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There is a 100-storey building that gives you two identical glass balls. If you start from a certain level, drop the glass ball and smash it. So how to use the hands of the two ball, what best strategy to know this critical layer is the first layer?

The title has a 100-storey building that gives you two identical glass balls. If you start from a certain level, drop the glass ball and smash it. So how to use the hands of the two balls, with what best strategy to know this critical layer is the first layer???Each time must be from the low floor to the high floor to

[Fuzhou has a home decoration] How to maintain glass ornaments?

With the development of glass technology, the use of glass ornaments is also growing, and they are easy to clean, not aging, decorative effect is good,Therefore, many people will regard glass ornaments as the first choice of decorative materials. Glass has the special functions of transparency, light transmission, soun

How to create a custom broken glass brush

Adding broken glass effects is a fun way to get people's attention and interest. The visual effects of broken glass are very shocking, vibrant and conflict-filled. Creating it is full of technical challenges, is difficult and time-consuming, it's also not easy task! Here, I will show you a good way to teach you how to

Three ways to achieve the effect of a frosted glass in iOS

Way one: Uitoolbar to achieve the effect of frosted glassBefore iOS7.0 (including) or a system class can achieve the effect of the glass, is Uitoolbar this class, and use is quite simple, a few lines of code can be done. 1 /*2 style of frosted glass (enumeration) 3 Uibarstyledefault = 0, 4 uibarstyleblack = 1, 5 Uibar

CSS3 Filter property to add a frosted glass blur effect to a picture

Record the processing of the image blur effect in the project, requirements: The background map must be passed through the IMG tag, and the avatar will be made into a circularExample Picture:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s1.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/88/A1/wKioL1f97R6DJoYPAAG57NLOTDE520.png "title=" Qq20161012155712.png "alt=" Wkiol1f97r6djoypaag57nlotde520.png "/>HTML code:CSS code:/* background blur effect */.imgbground{width:100%; height:28vh;filter

Three-dimensional flash animation of a bowl changing glass

Flash animation Swift 3D is a professional vector 3D software, its appearance fully make up for the lack of 3D flash, its powerful features in the Flash Third-party software first. Swift 3D not only can quickly produce exquisite 3D effects, but also easy to create a variety of animations. Here we will show you the ease of use by making a "bowl of

Put photos of yourself or others into a glass bottle with PS-PS tutorial

In this tutorial, I will share with my friends how to put photos of myself or others into a glass bottle. The results of this tutorial are very good and worth learning, let's take a look. whenever you see other people's photos in different media, they feel like they are super artistic and wish to immediately put their photos on them, but it is because you do not

Using a magnifying glass made with HTML5 and CSS3

Using a magnifying glass made with HTML5 and CSS3 HTML structureDivclass= "Wrap"> Divclass= "Move"> ulclass= "Pic"> Li>imgsrc= "Img/ibannertext.png" />Li> Li>imgsrc= "Img/ibannertext2.png" />Li> Li>imgsrc= "Img/ibannertext3.png" />Li> ul> Divclass= "Zoompic"> Divclass= "Mas

Use psto create a textured glass ball with red liquid.-pstutorial

This tutorial introduces how to use psto create a texture glass ball with red liquid. the texture of the glass ball made by the tutorial is very strong, and many PS tools are used in the production process, however, the tutorial is not very difficult. we recommend you to a friend of the footman's house to study it toge

Make a magnifying glass effect in unity

Sun Guangdong 2015.8.16Actually, it's almost like a small map. Or do you want to use another camera?Purpose: The main purpose of this article is to give you an idea of how to do the magnifying effect.In unity, you can simply implement the magnifying glass effect. So let's do this one step at a time:Create a Camera obje

A detailed description of the textbox input box auto-prompt, auto-complete, auto-complement function in C # (graphic)

Feature Overview Related properties Textbox.autocompletecustomsource Property Gets or sets the custom t:system.collections.specialized.stringcollection to use when the Textbox.autocompletesource property is set to [CustomSource]. Textbox.autocompletemode Property Gets or sets an option that controls how automatic completion is applied to a TextBox.Property ValueType: System.Windows.Forms.AutoCompleteModeOne of the AutoCompleteMode values. T

Use PS layer style to make the glass words with a few steps

Using a layer style to make glass is the fastest, and the method is very simple. Set the background first, you can use the material. Then enter the desired text, the fill to: 0%, and then set the layer style, you can get very good results. Final effect The whole effect has only one layer, the simplest way to do the best effect. 1, the new size is the document, the background fille

A tutorial on making crystal glass portrait effect by Photoshop

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis of the production of crystal glass portrait effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: First of all, this tutorial is not original, is my observation of other master design works, and then in their own understanding of the results of the exploration and production. If there is similarity, it is sheer coincidence! The material used in this tutorial comes from the netw

Pscreate a dewdrop on the glass outside the window-PS tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use psto make the Dewdrop method on the glass that falls out of the window. the effect produced by this tutorial is really beautiful and the method is not very difficult. we recommend that you use it, if you like it, you can follow the tutorial to learn it. this tutorial introduces the method of using psto create the Dewdrop method on the glass outside the window. the effect p

What is the glass effect? You can call a code.

Recently I learned self-developed WPF. I checked the information on the net, all of which are dependency attributes, routing events, animation effects, and so on ..... they are not very easy to understand, and there are also various small effects, such as the glass effects of forms, the Code is also a variety of, generally written based on a form, if someone else

Photoshop Wonderful example: Draw a glass brick by yourself

When drawing the decoration effect picture, often must design the glass brick wall, but these glass brick walls are usually through the mapping to realize, today we come to draw a glass brick wall The material chart, certainly, also does not need to use in the decoration effect picture. First step: Start Photoshop CS

PS teaches you to create a fun magnifying glass animation effect

Today's tutorial is from the @p big point s Weibo Projava, using the timeline to make a simple GIF animation, similar to the hammer technology magnifying glass effect, to see how the master play. In view of the network requirements, the magnifying glass is moving a bit faster, in order to small size, so speed up. War

Photoshop makes a dreamy glass word

It is very quick to make glass characters with layer styles. Process: First make a darker background, enter the text you want, other graphics can be, and then use the layer style relief and luminous effect, you can copy more than a few layers of text, fill to 0, respectively, with different styles to add more details will look better.   Final effect

A HTML5 canvas implementation of the picture glass fragment effect

Today to bring you a HTML5 canvas implementation of the picture glass fragment effect. The picture appears in the form of a glass fragment into the interface, and then the effect of the glass being smashed is gradually being heard. The effect chart is as follows: HTML cod

A JavaScript-based 3D glass break effect

Before you introduced a HTML5 canvas to achieve the picture glass fragment effect. Today to bring you a JavaScript-based 3D glass crushing effect. As follows:Online preview Source DownloadHTML code:id= "container"> id= " Fragment "> div> Div >CSS code:Body{Background-color:#f1f1f1;margin:0;Overflow:Hi

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