Create, split, format and merge partitions or reallocate free memory storage space. In addition, this free partition management tool supports these optical drives: Cdr,cdrw,dvdr,dvdrw,dvd + R,dvd + Rw,dvd + R (DL), BDR,BD. In addition, supports HDD and removable media: 2.2TB + HDD, parallel ata (IDE), Serial ATA (SATA) hard disk, USB 1.0/2.0, external hard disk SATA (ESATA), raid,ssd,scsi,ide and SATA RAID Controller and IEEE 1394 (FireWire).

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