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Pay special attention to the PVLAN configuration steps and precautions of the Huawei 3COM Switch (1)

Pay special attention to the PVLAN configuration steps and precautions of the Huawei 3COM Switch. There are many articles about the configuration. You should pay more attention to the precautions related to the PVLAN configuration of the Huawei

The old 3COM Exchange, is the data too little? Remember 3COM switch 2924-SFP plus switch maintenance

These days, when HP acquired H3C, it was rare to see 3COM with 3 O-markers. But the problem, a year ago a project bought a 3COM switch 2924-SFP plus switch (PS: pure switch, no readable data). At that time saw a default management IP in the back, so log in to the Web interfa

3com,bay switch, router password recovery

3COM in a very strange way to maintain the equipment they sold, that is the backdoor password, any of the following passwords are the highest permissions, you can set the device freely. Corebuilder 6000/2500-username:debug password:synnet Corebuilder 3500 (Version 1.0)-Username:debug password:synnet Corebuilder 7000-username:tech Password:tech Superstack II Switch 2200-username:debug password:synnet Su

Huawei 3Com launches second-layer switch product S3100

A few days ago, Huawei 3Com launched a new switch-Quidway®S3100 series Gigabit smart Ethernet switches. This series of products is available in the original Huawei 3Com Quidway®Based on the S2000/2100 series, a new generation of products that further improve forwarding performance and various business indicators, its superior product performance, complete securit

Default 3com bay switch vro account and password

Default 3com bay switch vro account and password Information Source: Niu Ge3COM maintains the devices they sell in a strange way. Any of the following passwords are the highest permissions and can be set freely.CoreBuilder 6000/2500-username: debug password: synnetCoreBuilder 3500 (Version 1.0)-username: debug password: synnetCoreBuilder 7000-username: tech password: techSuperStack II

Huawei 3COM high-end Switch

support vswitches 6506 and 2026 in this project. You need to upgrade to NCV200ROO1. QuidView, a network management software for Huawei 3COM high-end switches, provides simple functions, which are similar to CiscoView of CiscoWorks2000. Management Method Like Cisco devices, Intel switches provide a wide range of management methods, including Console, Telnet, Web, SNMP ...... With Intel's DeviceView, you can respond to the Bootp request of the device.

Discuss about the vro configuration environment of Huawei 3COM

First, we will discuss the Huawei 3COM router configuration Environment and the Environment for Huawei 3COM router configuration. Today, we will introduce the basic status, password settings, and IP address settings of the Huawei 3COM vro. For vro settings, please refer to t

Common knowledge about ACL of Huawei 3COM vro configuration list

This article introduces the ACL knowledge of the Huawei 3COM router configuration list. The following is A question: Q: What is the first knowledge of the Huawei 3COM standard access control list (ACL)?: there are many types of access control list ACLs in Huawei 3COM devices. Different types of ACLs are applied in diff

Easy to learn about Huawei 3COM router configuration

You can easily learn about the vro configuration of Huawei 3COM. Let's take a look at the password configuration. When talking about the three major features of Huawei's IOS upgrade, we mentioned that the new version of Huawei's 3COM IOS uses users and permissions to ensure security, rather than using a few simple pass

Notice on Network Management: DHCP Client configuration of Huawei 3COM Router

Based on the previous two sections, we have mastered the DHCP Server configuration of the Huawei 3COM router and the DHCP Relay configuration of the Huawei 3COM router. Here we will talk about the last part: the configuration steps and content of the DHCP Client on the Huawe

Configuration File: 3Com 4200 3c17300a, which can be connected to wayos, Ros, and sea spider multi-wan

Recently, some netizens asked me on the internet how to configure the 3Com Switch. Because of the many questions, I guess this switch is more cost-effective, and there is a 3com 4200 3c17300a, so I will save his configuration code for you! Usage: 1. Save the following code t

3Com 905-tx Configuration

I. 3com 3c905-tx (3Com 905 prototype card BT leader) Configuration 905-tx .. prototype card, commonly known as: banniu card. Monster card. Grab wire king 8 KB cache, free partition: receive 5kb/send 3kb... receive 4kb/send 4kb... receive 6kb/send 2kb... etc. "The prototype of the 905 series, one of the strongest and most severe immoral network cards, uses nonstan

Overview of Huawei 3com vro configuration commands

The following is a big Summary of the Huawei 3com vro configuration command gallery. I don't know if it will help you in a practical sense. Thank you for your generous support. Huawei 3com router configuration command Huawei 3com router

Analyze the DHCP Server configuration of the Huawei 3COM Router

DHCP is an important IP address manager in the network. Next we will explain how to configure the DHCP Server of the Huawei 3COM router (V3.40) (cisco dhcp configuration). This configuration is applicable to V3.40. DHCP Server configuration of Huawei 3COM Router Huawei

Huawei 3COM operation tips-save configuration to vro

This article is intended for beginners of Huawei 3COM. It describes in detail how to save and configure Huawei 3COM to a vro and provides specific operation commands, I believe this article will give you a clearer understanding of Huawei 3COM. How can we save the modified information after several commands are configured? By default, although the command can tak

Viewpoint: 3COM Wireless Router Configuration

For users who use wireless routing, it is very important to know some knowledge about the configuration of wireless routers. Here we will give a comprehensive description of the 3COM Wireless Router configuration. The configuration of wireless router is basically the same as that of Wired router, it is also based on We

Huawei 3COM router differs from Cisco configuration

Huawei router and the same class Cisco router in the functional characteristics and configuration interface is completely consistent, some aspects also according to the needs of domestic users made a good improvement. For example, in English and Chinese can be switched configuration and debugging interface, so that users do not have to face a large pile of English words and do not start. In addition its so

Analyze the vro configuration differences between CISCO and Huawei 3COM

The features and configuration interfaces of Huawei routers and CISCO routers of the same grade are exactly the same, and some of them have also been improved according to the needs of domestic users. For example, the configuration and debugging interface that can be switched between Chinese and English makes Chinese users no longer have to face a lot of professional English words. In addition, its software

Huawei switch three-layer switch and two-layer switch joint configuration _ switch

1, now learn to sell, learn to use the 2. Environment description 1 Core Switch S5700 (Huawei) 2) access to switch S3700 (Huawei) 3. Request 1 different VLANs can not be accessed from each other, each VLAN can only belong to one department 2 The Department 12 terminals are configured as follows Terminal 1: Gateway is: Terminal 2: Gateway is: 3

Switch: instance for VLAN configuration of Cisco L3 switch + L2 Switch

An instance of VLAN configuration for Cisco L3 switches and L2 SwitchesCisco VLAN implementation is usually port-centric. The port connected to the node determines the VLAN in which it resides. There are two ways to allocate a port to a VLAN: Static and Dynamic. The process of creating a static VLAN is to forcibly allocate the port to a VLAN. That is, we first create a VLAN on The VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol) server, and then assign each port to the c

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