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Iphone QQ Protocol

Iphone QQ protocol and QQ iphone Protocol   The QQ Iphone login protocol only requires two packages. I felt mysterious before I understood it. After I understood it, I felt that QQ was so brave! The following is a section on the Internet. different

Detailed explanation of AVI format

Http://blog.csdn.net/becomly/article/details/6283004   Http://blog.csdn.net/easecom/article/details/4508094   VI (abbreviation of audio video interleaved) is a type of riff (short for resource Interchange File Format) file format. It is mostly used

Package winice6.0 GPRS dialing to Kernel

Recently, at the customer's request, WinCE automatically generates a GPRS dial-up connection at startup to avoid setting up a GPRS connection for each prototype. I will first create a GPRS dial-up connection under wince, Then compare with the

Uboot-guided wince and. netmicroframework dual systems

In actual projects, two systems need to be stored in one flash. You can choose to start one system. This article mainly describes how to use uboot to start the two systems, WinCE and. Net micro framework.Because the Chinese font library, MFC, and ,.

Ntlm authentication mechanism learning notes

Author: awenPosted on: 2003-1-16 Experiment on several special phenomenaAssume a special case:Client a and server B are both windows nt and 2000 system a, which is is The account currently logged on to the client is

Use openssl to verify the server certificate and handshake process

Background Due to the heart of openssl recently, I changed the ssl library 1.0.1g. I need to use this library to connect to the server. However, after I find that the Library is replaced, for some domain names, the ssl handshake will fail. In order

Address Resolution Protocol ARP, Network layer protocol IP, ICMP protocol

Software download for analysis: Wireshark-win32-1.10.2.exeRead the guided Tour1. Analyze and apply the ARP protocol2. Analyzing IP Protocols3. Analyzing the ICMP protocol1. Analysis of the format and content of ARP messages(1) The ARP request

Improper O & M of Dota2 jewelry transactions exposes usernames and passwords and cookies (10 K + account passwords are collected)

Improper O & M of Dota2 jewelry transactions exposes usernames and passwords and cookies (10 K + account passwords are collected) Dota2 jewelry Trading Market improper O & M leakage of usernames and passwords and cookies (10 K + account password

Keyboard Scan code [relatively complete]

Document directory Keyboard Scan Codes (Numerical Order) Keyboard Scan Codes (Numerical Order) Keyboard Scan Codes (Numerical Order)---------------+---------------+---------------+---------------+---------------HEX DEC keys |HEX DEC keys |

ASF File Format

ASF is(Advanced Streaming Format)Microsoft developed for Windows 98.File format. This word can be used with WMA and WMV. ASF is an open standard that relies on multiple protocols to support data transmission in multiple network environments.

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