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Linux Server Nginx Access log has a large number of HTTP 400 error request analysis _linux

Error logging in the server is similar to this:––[27/oct/2014:14:30:51 +0800] "-" 400 0 "-" "-"––[27/oct/2014:14:31:45 +0800] "-" 400 0 "-" "-"––[27/oct/2014:14:31:45 +0800] "-" 400 0 "-" "-"–

Remember the murder of a 400 error (escape of special symbol in URL/400 Bad request error)

The DJANGO+NGINX+UWSGI deployed site visited a URL with a bad request error, and did not experience this problem when using a Django-brought version of the Web server. The initial judgment is Nginx or UWSGI configuration problem.Online is because

Nginx access log 400

The error records on the server are similar to the following:[09/Aug/2013: 11: 51: 04 + 0800] "-" 400 0 "-""-""-"Step: After analyzing the nginx log file, it is found that the errors are several 400 Errors generated after a normal access,

Research on Nginx 400 error

These days the game online in the View  Nginx  access log, found that there are many  HTTP  return codes for  400  records. The following is the access log for nginx : - - [27/dec/2014:19:35:15 +0800]  "POST / dia.php http/1.1 " 400 172 

Nginx configuration reverse proxy or redirection 400 problem handling records, nginx400

Nginx configuration reverse proxy or redirection 400 problem handling records, nginx400 After lunch break, my colleague said that the 400 Bad Request Header Or Cookie Too Large prompt appeared on the test site access interface. I thought it was a

Solr + php reported 400

Solr has downloaded an example from the Internet, but the following error is reported during running: {code ...} I have found answers online, most of which are schema. no field is defined in xml, But I confirm that all the fields I use are defined.

HTTP code 400

Due to a recent server exception, nginx access logs contain a large number of requests in the following forms: X23.1x3.21x. XX--[08/Jun/2012: 04: 46: 39 + 0800] "-" 400 0 "-" "-" x23.1x3.21x. XX--[08/Jun/2012: 04: 46: 39 + 0800] "-" 408 0 "-""-"

Tomcat URL does not support%2F 400 error __tomcat

Click the button when performing a query operation when you install SOLR locally it's not responding. View Console Discovery URL Link report 400 error looking for half day discovery URL contains%2f%2f replaced with/after the browser address bar

Varnish cache 503 error, 400 Error cause and Solution

The main reason why varnish is used to replace squid in the production environment: 1. squid does not support multi-core CPUs. Most of the production environments use the Dell r610 series. This type of machine is configured with two 4-core

400 error occurred under SPRINGMVC

Today in running the original written code is suddenly appear HTTP400 error. After a long search on the internet, I finally found the problem.The reason is that the value type passed by the form form is inconsistent with the type of parameter

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