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Emme College Oracle Real-Life training opens DBA career

650) this.width=650; "Src=" https://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/05/D7/wKiom1mtGVDSusvRAAYGcg97wFw550.png-wh_500x0-wm_ 3-wmp_4-s_2418458466.png "title=" the DBA Training "alt=" Wkiom1mtgvdsusvraaygcg97wfw550.png-wh_50 "/>There is no doubt that today's

Differences between sysdba, sysoper, and dba

Differences between sysdba, sysoper, and dba For sysdba, sysoper, and dba, many terms may be used at work. If the environment is a server, sysdba may be frequently used. DBAs are required permissions for database maintenance. The official Oracle

The DBA's 40-mil rule.

DBA Operational Specifications1, involved in business modification/deletion of data, in the business party, the CTO's mail approval before the executable, before the implementation of the backup, if necessary reversible.2, all on-line demand must go

Moutai e-commerce has multiple SQL Injection packages in the background (DBA permission/17 databases/47W members)

Moutai e-commerce has multiple SQL Injection packages in the background (DBA permission/17 databases/47W members) Note:Http://www.emaotai.cn: 90/zyd/ Account: wangleiPassword 123456Get submit method SQL injection point:Http://www.emaotai.cn:

Careless O & M DBA

When I got off work, a netizen sent a QQ message saying that SQL was slow and it would take 1-3 seconds to get the result. I hope to optimize it: Select/* + index (TMS, idx1_tb_evt_dlv_w) */TMS. mail_num, TMS. dlv_bureau_org_code as dlvorgcode, Ro.

An example of Oracle 9201 version Data recovery in Windows systems

This is the data recovery case for a customer we've been working on recently, and the customer environment is windows,oracle version 9201. The database could not be opened because of a disk failure. After understanding, the customer in June on the

[Architecture] MySQL Log File-binary log: binary log & binary log Index

First find the two files, Rocky@localhost> show variables like 'datadir';+---------------+-------------------------+| Variable_name | Value |+---------------+-------------------------+| datadir | /home/mysql/mysql/data/ |+--

Graphic description of oracleiSQL * PLUS configuration settings

ISQL * PLUS is a new feature provided by ORACLE9i. It is a Web form of SQL * PLUS (not supported by ORACLE11g). It is designed based on a three-tier structure. ISQL * PLUS is a new feature provided since ORACLE 9i. It is a Web form of SQL * PLUS

Oracle Isql*plus configuration Settings Graphic Description _oracle

Isql*plus Introduction Isql*plus is a new feature offered from Oracle 9i and is a sql*plus Web form (Oracle 11g is not supported). is based on a three-tier structure. Its client, middle, and server can be located on the same machine or on a

10046 Trace File Analysis

Sql> CREATE TABLE t10046 as SELECT * from Dba_objects; Table created. Sql> Select File_id,block_id,blocks from dba_extents where segment_name= ' T10046 '; file_id block_id BLOCKS------------------------------1 94664 8 1 94672 8 1

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