504 gateway time out

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Nginx 502 bad gateway and Nginx 504 Gateway Time-out error solution error Solution

Recently, server downtime occurs frequently. When I get off work, G crashes and 502 Bad Gateway Nginx reminds me of the previous 504 Gateway Time-out, the two should be in a certain relationship. Nginx 504 Gateway

Resolve 504 gateway time-out and 502 Bad Gateway (nginx)

504 gateway time-out Problem: The requested gateway does not have a request. In short, it does not have a request for PHP-CGI that can be executed. In general, this situation may be caused by the small buffer of nginx's default FastCGI process response, which will cause the FastCGI process to be suspended. If your Fast

Nginx 502 Bad Gateway and Nginx 504 Gateway time-out Error resolution method _nginx

Recently, the phenomenon of server downtime more frequent, temporary work, G to hang up, 502 Bad Gateway Nginx, I can not help but remind me before the 504 gateway time-out, the two should be a bit of contact, we must find out. The implication of Nginx 504

Remember one time Nginx 504 Gateway time-out

Today the program in the execution of an Excel export task, there is an Nginx timeout promptNginx 504 Gateway Time-outTroubleshooting process:View the task discovery content is a data volume 20,000 information each piece of information has 50 fields when you perform the export to Excel, the problem occursExecution time

Lnmpa encountered 504 Gateway time-out error resolution

Nginx is characterized by the handling of static is very strong, Apache is the characteristic of processing dynamic is very stable, the combination of the two is Lnmpa,nginx processing front end, Apache processing the backend, so the processing of static will soon, processing dynamics will be very stable. When I think the installation is finished, and behold, when the site was updated 504 Gateway

Solution 502, 504 Gateway time-out (nginx)

504 Gateway time-out issues common to Web sites that use Nginx as a Web serverI met this problem when I was upgrading the Discuz forum.In general, this situation may be due to the Nginx default fastcgi process response buffer is too small, which will cause the fastcgi process to be suspended, if your fastcgi service is not good for this suspend processing, then i

Solution 502 and 504 gateway time-out (nginx)

504 gateway time-out problems are common in websites that use nginx as the Web server. I encountered this problem when upgrading the discuz forum. In general, this situation may be caused by the small buffer of nginx's default FastCGI process response, which will cause the FastCGI process to be suspended. If your FastCGI service does not handle this suspension we

How to troubleshoot "504 Gateway time-out" error

Do site students often find some Nginx server access when prompted 504 Gateway time-out error, generally by the Nginx default fastcgi process response slow, but there are other situations, here I summed up some solutions for your reference.Method/Step Situation one: Due to nginx default fastcgi process response buffer too small causedThis situation causes the

Nginx-php often prompts 504 Gateway time-out

Problem Win7 installed on the nginx1.6.2 official website version + Wamp PHP Library, and then the program has PHP use Curl to collect a remote program, but always appear 504 Gateway Time-out prompt! Using PHP inside Wamp, no php-fpm, how to modify max_children parameters? Startup code @echo offREM Windows 下无效REM set PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN=5REM 每个进程处理的最大请求数,或设置为 Windo

Perfect solution to Nginx 504 Gateway time-out problem _nginx

Recently built a site with Dedecms a large number of content, there are three columns of content of more than 2000, more than 2,300 two columns in the generation of column list when the 504 Gateway time-out server used is nginx, I do not understand, Server maintenance staff casually found an article on the Internet, modified the Nginx cache settings, regardless o

Solution to Nginx 504 Gateway Time-out error

Recently, an nginx WEB server was built under centos, but some friends said that the following errors often occur: 504 Gateway Time-outThe server didn't respond in time. The lnmp configuration in CentOS basically uses the same configuration file and has never encountered any problems. After installing the same environm

Nginx 504 Gateway Time-out solution

Using PHP today to execute a very time-consuming file "PS: self-useful, about 3 minutes"But the execution is shown after one minuteNginx 504 Gateway Time-outSo modify Max_execution_time = 1200 in the php-ini.php, restart PHP, or no useSuddenly understand that if the timeout is a problem with PHP settings, the following

Nginx and php-fpm 504 Gateway Time-out troubleshooting and Solutions

Nginx and php-fpm 504 Gateway Time-out troubleshooting and SolutionsMany people may have encountered 504 Gateway Time-out. Sometimes it is confusing.Solution:1. Baidu allows many people to say that you can adjust the nginx configu

Flask Uwsgi nginx:504 Gateway Time Out

The Uwsgi+nginx deployed Web site runtime may produce errors such as 504 Gateway time out, due to improper setting of the relevant parameters.Nginx and Uwsgi integration with three parameters can be used to set the time-out period, in the Nginx configuration file http->server->location set.Uwsgi_connect_timeout: The de

Django+uwsgi+nginx-Error: nginx:504 Gateway Time Out

Analysis 504 Gateway Time Out The reason is that because of the improper setting of the relevant parameters, it is easy to solve When Nginx and UWSGI are integrated, there are three parameters that can be used to set the timeout time: 1.uwsgi_connect_timeout: The default is 60 seconds, and the

Nginx error prompt: 504 gateway time-out solution

Tags: HTTP ar file on art code ad ef My friend said that the error message 504 gateway time-out has nothing to do with nginx itself. We can solve this problem by adjusting the FastCGI configuration parameters. . Modify the PHP-FPM configuration file: 1. Modify max_children according to the system to ensure that there are sufficient PHP-CGI processes avail

Nginx appears 504 Gateway time-out solution

When using Nginx as a Web server, you will often encounter 504 Gateway time-out error prompts. After research, basically can be determined that this error in most cases is not related to Nginx itself, the root of the problem is nginx to submit the parsing of PHP to the backend php-fpm process, due to improper configuration of the fastcgi parameters caused by a se

Once Nginx 504 Gateway time-out error troubleshooting, resolution Records _nginx

Remember a puzzling site lost response to the troubleshooting. The site has been using Nginx to do proxy back-end Apache running PHP to provide services. Apache often does not have a regular time to be unable to service loss of response, and then nginx appear "504 Gateway time-out"Looking at the error log also does not

504 Gateway Time-out

Project development almost, when deployed to the build environment, one of the features of a synchronized fan reported a mistake. There are no problems with just a few dozens of fans, but when testing a fan with 5000 of the public number, the following error occurs. Well, it's been a long time, so modify the server configuration Proxy_connect_timeout 1800;Proxy_send_timeout 1800;Proxy_read_timeout 1800; Decisively change the

WDCP 504 Gateway Time Out

# Nginx conf conf/nginx.conf# Created by http://www.wdlinux.cn# Last Updated2010.06. onUser www www;worker_processes3; Error_log logs/error.log notice;pid Logs/Nginx.pid;worker_rlimit_nofile5120; events {use epoll; Worker_connections5120;} HTTP {include mime.types; Default_type Application/octet-stream; Server_names_hash_bucket_size -; Client_header_buffer_size 32k; Large_client_header_buffers432k; Client_max_body_size 22m; Limit_conn_zone $binary _remote_addr Zone=one:32k; Sendfile

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