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Network Traffic Monitoring ntopng

@ ntopng ~] # Service ntopng start Starting ntopng [Root @ ntopng ~] #/Usr/local/bin/ntopng: error while loading shared libraries: librrd. so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory The solution is to install the source code + rpm, because the installation source code package does not have a configuration file, and the rpm package has a configuration file installed, which is the best combination of the two. [Root @ ntopng ~] # Yum-y install libpcap * libxml2 libxml2-devel g

2014 Latest Desktop installation configuration recommended

The following is a small series from Changsha warm technology collection of 2014 desktop installation configuration recommended, I hope everyone can be useful! Computer Entry Configuration If you usually only look at stocks, surfing the internet, watching movies, playing ordinary online games, this set of configuration can be fully qualified. cpu:intel-g1610¥260 Motherboard: Gigabyte b75m-d3v¥460 Memory: Kingston ddr3-1333 4g¥280 Hard drive: Western data Caviar Blue 500gb¥320 Power supply

Netizens mourn Steve Jobs or refresh Twitter records

According to foreign media reports, Australian social media tracking and Investigation Agency sr7 said on Thursday that Apple founder Steve Jobs) the sudden death of the world caused a large number of Internet mourning activities for netizens. The scale of the network mourning activity may set a new record. Many netizens expressed their condolences to Steve Jobs through social networking websites, and some websites were inaccessible due to excessive

2014 Latest Computer Configuration recommended home/game configuration

The new year, there are many students party, the game party ready to start the computer! 2014 what is the best configuration, what configuration for home and play games with, CC small series to introduce you!   Computer Entry ConfigurationIf you usually only look at stocks, surfing the internet, watching movies, playing ordinary online games, this set of configuration can be fully qualified. cpu:intel-g1610¥260 Motherboard: Gigabyte b75m-d3v¥460 Memory: Kingston ddr3-1333 4g¥280 Hard drive:

Brocade Campus Network has SDN backing

In the campus network market, the brocade company, whether it is a foreign Cisco, or the domestic Huawei, H3C, are not to be underestimated opponents. And the campus network is a new business growth point that brocade cannot abandon. How can we stand out from the market of strong competitors? "We have to do products that no one else has," said Yuzhanyun, a technology manager at Bo Ke's China area. Only by realizing the differentiation of product function, can we take a foothold in the network ma

Synopsys VCS MX vJ-2014.12 SP2 Linux64 1DVD compiled code simulator

\AWR. design.environment.v9.0.4818.1 Electronic design software \Basinmod 1D v5.4 1CD basin simulation software \Gaussian for Linux em64t\itasca_3dec_v4.0 useful version \maptek.vulcan.v7.5 SP4 sp 6 mining software \Qform V4.3.3-iso 1CD (forging simulation software) \RunGE XPAC v7.5.5-iso 1CD (coal mine design software) \V6 Pro Design v2.1 (Intelligent stamping die designing system) \Soft\88\ATOMIX.VIRTUAL.DJ.PRO.V6.0.4.CRACKED.HAPPY.9TH_DJ mixing simulation software. Professional Edition \Genei

How to optimize isnull in oraclesql (index creation and histogram)

column of this table only contains Y and N, and null exists. Does the histogram affect this column? Use the following statement to collect data without a histogram: Execdbms_stats.gather_table_stats (user, 'bd _ INVMANDOC_BAK ', method_opt =>' for allindexed columns size 1 '); Execution Plan: Execution Plan ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | Id | Operation | Name | Rows | Bytes | Cost | ------------

[Original] configuration of multi-version Java environment variables

IBM Dock 2503, and purchased a shadow of the HD 7750 2G Blade version of the video card, the rest is endless pain ... (Because the knife version of the graphics card length and thickness are not appropriate, take the blade to cut the heat sink, take the blades to the bottom of the dock plastic layer of a layer of grinding thin, and then put the graphics card with iron pads up, only to be a toss-up video card ... This does not count, the first to buy

Code Word SQL (1)

Tags: style blog http ar color os sp on div"Stereotypes" means that these knowledge is the experience that the predecessors summed up, need to remember something. These things are equally profound, but they are stuck in this. Because it's possible that you won't be able to use it for 3 years. How to say, Master Please detour, beginners should be able to see. Provides a handy weapon: PL SQL develop comes with Oracle client, decompression is available, support 12c.http://download.csdn.net/detail/g

Springboot and Springcloud version issues

Spring Cloud provides developers with a set of tools that can be used to quickly build common patterns in distributed systems. Extracting the trunk is the spring cloud that provides a set of tools. These tools provide developers with a common solution to common problems in distributed systems. These programs cover configuration management, service discovery, circuit breakers, intelligent routing, micro-proxies, control buses, one-time tokens, global locks, leader elections, distributed sessions,

Diagram of Multiple cisco Routers

Cisco 12000 Series IP Services Engine (NEW !) Gigabit Switch-Router 12016 Gigabit Switch Router z serii GSR 12410 Cisco 12404 Internet Router (NEW !)

Python sorting sort () with sorted ()

, ' A ', 3,7, ' n ']>>> Sorted (a)[1, 3, 7, ' 1 ', ' a ', ' n ']>>> A[' 1 ', 1, ' A ', 3, 7, ' n ']>>> A.sort ()>>> A[1, 3, 7, ' 1 ', ' a ', ' n '] 3. For the sort () and sorted () functions, the incoming parameter key is more efficient than the parametric CMP. The function that the CMP passes in is called multiple times throughout the ordering process, and the key is processed only once for each element. >>> from Timeit import Timer>>> Timer (stmt= "sorted (Xs,key=lambda x:x[1])", setup= "xs=r

It's getting hotter, don't be afraid to drive elves to help you.

of the driver Wizard 2012 official version to share with you. Drive Wizard initial interface, each function button at a glance, easy and concise operation. Driver Wizard Initial Interface Enter the hardware detection module, you can see: Hardware overview, details two options, accessories specifications at a glance. Hardware Detection Module If you want to use temperature monitoring, just open it in the upper right corner. Temperature monitoring Altern

Java core dump and heap dump files

Collector counter, allocation failure counter, free Java heap size, and allocated Java heap size), number of runnable threads, total number of threads, number of monitors locked, and deadlock information. In addition, IBM thread and monitor dump analyzer for Java provides the recommended size of the Java heap cluster (applicable only to ibm sdk 1.4.2 and 1.3.1 sr7 or abve) based on the heuristic analysis engine. IBM thread and monitor dump an

Treatment of some faults in WebLogic installation process

began to suspect that the JDK was not installed correctly. Require the host engineer to reinstall the JDK. The above phenomenon still occurs after the host engineer upgrades the virtual machine to IBM Jdk64bit SR7.By error message "Java.lang.NullPointerExceptionAt Java.security.SecureRandom.nextBytes "with hints from Metalink and Google Docs, sensory issues appear on components related to JDK security." There are three main solutions on the Web:Need

Spring Cloud Build Manual (2)--spring Cloud Config

installed for Encryption service "," status ":" No_key "}Cause: The key used when encryption is not set.Workaround: When configuring Application.properties, add the configuration of key:encrypt.key=sisterred※ After the DALSTON.SR2 version, the encryption is not normal, if you must use this feature, you need to downgrade to SR1 or Camden SR7.Reference: https://github.com/spring-cloud/spring-cloud-config/issues/767③ configuration of the Git repository

Spring IO Platform as the first line of the spring site to address version dependencies in the Spring project portfolio

here:1 Dependencies>2 Dependency>3 groupId>Org.springframeworkgroupId>4 Artifactid>Spring-coreArtifactid>5 Dependency>6 Dependencies>Using the spring IO Platform in GradleAs shown below, we will apply io.spring.dependency-management to this plugin and then import the BOM in dependencymanagement1 Buildscript {2 Repositories {3 Jcenter ()4 }5 Dependencies {6 classpath ' io.spring.gradle:dependency-management-plugin:1.0.0.release '7 }8 }9 Apply plugin: ' Io.spring.d

Huawei MA5200G-PPPoEoVLAN configuration example

subinterface view. In fact, the steps 8th and 7 should be uninterrupted */Access-type layer2-subscriber default-domain authentication maple/* Set the user under the BAS interface to a layer-2 user. The default authentication domain is maple *//* By default, the authentication method used by users under the bas interface is pppoe, so no additionalConfiguration*/ #9.ConfigurationUpstream interface and Ethernet portInterface GigabitEthernet2/0/0.1/* Create a sub-interface. I cannot explain why,Hua

18, vim into the editing mode, Vim command mode, VIM practice

:: W saves the text.: Q quit Vim.: w! Force save, under root user, even if the text is read-only can be saved.: q! Force exit, all changes will not take effect.: Wq save exit.: X is similar to Wq, after changing the file, Wq and X are the same, and if the file is not changed, the mtime of the file will change, and X will not.: Set NU Displays line numbers.: Set Nonu does not display line numbers.Third, Vim practiceIf you do not/etc/dnsmasq.conf this file, you need to install the package yum inst

Maximizing Java performance on AIX, Part 4: monitoring traffic

-intensive applications. The latest version of Java on AIX (1.3.1 SR7 and above, and 1.4.1 SR2 above) disables thread pooling by default.Back to top of pageConclusionThis article describes common tools and techniques for dealing with network and disk I/O bottlenecks.The next article ends this series with a general observation and a link to useful references..Reference Learning Other parts of the article series: 1th part 3rd p

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