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H3C MSR 3016 and Cisco 5510 ipsec vpn Interconnection

H3C MSR 3016 and Cisco 5510 ipsec vpn connection preface: Book connected to the http://www.bkjia.com/net/201210/162034.html, a previous branch of a VPN (cisco5510) device is damaged, temporary find a backup VPN (H3C Msr3016 ), after the system is refreshed, set ipsec vpn. Fortunately, the CISCO5510 configuration was backed up and H3C msr 3016 was reconfigured according to the original configuration. Www.2cto.comThis is the overall network topology. Th

HDU 5510 Bazinga

3 is not the maximum value we want to get, we continue to start from (2), compare (2) and (1), find (1) also not (2) substring, then look (1) is not(3) (6) The substring, found (1) is not (6) of the substring, the result of the I is 6, is not greater than the previous result 3, so the final result is 6 (these processes can be done with a recursive function)(Is it a little unclear ^_^!.... Debug This example again, OK)#include #include#includestring.h>#include#includeusing namespacestd;Const int

Centos 65 compile and install nginx-1513+php-5510+mysql-5537

script_filename $document _root$fastcgi_script_name; Include Fastcgi_params; } #取消FastCGI the comment for the server section location, and note the parameters of the Fastcgi_param row, instead $document _root$fastcgi_script_name, or use an absolute path /etc/init.d/nginx Restart #重启nginx Copy Code 13. Testing Copy Code cd/usr/local/nginx/html/#进入nginx默认网站根目录 rm-rf/usr/local/nginx/html/* #删除默认测试页 VI index.php #编辑 Phpinfo (); Chown www.www/usr/local/nginx/html/-R #设置目录所有者 chmod 700/usr/local/ngin

HDU 5510 Bazinga (kmp+ violence marker)

Title Link: http://acm.hdu.edu.cn/showproblem.php?pid=5510Ideas:First directly with KMP rash hair, timed out, and later found that if the preceding string is included in the following string, then we do not need to use the preceding string to compare, mark him off.Implementation code:#include #include#include#includeusing namespacestd;Chars[505][2050];intvis[510];intnext1[2050];intSlen,tlen;voidGet_next (Char*mat) { intj,k; Tlen=strlen (MAT); J=0; k=-1; next1[0]=-1; while(jTlen) { if(

HDU 5510 Bazinga (KMP)

Test instructions: Given n strings, let you find out the maximum R, so that there is a SL is not a sub-string of SR (L Analysis: KMP algorithm, but the direct violence don't think about, definitely tle, so we think about, with two pointers L, R, if SL is not a string of SR, then we can update R, continue back, until the last found.The code is as follows:#pragma COMMENT (linker, "/stack:1024000000,1024000000") #include HDU 5510 Bazinga (KMP)

HDU 5510 Bazinga string + hash

Input45ABABCZABCABCDZABCD4YOULOVINYOUABOUTLOVINYOUALLABOUTLOVINYOU5DEDEFABCDABCDEABCDEF3ABACCCSample OutputCase #1:4Case #2: -1case #3:4Case #4:3Source2015ACM/ICPC Asia Shenyang Station-Replay (thanks to Tohoku University)Test instructions:, in turn, give n strings, find the subscript maximum and cannot contain the string of the preceding string (that is, all the strings are the substring of the string). #include Analysis:1. Complexity did not think of a reasonable way down, the right way is to

"Hdu 5510", "2015ACM/ICPC Asia Shenyang Station-Replay" Bazinga Test Instructions & Code (c + +)

Topic Links:http://acm.hdu.edu.cn/showproblem.php?pid=5510Test Instructions:Given n strings, the largest string is evaluated, and there is a string in the string that is smaller than the subscript in it is not his substring.The following:First can think of kmp+n^2 violent match, but the feeling will time out, so we need to add some pruning, water problem, not to be frightened by his data range.Code:#include #include #include #include using namespace STD;intt,n,m,vis[505];intnex[505][2005];Chars[

HDU 5510 Bazinga

; atscanf"%d",Kase); - while(kase--) { -scanf"%d",n); -memset (Invalid,false,sizeofinvalid); - for(inti =0; I i) { -scanf"%s", S[i]); in if(I match (s[i-1],s[i])) -invalid[i-1] =true; to } + intRET =-1; - for(inti = n1; I >=0 ret = =-1; --i) { the for(intj =0; J 1; ++j) { * if(Invalid[j])Continue; $ if(!match (S[j],s[i])) ret = i +1;Panax Notoginseng } - } theprintf"Case #%d:%d\n"

HDU 5510 Bazinga (Kmp+dfs pruning) 2015ACM/ICPC Asia Shenyang Station-Replay (thanks to Tohoku University)

#%d:%d\n", TM, ans+1);98 } About - intMain ()101 {102scanf"%d", t);103 for(intTM =1; TM )104 { the init ();106 Work ();107 Outit (tm);108 }109}View CodeKMP Algorithm--Http://www.cnblogs.com/mypride/p/4950245.htmlPS. Look at other people's code, some directly using the iterative method, the complexity of N^2/2, but with a feeling less reliable pruning. I figured it out, worst case time seems to explode. But the result of the operation is not much slower than mine, drunk. Maybe ther

Printer Driver conflict and port exception: after some patches are updated in win10, the printer can be printed locally (the host connected to the printer), and computers in other shared networks can be connected to the printer, but cannot print-solution,

Printer Driver conflict and port exception: after some patches are updated in win10, the printer can be printed locally (the host connected to the printer), and computers in other shared networks can be connected to the printer, but cannot print-solution, I. Problem description: 1. A (WIN10 System) indicates the comput

What is desktop-level 3D printer, desktop-level 3D printer considerations [Hong Rui 3D Printer Manufacturers]

Desktop-grade 3D printer, as the name implies is small, can be placed on the desk to print three-dimensional physical printer. Desktop 3D Printer It is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, it is based on digital model files, the use of powder-like metal or plastic, such as adhesive materials, by layer-by-level printing method to construct the technology of the

How does a Mac system share a Windows printer/local printer/network printer?

Mac installs the local printer network printer Windows printer. The small weave uses 3 printer canon LBP2900, HP LaserJet P1008, HP LaserJet Professional to test. Verifying printers 1, not all types of printers can be used on the Mac, you can see on the Apple website whether your

The [Printer] prompts "Windows cannot connect to the printer. Incorrect printer name. "error!

Details: The printer is configured according to the process. Both machines share a printer. The printer on the host can be used as a normal printer. If another machine wants to share its previous printer, an error message always pops up saying "Windows cannot connect to the

C # control the printer (directly send the printer command to the printer)

// Code: // using system; using system. collections. generic; using system. text; using system. runtime. interopservices; namespace lptcontrols {public class lptcontrols {[structlayout (layoutkind. sequential)] private struct overlapped {int internal; int internalhigh; int offset; int offsethigh; int hevent;} [dllimport ("kernel32.dll")] Private Static extern int createfile (string lpfilename, uint dwdesiredacces S, int dwsharemode, int lpsecurityattributes, int dwcreationdisposition, int second

Windows cannot connect to the printer. The printer name you typed is incorrect, or the specified printer is not connected to the service?

Friend said printer sharing problem, remote check the computer.Computer name share printer, view computer name U7AE70GZWRVQ650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/4B/B0/wKioL1QwoBDyENy_AAGds-vb5WE945.jpg "title=" QQ screenshot 20141005093241.png "style=" Float:none; "alt=" wkiol1qwobdyeny_aagds-vb5we945.jpg "/>\\U7AE70GZWRV0O1Q650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/4B/

Windows printer sharing settings how to set printer sharing for windows

This is a common problem at work. The printer purchased by the company does not have the network printing function, but wants to allow all staff in the office to share the printer. Setting the printer to share can solve this problem well. Next, let the editor teach you how to set up printer sharing.Windows

How is LAN printer sharing set up? How do I set up printer sharing?

How does LAN Printer sharing work? How do I set up printer sharing? To achieve two printers or multiple printer sharing, first of all to understand how to set up and share a local area network printer computer printer, after the need to solve the LAN on the other computers

Xp printer sharing settings tutorial, xp printer sharing tutorial

Xp printer sharing settings tutorial, xp printer sharing tutorial Enterprises cannot do without networks or computers and printers. Generally, a company only has one or two printers. It is impossible for every computer to have a printer installed. This will make printing inconvenient, if you want to print a document without a

What should I do if the computer printer cannot be printed? What should I do if the printer cannot be printed?

First, verify that the printer is properly installed Local printers are not available, first from the easy and difficult order to determine. Verify that the printer is installed correctly by the machine.Let's start with a brief WIN7 the installation steps for the printer.Open the device and printer options below the Start menu; After opening the screen; Click

Epson Printer Configuration Printer Port

Configuring printer Ports Follow the steps below to configure the printer port. Depending on your selections, different printing speeds will vary. For Windows 7: Click Start, and then select devices and Printers. For Windows Vista: Click the Start button, Control Panel, and then the printer.For Windows XP: Click Start, and then select Printers and Faxes.Right-click the target device, then the

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