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Seven things Lotus Notes must know

Author:It168Li Qian Compilation2009-01 1   Mention LotusNotes, there are always a variety of responses, from the question of "Lotus is still alive" to the affirmation of "Lotus is vital to applications. As an excellent enterprise collaboration

Springmvc+mybatis Study Notes (summary)

Springmvc+mybatis Study Notes (summary) Springmvcmybatis Study Notes Summary Directory Contact author The notes are divided into two parts: MyBatis and Springmvc MyBatis Springmvc Note content is mainly

MasterCard Silverlight learning Notes List

Silverlight learning Notes List Interface Design Silverlikes learning notes -- controls Silverlight control styles Silverlight learning notes-how to open a new window after clicking a hyperlinkbutton Silverlight learning notes-placement and

Java programmer's JavaScript Study Notes (14 -- extended jQuery UI)

Java programmer's JavaScript Study Notes (14 -- extended jQuery UI)We plan to complete this note in the following order:Java programmer's JavaScript learning notes (1 -- philosophy) Java programmer's JavaScript learning notes (2 -- Property copying

Lotus Notes application experience

Lotus notes, a group product released by LOTUS, is one of the successful application cases of office system software. It condenses three-in-one powerful technologies, including enterprise-level email, distributed document database, and fast

Lotus Domino/Notes toolkits Overview (4) Java

4 toolkit for Java/CORBA 4.1 features This is a for Java toolkit that can process data objects in the Notes database and have certain processing capabilities for data elements: Data Processing Document: Create, copy, modify, delete, and send

Deep Exploration C ++ object model Reading Notes (4)

Deep Exploration C ++ object model Reading Notes (4 ). * ** Nonstatic member functions )*** One of the design principles of C ++ is that nonstatic member functions must have at least the same efficiency as general nonmember functions. That is to say,

Shell learning notes, shell script Learning Guide

Shell learning notes, shell script Learning Guide It's all a bit of fragmented knowledge. What do you need to write! 1. shell Script Parameters C uses (int * argc, char * argv []) to process parameters, python sys. argv [0] (Script Name), sys. argv [

Solution and implement a local mail copy of IBM Lotus Notes

The flexibility and freedom offered by replication are unmatched advantages of using IBM Lotus Notes. Many organizations choose to take advantage of this powerful feature on a 24x7 basis and configure their users to use a local copy of the Notes

Overview of Lotus Domino/Notes toolkits (8) Analysis and Comparison

9.3 comparison of Domino/Notes toolkits According to the above analysis, when comparing the Domino/Notes toolkit, we should consider their processing capabilities for unstructured data and their dependence on the Domino/Notes platform, consider the

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