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Poj 3243 clever y evaluate a ^ x = B (mod C)/babystep_giantstep

Ask for the smallest X to make a ^ x = B (mod C) Question: [Expand the baby step giant step to solve the discrete logarithm problem] Author aekdycoin![Normal baby step giant step][Problem model]Solution0 [Idea]We can make an equivalentX = I

Famine MoD LUA Programming 0 Basic Primer

ObjectiveThe original posted in the Famine game bar, in order to make the article more targeted, the original cut and streamlined. This paste is mainly for programming 0 basic Modder to explain some of the basics of programming. As for the

HDU 2815 mod tree discrete logarithm extended Baby step Giant Step Algorithm

Link: http://acm.hdu.edu.cn/showproblem.php? PID = 1, 2815 Question: Idea: Unlike the previous question, M is not required to be a prime number, but to use the extended Baby step giant step algorithm to calculate the discrete logarithm. Reposted

Install mod_security, mod_evasive, mod-cband in the latest XAMPP

Mod_security official documentation has some problems. I installed them myself. Now I have recorded the problems as follows: Windows XAMPP version Assume that XAMPP is installed on D:/XAMPP 1 download mod_security-2.5.9-win32.zip, decompress 2.

Find the fastest screenshot function! Preferably within 50 ms!

Find the fastest screenshot function! Preferably within 50 ms! Delphi/Windows SDK/API Http://www.delphi2007.net/DelphiMultimedia/html/delphi_20061024164940207.html The screenshot taken by getdc takes about 180 ms. This is obviously too slow for

Summary of 50 Oracle Functions

-- 1. ASCII returns the decimal number corresponding to the specified character;Select ASCII ('A') A, ASCII ('A') A, ASCII ('0') zero, ASCII ('') SpaceFrom dual;-- Return Value: 65 97 48 32 -- 2. the CHR returns an integer and the corresponding

To greatly improve PHP efficiency, you can not see the 50 details (share)

1. It is quicker to use single quotes instead of double quotes to contain strings. Because PHP will search for variables in a string surrounded by double quotes, single quotes will not, note: only echo can do this, it is a string can be used as a

Unbind the RSA encryption of Renren's logon Password

There are two types of passwords in the world: one is to prevent your little sister from peeking at your files; the other is to prevent the authorities from reading your files.-- Bruce Schneier application Cryptography The legendary "plaintext

P1707 Brush Problem Contest

P1707 Brush Problem Contest through Submit Topic provider NODGD Tag multiplier recursive matrix luo gu original Difficulty Increase +/province selection- Submit a discussion of the problem

Oracle Execution Plan (3)-Two-table join Base

Oracle Execution Plan (3)-join base of two tables 1 formula: Base join selection rate * filter condition 1 base + filter condition 2 base join selection rate (num_rows (Table 1) -num_nulls (Table 1 connection field) num_rows (table 1) * (num_rows

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