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JS single quotation mark double quotation mark parameter problem single quotation mark replaced by \ ' double quotation mark replaced by \ ' etc.

. replace (/\ '/g, "\ \") . replace (/\ "/g," \\\ ")," replacing with \ " Note: applies to onclick='Test (" digital dual tone \") . Replace (/\ "/g," quot; ") Replace with quot; Note: recommended wording for onclick= "Test (' digital dual tone quot')" . replace (/\ . replace (/>/g, "\\\>") > replaced with \> Examples of correctly executed result formats:[JavaScript]View Plaincopyprint? "button" onclick="test (' number \ ' Dual tone ')" value= "testing"/>

The difference between a single quotation mark, a double quotation mark, an inverse quotation mark ('), $ () in a Linux shell

One, single and double quotation marksFirst, both single and double quotes are meant to solve the problem of having spaces in the middle.The space is used as a typical delimiter in Linux, such as String1=this is a string, so execution will be an error. To avoid this problem, single and double quotes are generated. The difference is that single quotes deprive them of the special meaning of all the characters, while the ' $ ' (parameter substitution) and ' ' (command substitution) in double quotes

Sogou number Pass number mark How to mark Sogou number pass mark unfamiliar number tutorial

1. We open the "Sogou number" on the phone and enter the Dial-up interface of the software, we click on the "arrows" shown in the picture and then open the entry 2. After opening the tag interface into the phone book, click the "arrow" details below 3. After this we can have a lot of types, if not, can also manually mark, or directly pull black All right, here we are. About Sogou number pass

Single quotation mark (') Double quotation mark (") and back quotation mark (·) in the shell

In bash, $, * 、?、 [,], ', ', ', \, have special meanings. Similar to the compiler's pre-compilation process, bash, in the process of scanning the command line, will first interpret all the special characters at the text level, and then make the kernel system calls to the new command line that completes the conversion.Where the anti-quote is similar to a function call, not just a simple text substitution and matching.The part of the command line that is enclosed in quotation marks, where all the

"VC + +" newline character, carriage return, single quotation mark, double quotation mark, slash \, backspace

quotation mark, double quotation mark, backspace, jump, slash \, special character features detailed description:\b = backspace \f = paper page change \ n = newline, is Line_feed, is another line. \ r = Carriage return, is Carriage_return, actually put the output position back to the beginning of a line. \ t = cross-tab = string End flag \ \ = character \ \ ' = single quotation

The solution to the problem of JS assignment including single quotation mark double quotation mark

This article mainly introduced the JS assignment contains the single quotation mark double quotation mark question solution method, needs the friend to be possible to refer to underMy page is a JSP page, which contains a parameter: Lefttree, this lefttree is spelled out from the background, the content is HTML code: such as: The Code is as follows:

HDU 2579 Dating with girls (2) bfs+ triple mark (Mark Time)

time in seconds, else output "Please give me another cha Nce! ". Sample Input 1 6 6 2 ... Y ..... .#.... ...#.. ...#.. .. #G #. Sample Output 7 Test instructions: Dating girls from Y to g ask what the shortest distance is. For a walking path #为石头 where the stone can disappear when the time t%k==0, even if it can go, if t%k!=0 will appear again so we add an array to the original two-dimensional array to three bits The array is used to mark whether the

What does the HTML5 mark label mean? What is the role of HTML5 mark tag?

This article introduces you to the mark tag in HTML5, describes some of the definitions and uses included in the HTML5 mark tag, and some of the role and instance codes of the HTML5 mark tag, which is simple to use to make the text look bright. I hope you will read it carefully. HTML5 mark label definitions and instru

Vim MARK: Mark

When editing with vim, you often needCodeFor example, indent, delete, and copy. For example, if you use the YY command, you need to calculate the number of rows, which is inconvenient. If you can mark the position, the code of a large segment can be marked by the front and back positions. This makes it much easier. Vim mark is the best solution. Mark is a positi

What does the mark of Mo Mo mean? How to set the mark of Mo Mo

What does the mark of the Stranger mean? In the MO of the personal information card, we can see the dynamic below will have the imprint of the display, this very good understanding, through your habits and hobbies, the MO will automatically help you record displayed in the data above, of course, you go to the city will help you record. How did the mark of the Mo. The imprint is the system

Mark Dumbo (Mark)

650) this.width=650; "src=" http://imga.chrome001.com/article/201603/18/184359sfteittk7uu7btai.png "border=" 0 " Class= "Shadow" alt= "Mark Dumbo" style= "border:0px;vertical-align:middle;margin-bottom:0px;"/>Plugin Introduction:Evernote is a plug-in that can record the wonderful content of a Web page, and the Markdown editor, designed for Evernote, is designed to deliver an unprecedented writing experience through careful design and technology, combi

PHP @ at Mark function, phpat Mark function _ PHP Tutorial

PHP @ at Mark and phpat mark. PHP @ at Mark function. phpat Mark function depends on the PHP code. some lines always have the @ symbol at the front of the line, and I don't know what it means. For example, dede5.7 @ $ niimagecreatetruecolor ($ ftoW, $ ftoH), PHP @ at, and phpat Looking at PHP code, there is always a @

C # type conversion, is, as, single question mark, double question mark decryption

. if (cls1 is Class2) { Class2 cls2 = (Class2)cls1; } else System.Console.WriteLine("Error 2!"); I usually use this method for type conversion. However, I read an article today and compared it with another method. The as operator is used for conversion, to know that as can slightly improve the performance than is. Class2 cls2 = cls1 as Class2; if (cls2!=null) System.Console.WriteLine("Ok"); else System.Console.WriteLine("Error!"); As is slightly different. It checks whether t

The difference and relation between the inverted quotation mark and the double quotation mark in shell script

Double quotesPurpose: In order to contain text or function segments. In addition to itself, the function inside the counter-quote, the variable starting with $ and \ Start the inverse of the character outside, the rest are directly output.The content enclosed in double quotes is treated as a single string. It prevents wildcard expansion, but allows variable expansion. This is different from the way a single argument is handled.Anti-QuoteThe purpose is to keep the function conversion within the d

The role of a question mark and two question mark (a?? b) in C #

.";Console.WriteLine(s);} //2BFuckprivate static void SBFuck(){string fuck;fuck = "Fuck";string s;if (fuck != null){s = fuck;}else{s = "fuck not found.";}Console.WriteLine(s);} These three methods are the same on the result, and will output fuck on the screen. Of course, write an example is only the demo level, we in the actual programming time with?? Operators are often more useful and can save a lot of trouble. For example, when dealing with page querystring:? 123456789101

JQuery uses (1) to mark element attributes and jquery to mark element attributes

JQuery uses (1) to mark element attributes and jquery to mark element attributes JQuery mainly introduces how jQuery controls pages, including the attributes of elements, css style, DOM model, form elements, and event processing. Tag Element attributes Each tag in html has some attributes, which are displayed in various States on the page, such as the This section describes how to control page attributes

ASP. NET Razor-mark and asp. netrazor mark

ASP. NET Razor-mark and asp. netrazor mark Razor is not a programming language. It is a server-side markup language. What is Razor? Razor is a markup syntax that allows you to embed server-based code (Visual Basic and C #) into a webpage. When a webpage is written into a browser, the server-based code can create dynamic content. When a webpage is loaded, the server executes the server-based code on the p

Another use of single question mark in C # And special use of double question mark

Today, a colleague asked me a piece of code written by a company employee who has left the company. It looks a little strange. The Code is as follows: /// Where is it? It's strange that this string STR = Req. Form [name]? Req. querystring [name]? ""; In ?? I found it hard to understand. Later I checked the information on the Internet and explained it as follows: "Single question mark-used to assign null to the variable (INT type) when setting the ini

Html document settings mark (format mark) 4-5,

Html document settings mark (format mark) 4-5,   

Reasons for automatically adding a backslash before a PHP form submission quotation mark and three ways to disable the php magic quotation mark, submit a backslash _ PHP Tutorial

Reasons for automatically adding a backslash before a PHP form submission quotation mark and three methods to disable the php magic quotation mark. Reasons why PHP forms are automatically added with backslashes before quotation marks and three ways to disable php magic quotes, the submitted slash recently finds out the reason why php forms are automatically added with the backslash before the quotation mark

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