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Sharing 45 massive free ebook download websites

With the rapid development of network and information technology, e-books are becoming increasingly popular. The emergence of e-book readers represented by Amazon Kindle has changed people's traditional reading methods, just as iPod has changed

New essence 45 sets of practical skills video tutorials Free Download word & Excel

Http://club.excelhome.net/viewthread.php? Tid = 339500Thanks to the support of a large number of Excel Home members and Excel fans, this site launched 15 sets of video tutorials in 2007, the total number of downloads from this site has exceeded 5

Basic operation of the file two with file upload and download (45)

accessing remote Files?? If you need to access a remote file, you must activate the "allow_url_fopen" option in your PHP configuration file to open the process file using the fopen () function. And also to determine whether the files in other

45 beautiful HTML5 and css3 templates that are not common to designers

For Web developers, they need to be very professional when creating a very fashionable and trendy CSS 3 and HTML5 website. The combination of HTML5 and css3 can make extraordinary website effects .. So today, I recommend you 45 free fashion

45 photoshop action Free download simple processing personalized photos-PS tutorial

The action of Photoshop increases efficiency by automating designers and photographers. There are countless actions available for free download. we have selected 45 action photos to process personalized images. Photoshop Action 15 Foliage Action

45 free download of lame Fonts

45 free download of lame Fonts Nowadays, many designers love to apply retro and dirty designs to their own designs.LameDesign Style. If you are also a fan of this style, let's take a look at our sharing today. Here, we will share 45Lame. I hope

Install JDK 1.7.0 _ 45 in Ubuntu

Install the * .tar.gz package of jdk on UbuntuFirst decompress * .tar.gz The specific method is tar-xzvf * .tar.gz. The following uses my own installation version (jdk1.7.0 _ 45) as an example: 1. decompress the Installation File: tar-xzvf

Share 45 high-quality free HTML/CSS templates

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Take notes on "45 habits of efficient programmers"

EfficiencyProgramThe subtitle of the book 45 habits of members is the way of agile development and practice. This is a book about agility. If you have never touched agility before, from this book, you can understand the core points of agility.

Jquery's 45 classic plug-in applications

Document directory Jquery sliding door Jquery Image Processing Jquery navigation menu Jquery accordion Effect Jquery Image Browsing Jquery chart Jquery Editor Jquery flash plug-in Jquery Tab Jquery lightbox Jquery grid data plug-in

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