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Multi-condition exam extraction (with test code) example: genetic algorithm-Automatic Paper Generation System Based on Genetic Algorithm [theoretical] example: genetic algorithm-Automatic Paper Generation System Based on Genetic Algorithm [practice]

Problem from http://q.cnblogs.com/q/38789/ The questions are as follows: Recently, I was developing a project to create a test system, which has a test paper function (random question extraction). The test attributes include: Major, question type, difficulty, and cognitive level. Now we need to create a random

Is it necessary to take an postgraduate entrance exam to complete software testing? -- Answer a question from a junior mm

Today, I received another message about a junior girl named "Taobao" software.Should I take a postgraduate entrance exam or work after graduation? IfDo I need to take a postgraduate entrance exam to do software testing and do I want to do well? The moment when I re

Network engineer How to arrange a week before the exam

of the network engineer's preparationfirst, the preparation period needs to complete1."Network engineer Exam Guidance Tutorial" attendee is needed;2. The first time a cursory look at the video, and then in the process of doing a detailed reading of each knowledge point content;3. Every time before the class need to do a

A reflection on the efficiency of exam month study

hours per day. No one gets more. The average female fan may think Beckham's star is cute, and what they may not know is that few players can finish Beckham's training because it's too hard.Feasibility of implementation:"A short time to focus on learning a new knowledge is not difficult" + "(deliberate practice) a mast

Let your child practice the word! National Day a holiday, reborn

Abstract: A classmate due to 2 per cent difference with Tsinghua missed! The classmate's teacher in charge of the class said that his failed, it is likely because the handwriting is not neat!!    A college entrance examination of the teacher said that the handwriting is good, well-written, really important. "In the middle of the college entrance examination, a cl

Programming Language-the path to practice is a special book

Programming Language-the path to practice is a special book that focuses on the principles of compilation and interpretation of programming languages, taking the performance of data types, subprograms, and other specific programming concepts in the computer architecture as a breakthrough, through the practice of each c

Program Practice: Define a class with member functions

Now, from an example consisting of a gradebook class and a main function, this example is the first of a series of examples that are explained in a follow-up post, and ultimately a gradebook class with many features.to define a me

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