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3D Printing Special topic: 3D Printing Technical training

Advanced Technology Research Institute of China University of Science and Technology ABA 3D Education, has a strong educational resources advantage. Core team, mainly by the Chinese science and technology professor and excellent doctor, Master's degree composition. The team members have long been engaged in 3D scanning, 3D modeling,

3D printing prevent curling and curling solution summary [Hong Rui 3D Printing]

Melt Stacking Technology FDM printers use high-temperature melting pla/abs and other environmental protection plastic to build up layers, but in the process of melting and cooling, there is the problem of the corner of the printing object, which is 3D printing the most headache problem, may be due to uneven platform or shaft slightly bent, so that the material an

3D printing shining in the Expo, "Hunan Zhi-made" re-exhibition new style-Farsoon high-tech launches the world's first open source customizable metal 3D printer

"2015 China Central Investment and trade fair" May 18 opened the curtain in Wuhan, Hunan Province Business Department organization of our province on behalf of enterprises active participation . among them , farsoon High-Tech limited liability company as the domestic 3D printing industry leader in the exhibition released the world's first open source customizable metal

3D Printer applicable industry field Overview "Hong Rui 3D Printing Factory"

"The thought of the last century, the technology of the last century, the market of this century", in fact, 3D printing technology is not a new product. At present, 3D printing technology has been favored by people, but also arouse people's passion for 3D

What are the latest 3D printing applications "Hong Rui 3D Printer manufacturers"

?3D printing technology, is based on the computer three-dimensional design model, through the software layered discrete and numerical control molding system, the use of laser beam, hot melt nozzle and other methods of metal powder, ceramic powder, plastic, cell tissue and other special materials to layer up bonding, the final superposition molding, to create a physical product. and traditional manufacturing

9 Questions about choosing 3D modeling Software "turn--Hong Rui 3D Printing"

  3d printing technology is an advanced manufacturing technology which is gradually emerging in the the 1990s. 3D Printing--three-dimensional Printing, abbreviated as 3DP. Also known as three-dimensional printing or stereoscopic

Windows 8.1 makes 3D printing as simple as word printing

Microsoft has shown us a new feature of Windows 8.1 in its official blog video: Seamless connection to the 3D printer. Under this system, people perform 3D printing as simply as printing a Word document. In this video, called on the Whiteboard, Microsoft's Pamela Woon visited the Makerhaus store, which focuses on

Strong onlookers! Beijing three schools joint 3D printing competition kicked off

On October 16, October 20, multiple elites gathered in the elegant Tsinghua Park to witness the grand opening of the Beijing three schools joint 3D printing competition and the second 3D printing competition of Tsinghua University. As the leader in the 3D

3D Printing technology conflict traditional manufacturing, will lead to more workers laid off?

The development of science and technology, artificial intelligence and other advanced elements into life is alarming. The development of technology has driven traditional enterprise development from the technical field, but it has fundamentally impacted the foundation of traditional enterprises. The rise of 3D printing technology has fundamentally shaken the traditional manufacturing position and cast a dee

3D Printing works with artists to create beautiful artwork

3D Printing is a technology that has the potential to create an endless art, without a doubt. To prove this, the manufacturer Atom launched an interesting project to work with a number of artists and designers to create a number of beautiful 3D printed works. These works, both functional and artistic, make it clear that anyone with the imagination and passion for

3D Printing--only you can't think of, no it can't do

First of all, 3D is not the field of their own research, but simply interested in simple to find information to understand a bit. 3D Printing is one of the emerging rapid prototyping technologies, but the concept of "3D printing" first appeared in the United States at the en

Principles and development of 3D printing

3D printing technology is a kind of rapid prototyping technology. It is based on digital model files and can be bonded to materials such as powder metal or plastic, the technology of building objects by means of stacking and accumulation layer by layer. In the past, it was often used in the field of mold manufacturing and industrial design, and is gradually used for direct manufacturing of some products. In

The concept of building a Rapid Production System (RPS) using smart workflows and 3D printing systems

This idea is for the popular 3D printing ........ What we need to print is not just a plastic pistol. (First of all, I am not an engineer in the manufacturing system. My ideas are only based on some fantasies. Please forgive me for being naive) First, we have a 3D modeling Computer system composed of 3D model desig

Do you know? Smart phones combined with 3D printing parts to quickly check for eye diseases

full advantage of the power of the smartphone and makes it meet the functional requirements of eye detection with 3D printing. Although the form is different, but the efficiency is greatly improved, the economy and convenience are more obvious.The Peek Kit is able to display a reduced letter on the screen, which can be fine-tuned when the subject is watching it. In addition, the app can use the flash, focu

Design and fabrication of LCD 3D printing

Technical principle According to the Wang Chengwei public LCD 3D Printing principle http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_69c8f72b01017jme.htmlThe technology is similar to the use of the projector implementation of the DLP 3D printing principle, as I understand, is basically the current common LCD projector is extracted

Design and fabrication of LCD 3D printing

Technical principle According to the Wang Chengwei public LCD 3D Printing principle http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_69c8f72b01017jme.htmlThe technology is similar to the use of the projector implementation of the DLP 3D printing principle, as I understand, is basically the current common LCD projector is extracted

3D Printing (money-making ideas for free delivery)

Toys on the market, either too rubbish, immutable, or electric, for the children are not much to play, the puzzle does not have much effect.Toys first lies in playability, Playability is irresistable. At the same time, like a virtual game, you can manually participate or be hosted. So I thought about 3D printing.If you make a pile of bricks, each block is numbered, can be manipulated and directed, and can perform some basic actions, such as morphing a

Slicing engine for 3D printing technology (3)

vector information.As for the three vectors I have made, it is to calibrate the z plane, just find three unrelated vectors on this plane.Speaking so much, the above algorithm should not be difficult to understand.The code for the algorithm is presented below.Vector struct PHASOR{FLOAT3 beginpoint,endpoint;int status;int material;int tri_index;void reversal () {FLOAT3 temp;memcpy (Temp,beginpoint,sizeof (float)); memcpy (beginpoint,endpoint,sizeof (float)); memcpy (Endpoint,temp,sizeof ( float);

Use conflict between the 3D printing software Makerware and Arduion

About the conflict between the 3D printing software Makerware and Arduion, Makerware is a software that uses the latest 3D printer Makerbot Replicator 2 for 3D model transcoding. After Makerware is started, several conveyord processes will be started. Even after Makerware is disabled, these processes still exist. Www.2

Slicing engine for 3D printing technology (4)

[phasor_num];intIndex,indexmain,phasorindex,phasorindexleft,phasorindexright;floatMargin=lineheight;againscan:if(margin0.1) {*innerboundarystatus=false; Innerphasors=null;return; } for(indexmain=0; Indexmain!=closedset.size (); ++indexmain) {intCount=0; for(index=0; Index!=closedset[indexmain].size (); ++index) {Phasorindex=closedset[indexmain][index];if(index>0) {phasorindexleft=closedset[indexmain][index-1]; }Else{phasorindexleft=closedset[indexmain][closedset[indexmain].size ()-1]; } phasorin

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