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Statistics on the number of blacklisted sites in China during week 1, 3rd: 1006 submissions

According to the statistics system of hacked sites in China, from September to 3rd, the total number of submitted illegal websites in China was 1006, up 68.79% from last week. The following is the specific situation: 650) this. width = 650; "src ="

20165324 Java Programming 3rd week of study summary

20165324 "Java Program Design" The 3rd week study summary textbook Learning content SummaryHere's what to learn this week: Programming language Ideas The core of the process-oriented language is to write a block of code to

MySQL by year, Quarter, month, week, day SQL statistics query

I. Annual ENQUIRY Enquiry data for the yearSELECT * fromblog_articleWHERE Year(From_unixtime (Blogcreatetime))= Year(Curdate ()) Second, query quarterly data query data with quarter numberSELECTArticleID, Quarter (from_unixtime (' Blogcreatetime ')

201521123032 Java Programming 3rd week of study summary

1. Summary of this week's studyLearning to object-oriented, will learn a lot of fragmented concepts and knowledge. Try to use mind mapping to organize these fragmented concepts and knowledge. Use a pen or paper or the tools below to draw the points

MySQL by week, by month, by day, by hour group statistics

By week  select Date_format (create_time, '%y%u ') weeks,count (Caseid) count from Tc_case Group by weeks;  Monthly   Select Date_format (create_time, '%y%m ') months,count (Caseid) count from Tc_case Group by months;   by day   Select Date_format

The effect of "Week" can be displayed as the 2nd week of 2016

First on:Action: A page forward, shown as the 1th week of 2016; Turn back one page, show the 3rd week of 2016Action 2: Date associated with dataSo much code just look at one place OK, here are three Div, respectively:Previousdiv Previous page

MySQL group statistics by week, month, day

!--query by day --SELECTDate_format (Created_date,'%y-%m-%d') asTimesum( Money) Money fromO_finance_detailwhereorg_id= + GROUP by Time!--Monthly Query --SELECTDate_format (Created_date,'%y-%m') asTimesum( Money) Money

MySQL by year, Quarter, month, week, day SQL statistics query

Description 12345 select year ( ' 2014-10-29 ' //2014 select month ( ' 2014-10-29 ' //10 Select day ( ' 2014-10-29 ' //29 select quarter ( ' 2014-10-29 ' //4    quarter select dayofweek ( ' 2014-10-29 '   //4

201521123085 Java Programming 3rd week of study summary

1. Summary of this week's study2. Written work1. Code readingPublicClassTest1 {Privateint i =1;This line cannot be modifiedPrivatestatic int j = 2; public static void main (string[] args) {Geti (); TEST1GETJ (); } public static void geti (

MySQL method for grouping statistics by week/month/day

Knowledge Keywords:Date_formatSelect Date_format (create_time, '%y%u ') weeks,count (Caseid) count from Tc_case Group by weeks;  Select Date_format (create_time, '%y%m%d ') days,count (Caseid) count from Tc_case Group by days; Select Date_format

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