7 habits of highly effective people ppt

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Seven Habits of highly effective people seven habits of high-energy people

Customary model: dependent dependence-independent independent--interdependent interdependent1:be Proactive Active and activeWhat can Do2:begin with the end of mind begins with the end3:put First ThingsUnable to manage time, nothing can be managed--Dexter. 80/20 Law4:think Win winning thinkingThe sale is not a Renyi5: Known to understand and beOne should seek to being understand then to be understood.Empathy Empathy6, Synergize integrated Comprehensive effectHow the team sees differences and diff

Convert to habits of highly ineffective people

7 Habits of highly ineffective people By Henrik edberg With a twist to the common list of habits that are useful to establish, Here are 7 habits that you do best to avoid. Just li

7 Habits of highly valid tive program managers

Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 What does it take to be an effective tive program manager at Microsoft? I'm responding to some requests for my take on what it takes to be an effective tive pm. I figured I cocould use a familiar 7

Read the 116 It Tips (2nd edition) of Highly Effective people

116 It tips for highly Effective People (2nd edition) Personal Recommended index: AAA A few days ago on the china-pub to see a new book "Highly Effective People's 116 it tips," because they have been looking for some way to do things efficiently, so see the title of the

Highly Effective People good review of the Listary Chinese version of the top ten recruit teaching and learning

There is an old free software that is well-commented in the high-performance workforce, and can be changed to tedious, open, and managed, but the computer plaything has been late without special introductions. He can be comparable to "ditto" this kind of strong cutting book software, is to simplify the daily tedious broken work operation of good tools, at any time, the use of the friend will probably leave him.This software is called:"listary", he is a file search, but his change is not only to

7 good habits of effective project management communication

you. Habit 5: Understanding Others first and then Understanding You are always talking about the difficult communication process. Say they have done wrong, what are the disadvantages to you, and what do you want them to do. But what they want is not to hear this. Let's start with your ears and hear your thoughts, even if you don't agree. The more you understand the other party's ideas, the better you can solve your problems. Habit 6: Synergy Effectiv

7 Habits of efficient people

Today, our company'sVPI think it is very beneficial to give us a training. I would like to share with you here. Everyone has their own habits. The quality of habits determines your success or failure. Living habits determine people's health, work habits determine people's success or failure, if you have the following

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"Notes in a very good location"No one can persuade others to change because each of us keeps a door to change that can only be opened from within, and we cannot open doors for others, regardless of the circumstances or the reason.The power of Thinking transformationCustom is defined as the result of "knowledge", "skill", and "will" interwoven with each other.Knowledge is a theoretical category, pointing to "What to do" and "why", skill telling "how to do", and willingness to "want to do". To dev

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