4d method

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PowerShell commands commonly used by system administrators

Last week beans took part in the 2-day meeting of Microsoft TechEd Sydney. The conference consisted of more than 50 lectures, including development, architecture, and movement in 3 major directions. One of the 300-level lectures introduces some

Nvidai and ATI graphics cards, detailed GPU Workflow

Directory: Chapter 1: Introduction to GPU workflows of the Second Generation and later generations Chapter 2: directx8 And Traditional pipeline of directx9 GPU Chapter 3: vertices and pixel operation commands Chapter 4: execution of traditional

A small method for detecting bad points in the screen color.

Source: http://bbs.50bang.com/read.php? Tid = 23543 Techniques for detecting bad points and Low-case hard disks by using debug The following method can be used to conveniently detect the bad points of the LCD display when a tool is available. When

Android Create your own launcher

IntroductionIn its more basic form, a launcher is an application that does the following: It represents the home screen of a device It lists and launches applications that is installed on the device In other words, it's the

Traffic manager with the charm of Microsoft public cloud

In the previous blog, I briefly talked about azure's websites service. Websites can support multi-instance extension and achieve load balancing, in addition, cloud services such as azure's Virtual Machine services are also in the form of load

Understanding asynchronous programming mode

Input and Output operations are generally much slower than other processes. In synchronous mode, threads often wait until the I/O operations are completed. When the thread does not have to wait to execute other tasks, we think this thread can

printf, sprintf, output data type

Turn from: http://blog.csdn.net/willy3000/article/details/5786888 The parameter type of the character; output formd,i int type; Displays a signed decimal number (I and D are different when used in the scanf function).o int type; unsigned octal

Jfreechart tutorial (2)

I. jfreechart Graphic Generation ProcessCreate a data source (Dataset) to include the data to be displayed in the graph> Create a jfreechart object to represent the graph to be displayed> Output the imageImportant classes and interfaces:Org. jfree.

Git object type and Storage Structure

Git version 1.9.6 1. Basic Object Types of Git 2. View git Object Information 3. Understand the GIT Storage Structure 1. There are four basic object types in git, forming a more advanced git data structure: BlobsEach blob represents a (Version)

Shelling and repair of a virus

This is an intermediate of the recently popular. net shelling virus that removes the. net shell. Shelling and fixing are not very complicated, but some tips are needed.Shows the unshelled code:650) this. width = 650; "src =" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs0

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