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A few photography tips to teach you how to make a good night view portrait _ Practical Photography Skills

viewing function (if your camera has this function) when you are exposed to it, which will make it easier for you to take a second picture of the visual composition.                6, the late thinking Bold color: The color of the night is colorful, if blindly want to shoot transparent bright small fresh, uninteresting. Bold later colors can make your photos different, I have some films in the ad

The horizon of Light and shadow: A full analysis of mobile AI photography

When talking about mobile AI, photography must be a topic to avoid. Huawei P20 Series, millet Mix 2S, OPPO R15 These new machines also take AI photography as the main feature.In theory, the reason why mobile phone photography is associated with AI is that the advent of AI tides, the advances in chip and cloud computing

How to take a vivid portrait of a practical photography course without late

kind of clothes, or the model's clothing color is rich, so the following advice also can help you to improve the color performance of the piece. The idea is to look for a bland neutral tone background. You might think it would be more interesting to have a rich background of color and detail, but doing so would make the whole picture messy and distract the viewer from the subject.    "Less is

A practical course in photography how to make a good shot of food

, especially when it's sprinkled with spices, such as Eric Wolfing's salad. He uses the natural side light that comes in through a door to create a feeling of Zen, and then uses the later software to create the effect of the halo, increase the mood of the picture. Second, the specific picture Basic ingredients that have not yet been cooked are usually kept in place for

A new generation of animated photography workflows in the "Fate/kaleid Liner Magic Girls ☆ Elizabeth" series

participate in the director lineup, carried out the early use of 3DCG performance and the final visual introduction". As a matter of factChina and the West feel theThe past KindUseafter Effects (AE) to complete the bounds of the photographic technique. "Especially the performance of water using AE is difficult. There are also a group of photographers that have some degree of use of CG to handle workflows t

A practical course in photography how to use light to make good pictures

The concept of aperture Aperture should be when we contact exposure, to understand the first concept, the number of aperture is very strange, and there is no law, F2.8, F4, F5.6 ... Wait, but the aperture for photography is very important, many professional photographers only rely on the big aperture can move the world, so let us first understand what is aperture. Aperture is the use of light through the lens, into the fuselage of the photographic s

Photoshop to create a "Sun Shi" style of meticulous painting photography production course

To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis to share the creation of "Sun Shi" style of meticulous painting photography production tutorials. Tutorial Sharing: Since the beginning of the 2014 Shanghai Wedding Equipment exhibition, photography industry has been a popular imitation of the Sun Shi style of painting

Tutorial on creating a delayed photography City photo using photoshop

step: the radial blur makes the dynamic effect of delay. As mentioned earlier, we want to simulate time-lapse photography, because the photographic feature of time-lapse photography (slow door) is that the trajectory of the object movement will be well reflected. Execute the Ctrl+alt+shift+e stamped layer and perform a ctrl+j copy of the new layer here,

How does photography make a superb black-and-white photo?

1, excluding the interference of color, highlighting the theme Black-and-white photography and color photography is the most obvious distinction, from the naked eye to see the color screen, the color is drawn, leaving only black and white images of the composition. This can make the theme of the picture more prominent, because the screen of other only to foil the color and interference have been skimmed aw

Photoshop easy to pull up a little fresh landscape photography later tutorials to share

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the easy to pull out the small fresh scenery photography of the later tutorials. Tutorial Sharing: 1, the large light to delineate the focal lens The advantages of focusing lenses with large light: first, the fixed-focus lens is relatively lightweight, followed by the aperture is large enough to cope with a

How do I find the best place to shoot a sunset? Practical Photography Course

to arrive at the shooting scene early. If there are a large number of clouds near the horizon in the sunset, the last rays of sunlight may appear earlier than we expected.    About the exposure at sunset When the sun sinks and approaches the horizon, the entire scene will be more evenly exposed than it was earlier, but we may still need to use the medium grey gradient mirror to help us balance the exposure between the sky and the groun

A random talk on computational photography (II.): Using light field to realize "focus before taking pictures"

flower has a noticeable ghosting, and it is clearly different from the camera lens. Explained in the previous section, this is also obvious: because there are only 9 sampling points, in the process of moving-superposition, the corresponding pixels of different images moved more than one pixel, the superimposed image will appear this similar to ghosting artifacts. In fact, this problem is very simple to solve, remember in the previous article, has bee

Canon 5DMarkII Photography as a miniature landscape photo tutorial

. And the composition is also a very important element, it is best to use the camera can easily adjust the angle of the three-dimensional PTZ. 2. Start real-time display shooting Because of the need for accurate coke, so here to use real-time display shooting function for filming preparation. In comparison to the optical viewfinder, real-time display is easy to observe the details of the picture, the use of this function is ve

PS Late Sky Synthesis, to create a visual impact of the landscape photography photos

It can be said that photography and post-processing is closely linked, a good photo plus the appropriate post-processing, can make the photos more contagious, PS is magical, more immortal charm. We constantly in the filming, and constantly processing, enjoy the fun of photography at the same time, feel the infinite changes of PS. It is said that the latter is w

"Mediakit" WPF Project a development package that calls camera photography

(MultimediaUtil.VideoInputNames.Length > 0) {cb. SelectedIndex = 0;//No. 0 camera is default camera} else {MessageBox.Show ("No available camera installed on PC") ; }} private void Cbcameras_selectionchanged (object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e) { Captureelement.videocapturesource = (string) Cbcameras.selecteditem; }/// Of course, you can make the file stream, or you can make the memory flow. Bitmapencoder encoder = new Jpegbitmapencode

A good photo will teach you to create fresh flower photography

Flowers are always the same photography theme, summer we go to the grassland, Flower Lake, is to enjoy the fragrance of nature, the itinerary we use the camera record this beautiful, hope to share the beautiful to friends. Want to take flowers more artistic conception, in addition to the early election light and preparation, the latter is equally important. Now let the good pictures teach you three steps to create

Real shot nude model photography field PHP Classic method to determine whether a multidimensional array is empty

Copy the Code code as follows: Determines whether an array is empty/**Array); EmptyArrayArray),Array),Array)); EmptyArrayArray),ArrayArray),Array1=>1)),Array)); Non-empty*/function Is_array_null ($value){if (empty ($value)){return $value;}Else{Return Is_array ($value)? Array_map (' Array_null ', $value): Addslashes ($value);}} The above introduces the real Pat nude model photography site PHP Classic method to determine whether the multidimensional

Post-production Photography: use Photoshop to create a map of Oil Paintings

adjustment layer and edit the blue channel. The blue is 80. 11. Add the curve adjustment layer and adjust the contrast as a whole. The Opacity is 60%, and the mask is erased from the bright and dark areas. Finally, add smoke and combine them with a lighter deepening tool to enhance light sensitivity changes and achieve the final effect. Smoke material: Baidu smoke pictures. The effect is good.

A concise tutorial on post-PS processing of Photoshop portrait photography

The following is the original portrait photography that we are going to revise today: Open this picture in PS. At first glance, the color of this picture is darker, and the first step is to highlight the picture. Copy a layer of this picture. The blending mode is selected as "screen", and the opacity is adjusted as needed. This tutorial is set to 45%. Enlarge the picture, choose the Soft too

Machine vision, high-speed photography, industrial camera Development Parade, a visual feast 2

the sensor configuration register address is 0x78, the register format is address 16bit, data 8bit, format and ov5642 consistent, so according to ov5642 profile template, paste 3640 configuration register into the new configuration file, after loading successfully, Click Start Acquisition:1, the format is: YUV2. Resolution: 640*480Similarly mt9d1121600*1200 (YUV)mt9d112 (800*600 YUV)(640*480 mt9d112)(mt9d112 320*240 QVGA YUV)Through the mt9d112 configuration can be seen, the resolution is reduc

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