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Schlumberger Drilling Office v4.0 1CD (integrated drilling engineering design software)

Schlumberger Products:Merak Peep 2007.1-iso 1DVD (software for economic evaluation and yield reduction analysis to determine the economic viability of oil and gas extraction schemes)Petrel.v2008.1-iso 1CD (Integrated reservoir description software for exploration and development)Pipesim 2007.1-iso 1CD (Pipesim product system analysis software simulates steady-state, multiphase-flow oil and gas systems. A separate Pipesim module allows for

Analysis of UV Laser Drilling Technology

) gradually presents the features of high-density interconnection technology. At present, the cost of microholes usually accounts for 30%-40% of the cost of PCB boards. Traditional mechanical drilling has a minimum size of 100 μm, which is obviously unable to meet the requirements. Instead, it is replaced by a new laser micro-machining method. Currently, in the i

Photoshop Banner design experience in the production of Taobao drilling exhibition

To you photoshop software users to elaborate on the production of Taobao drilling exhibition banner design experience. Share list: I. The role and significance of drilling and mapping 1. What is the drill map The full name of the drill show is Diamond booth, it is a kind of marketing tool for Taobao Sellers, which is the auct

2016QQ How to brush the brush drilling method to share

Users of QQ software to the detailed interpretation of the sharing of 2016QQ brush drilling method. Method Sharing: Tools/materials to be prepared: Mobile phone card, mobile phone, networking computer 2015QQ Brush Drill Tutorial Method/step:    Note: At present this method has been invalidated, do not believe all kinds of brush drilling tutorial beware of fooled.

Drilling and completion Engineering design simulation hydraulic underbalanced Simulator (HUBS) R3.2.1+forward v2.7 Imaging log Processing interpretation software Chinese version

the import and export operations.-------------------Good faith cooperation, long-term effective!!!Customer Service qq:1140988741 Customer service qq:1140988741Customer Service Email: [Email protected] (letter must return)Tel: 18980583122 (send detailed software name to SMS)More software, please use the CTRL+F key to query the software you want-------------------Schlumberger perforating analysis (span) v8.0 win7 win8 (span software, simulated perforation performance)The span allows the engineer

Schlumberger pipesim 2011.1.1 oilfield Pipe Network Software + Drilling Engineering Analysis and Design SPT drillbench 6.1

linkage analysis with the reservoir simulation software ECLIPSE, which is a world-class software tailored to the multi-task project team.■ □■ □□■ □■ Pick up. Supply. Various. Categories, industry, software, and items ■ □■ □□■ □□ Tel: 18980583122 QQ: 1140988741 Email: [email protected] [email protected] Skype: [email protected]Integrity cooperation to ensure quality !!!■ □■ Long-term effectiveness ■ □□■ □■ □□□□□□■ ■ □■

Drilling Management System

As a subsystem of information integration, the drilling database is mainly used to manage the drilling construction data. The ultimate goal is:Establish a unified and standardized drilling data dictionary;Establishes regular data management to provide users with convenient a

Portable Soil drilling rig preferred--Canadian s-1 single hand-held Earth sampling rig

Canada S-1 Earth Drilling RIG-the world's lightest soil sampling rigCanada S-1 Earth Drilling Rig is the most portable, fast, efficient and convenient soil sampling rig, it can replace large hydraulic and electric drilling rig, the Canadian Geotechnical Engineering Association has been highly recommended, and become the Water conservancy, power, geology, Ore indu

PHP and FusionCharts create interactive drilling report _ PHP Tutorial

PHP and FusionCharts create interactive drilling reports. When data is analyzed, charts are directly displayed, and fake tables can interact with each other, which improves the performance. In this article, we will discuss how to use php to analyze data and use charts directly, while false tables can interact with each other, the effect will be better. This article describes how to use php with the open-source report Library FusionCharts (Project addr

PHP and FusionCharts create interactive Drilling Reports

When data is analyzed, charts are directly displayed, and fake tables can interact with each other, which improves the performance. This article describes how to use php with the open-source report library FusionCharts (Project address: www.fusioncharts.com/) to create interactive Drilling Reports. A drilling report refers to

Report drilling Report (4)

1. Use the previous report data source to create a primary report and a subreport (subreport) 2. Set drilling parameters in the subreport table, that is, Department. 3. Set the main report drilling link. In the "operations" column of the text box. Enable the "go to report" button for the hyperlink and select

The two sets of drilling cuttings drying systems for the Jiangsu oilfield arrived at the scene today

The harmless treatment system of the right energy drilling waste has been the support and trust of customers both at home and abroad since the development of the market, complete sets of systems and mainstream equipment continued to sell, in the Middle East, South Africa, Russia and other countries and China Changqing oilfield, Tarim Oilfield, Shengli oilfield and other major oil fields, the right energy slurry does not fall The system shows

"Drilling" and "jumping out" -- how can we control the requirements of information systems?

"Drilling" and "jumping out" -- how can we control the requirements of information systems? Author: Shang Rongrong Difficult to graspEnterprise Informatization is a complex system engineering that involves all aspects of management, such as strategic management, process control, personnel management, and performance appraisal. It involves various internal departments, such as the manufacturing department, m

Report development instance-dynamic multi-level KPI drilling report (I), multi-level kpi

displays the name. Column B is the middle part of the report. It is a subnode of the next level of the input node (for example, "104020") and is vertically expanded. The condition for setting the hidden column in the B3 lattice is value () = null. If the input node is a leaf node in this province, name = null, and column B is hidden and not displayed. Column C to column F is the right half of the report. T

Blank Page for RDLC report Drilling

Blank Page for RDLC report Drilling When you modify the REPORT query conditions, the drilling page suddenly becomes blank and cannot be understood. I studied the information for one afternoon and one night, and checked the information. Many of the information on the Internet is the ConsumeConteinerWhitespa of the report.Ce = True and the SIZE of the Set BODY cannot be greater than the SIZE of the report. I

List sorting without JavaScript (implemented by drilling)

The demo video has been posted to the Forum http://www.cognoschina.net/club/thread-10286-1-1.html During the first report competition, JavaScript was used to sort the List Value fields. Although this is very practical, JavaScript supports different browsers with different kernels, in addition, developers who make reports may not be familiar with JavaScript, so although I think what I wrote is already very detailed, however, many netizens still encounter many problems during the use process and

Use rdlc Report (4)-drilling report

This article uses the customers and orders tables in the msserver's built-in northwind library file as examples to create two report files. After querying the customers table data, click customerid Data in this table, the report is transferred to the next report, and the related orders data is displayed, that is, the so-called drilling report in. 1. Open a project, create

Rdlc for Drilling

I looked at some online posts and wrote them to the rdlc drilling function. I felt very good. However, no posts on the Internet are written about how to implement them. Now it seems quite simple. Let's take a look. Here is a simple example. I found these fields. Shopname, producttype, productname, productprice. The function to be implemented now is the p

P1550 [usaco 08oct] Drilling Hole

P1550 [usaco 08oct] Drilling Hole The question is simple, but it reminds us of the importance of graph creation. In many cases, you need to add a secondary vertex instead of creating the given information. However, this question is true. # Include p1550 [usaco 08oct] Drilling Hole

Rdlc-data Drilling

The data drilling name is interesting, but it is actually a bit like a hyperlink. To implement data drilling, add a little more content to the subreport in the previous article. Set the jump property in the field you want to drill down, for example: Then add the jump ev

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