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How to implement the WordPress ajax comment reply function

First, put the comments-ajax.js and comments-ajax.php in the folder of the topic you are using;Comments-ajax.js The code is as follows:Copy code Var I = 0, got =-1, len = document. getElementsByTagName ('script'). length;While (I Var js_url =

Examples of check boxes and single-choice buttons for html form beautification plug-in iCheck custom beautification

ICheck is a jQuery display for beautifying check boxes and single-choice buttons. It can highly customize the effects of custom webpage forms and has multiple sets of alternative skin replacement solutions, it is compatible with mobile device

Brief introduction to ThinkPHP3.1.3 using notes (1)

The framework is just a tool. It just sorts out the commonly used code in a certain pattern. It facilitates rapid development by programmers and team coordination. However, the framework is based on language. If you don't even know how many Super

Php file upload details

HTML section:  The code is as follows:Copy code Upload: Note:Action = "upload. php" in form indicates that when you click submit in form, the upload command will be sent to the page called upload. php for processing. Method = "post" refers to

PHP is a complete paging class (with source code)

For ajax call:// $ Total, total (int); $ size, number displayed on each page (int); $ page, current page (int), $ url, link (string); ajax, js function name;$ Page = new Page (array ('total' => $ total, 'perpage' => $ size, 'nowindex '=> $ page,

How to obtain the user's OpenID on the WeChat public platform webpage

After you click the view type button in the custom menu of WeChat, the WeChat client will open the url value (webpage link) filled in by the developer in the button to open the webpage, however, view cannot obtain the user's openid. You must use the

Extjs permission problems require that the controlled objects be menus, buttons, URLs

In the past two days, extjs permissions are resolved. Require control of the object is menu, button, URL solution ideas 1: https://www.php1.cn/wiki/197.html "target =" _ blank "> heavy Connection class Because the interaction between extjs and the

Example of ecshop Bank of Communications online payment plug-in

Before using the plug-in, configure the online payment environment of the Bank of Communications. (for the installation method, the demo provided by the Bank of Communications is not very difficult. Just pay attention to the details ). After the

PHPCMS V9 custom column pseudo-static implementation method (list page/content page)

First, let's take a look at the urlrewrite rules. This is in Apache, and the rules in other environments are switched by themselves.RewriteEngine on# Static files and API directories do not require pseudo-static filesRewriteRule ^ (statics | api |

Thinkphp Excel file export example

Pay attention to the following points:1. spl_autoload_register (array ('think', 'autoload') must be available '));2. BOM headers cannot appear in the current Action and Parent Action (remember) or garbled characters will be exported.Example 1 The

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