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Excellent 404 page design guidelines to be missed

Life is not 404, read all the net also disconsolate. Yes, if you've never opened 404 pages, you can say that you almost never really used the Internet. The reason for the 404 page's appearance is sim

Nginx 404 page configuration and Ajax request to return 404 pages of the method _nginx

404 Page Base Configurationthe 404 error is an error that is easy to access on the WWW site. The most common error tip: 404 Not FOUND. 404 error page settings for Web site SEO has a great impact, but not set up, such as direct jump home, etc., will b

How to create a friendly and elegant 404 pages?

No one would think that a site visitor would stay on the wrong page, but in fact it does. Especially on the 404 error page, visitors will often stay. So, you can design the 404 error page More attract

SEO Basics: Case Analysis 404 error page

When we open a Web site, if there is no response for a long time, or when the URL is wrong, we see the following scenario:    This error page is 404 pages, today Shanghai SEO Xiao ran dugu fly and everyone chat about 404 of this househol

NGINX Configuration 404 Error page turn

What is 404 pageIf something happens to the site, or if the user tries to access a page that does not exist, the server returns an error message with a code of 404, and the corresponding page is 404 pages. 404 The default content of the page is

IIS set up a 404 page graphics tutorial (choose URL or file) _win server

The following Houqingrong instructions to place 404 page code Some aspects, I hope everyone can use to the website construction: <meta http-equiv=refresh content= "3; url=http://www.iglee.net/"", to change the URL of which you want to transfer the

What does the 404 Not Found code mean? 404 what does the error mean?

The 404 page is a frequent error in the WWW site access comparison. The most common error tip: 404 Not FOUND. The 404 page is the page that is returned when the user enters the wrong link.error reason cause type HTTP 404 error means that the link to

Access the encoded Chinese URL return 404 error resolution, url404_php tutorial

After accessing the encoded Chinese URL, return the 404 error resolution, url404 Yesterday to do a project, one of the requirements is that each picture corresponds to a small paragraph of text on the picture description, the common practice is to

404 whether the error can be resolved through the 301 redirect

The author on June 25 published a "skillfully with 301 redirect 404 errors into the site outside the chain," the article, talked about how to pass the 301 redirect way, will be from the outside to get the wrong URL into an accessible URL, so as to pa

ASP. NET MVC implementation 404 Jump Code instance

This article mainly introduces the ASP 404 Jump Instance (not 302 and 200), has certain reference value, the interested small partners can refer to The main reasons for 404 are as follows: 1. Browsers and crawlers: Some browsers will request the

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