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PKU C + + program Design Internship study Note 6 Standard Template Library STL

: Binary_search Some algorithms sort the interval from small to large , called the " sorting algorithm "Example: Sort There are other algorithms that use the concept of "big", "small" when using STL, the default case, the following three statements are equivalent :1) x is smaller than y2) expression "x" is true3) y is larger than x The concept of "equality" in 5.STL Sometimes "x and Y equals" is equivalent to "x==y is true"Example: An algorithm that is performed on an u

Extjs4 note (4) Ext. xtemplate Template

operation support When cyclically accessing an array, you can use {#} to obtain the index information. Basic data also supports simple operations: [JS] // Array element indexes and simple operations support var TP3 = new Ext. xtemplate (' View output results: 4. automatically render a single array You can use {.} to automatically render a single array without a key-value pair, for example: [JS] // Automatically render a single array

ASP. net mvc 4 Practice Study Note 6: verification,

ASP. net mvc 4 Practice Study Note 6: verification, The content of this chapter "view model" is mentioned earlier and has not been explained in more detail. Go to the next chapter: I. Server Verification: Whether the client is verified or not, server-side verification should be performed. Because users may disable JavaScript or do unexpected things to bypass clie

"ASP 4 Practical" study Note 6: Verify

Age property, modify the view, and make it easy to delete the database (because the table structure changes):namespaceguestbook.models{ Public classGuestbookentry { Public intId {Get;Set; } [Required] Public stringName {Get;Set; } [Required] [Remote ( "Isnumbereven", "guestbook", errormessage = "An even number must be entered")] Public intAge {Get;Set; } [Required] Public stringMessage {Get;Set; } PublicDateTime dateadded {Get;Set; } }}2) Add a method to the controller: Public Jsonresu

[Pattern recognition]. (Greece) ritis <version 4> Note 8 _ template matching

For speech recognition, the same word is said differently by the same person each time, which brings difficulties to recognition. This chapter discusses how to define metrics that adapt to different features in different situations. 1. Measure Based on Optimal Path search: ① bellman's optimum principle and Dynamic Programming ② the edit distance ③ In the speech recognition Dynamic Time distortion (DTW), speaker-dependentrecognition. speaker-independentrecognition. 2. Correlation-based meas

Entry Training Note--day9 (1, pointer function and function pointer, array of function pointers 2, malloc memset 3, recursive function 4, struct 5, common body---size end 6, enumeration)

common body variable: union common body name variable name; size End---"Storage modeBig -Endian storage: Low-byte data stored at high addresses, high-byte data stored at low addressSmall-End storage: low-byte data stored at low addresses, high-byte data stored at high addresses 3. Enumeration----is generally used as the definition of error codeenum enum name {member 1,member 2,Members 3};Entry Training Note--day9 (1, pointer function and function poi

"CSS3" (3rd edition) personal note of the 4~6 chapter

and. svg11. Support IE8 fonts, to add font type in font-family, such as Ptsansregular,font-style and font-weight are set to normal12. Place the @import at the top of the external style sheet13.font-size can use the keyword: xx-small,x-small,small,medium,large,x-large,xx-large14.font-size:0.75rem, set to 0.75 times times the size based on the root element15text-decoration:underline Blink;16.text-show can set multiple shadows at the same time, separated by commas17.text-indent when set to%, inden

"Dry" JavaScript DOM programming Art Learning Note 4-6

Addloadevent (func) {Deposit the existing processing function value into Oldonloadvar oldonload=window.onload;If no function has been bound, add func to itif (!typeof oldonload!= "function") {Window.onload=func;}If the function is already bound, the new function is appended to the endelse{Window.onload=function () {Oldonload ();Func ();}}}DOM Core and Html-dom:getElementById getElementsByTagName getattribute setattribute are Dom Core, they are not specifically JavaScript, and any DOM-enabled la

[Pattern recognition]. (Greece) ritis <version 4> Note 6 _ feature generation (1): Data Conversion and Dimensionality Reduction

1. Single-value decomposition: an important part of linear algebra, has been widely used in pattern recognition for dimensionality reduction and Information Retrieval Applications. 2. Independent Component Analysis 3. Non-negative matrix decomposition 4. Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Algorithm: ① Kernel PCA ② graph-based method (Laplace operator, local linearembedding (LLE), Isometric Mapping (Isomap )) 5. Discrete Fourier Transformation

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