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Microsoft will be the first to provide free digital verification technology manufacturers to join the Windows root certificate certification list

this September, Microsoft updated the Windows root certification program ( Windows Root Certificate Program List of vendors, and for the first time the startcom company has been included in the certification list, which is the first time Microsoft will be adding a free digit

Python Practice (first week): Write a login certification program

Basic requirements: Let the user enter the user name password Authentication successful display welcome information after the error three to exit the program upgrade requirements: can support multiple users login (prompt, through the list to save multiple account information) Users 3 times authentication failed, quit the program, restart the program when you try to log on, or lock the status (prompt: Need to save user-locked state to file)Code:#storin

WCF note-transfer a generic list object

This post describes how to transfer messages between server-side and client-side in WCF that are not transmitted by default.List Object. This post is not highly advanced, but I think this post is highly practical, andPeople will encounter problems, so they are afraid to send this article to the blog garden homepage. --------------------------------------------------------Example download point of this post:Http://files.cnblogs.com/WizardWu/090809.zip The execution example requires Visual Studio

Canonical releases a list of Ubuntu compatible PC components

It will be easier to build your next Ubuntu-based PC from now on. Canonical today released the largest online list of Linux compatible PC components, with over 1300 certification components from 161 different manufacturers. While the main objective is the ODM-original design manufacturer-this comprehensive database will prove useful to home PC users and buyers seeking for compatibility with the devices they

Transfer a generic list object

Http://www.cnblogs.com/WizardWu/archive/2009/08/09/1542102.html In WCF, objects of the following types, such as list --------------------------------------------------------Example download point of this post:Http://files.cnblogs.com/WizardWu/090809.zip The execution example requires Visual Studio 2008 + SP1 and does not require a database.If the project fails to run normally when you press F5 in

A list of API technologies that developers should know!

and SolutionsThe following authors have compiled a list of API services, hoping to make your development process easier and, on the other hand, to save you time, effort and effort.  Certification/Authorization ( Authentication/authorization) stormpath- The application of the user management of the part of the rest assured that it is good, its functions

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