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What is the conversion rate for the shopping cart button on the Web site?

This finding is surprising because it looks like 99.9% of the electric dealer sites have put the shopping cart button on the right, and you thought the user had been "educated" to find the "cart" button in that position. But according to Jakob Nielsen's recent findings in the horizontal direction, The attention distribution is more on the left side of the study, and BabyAge's test results seem less surprisi

The Business-to-consumer website is abandoned in the shopping cart for the product design

user's desire to buy, the user should be abandoned after the collection folder; The Big Bear thinks, since the user abandoned the shopping cart on the end of the user, the shopping cart should be emptied. My view is that the conversion of the goods in the

PV, UV, number of visits, bounce rate, conversion rate, average length of visit

is a problem or the site is a problem with the program. The number of visits will generally be greater than visitors. 5. What is the view amount (PV) The number of views and visits is echoed. When a user visits a Web site, it is recorded as 1 PV for each page opened. The same page is accessed more than once, and the amount of browsing is cumulative. The higher the number of views on a website, the higher the popularity of the site, the more users like the content. It doesn't make much sense to

Online research on improving website conversion rate

serious about "less is more" concept. More than half (51%) said that reducing clutter was the top priority, recognizing that landing pages needed to increase simplicity over time, as well as simple, powerful actions. 28% of marketers plan to reassess the text on their pages with a view to improving the conversion rate of the site, while only 17% are prioritizing the removal of fields from the data collect

Website traffic analysis is of great help to improve conversion rate

valuable to measure the loading time of a Web page." ” Jones says more than half of the companies now have traffic analysis on their web sites, and the five analysis tools most commonly used are: A/b Test (A/B testing), multivariable testing (multivariant testing), Customer process Analysis Journey analysis), user testing (users testing), and shopping cart discards (cart abandonment). Jones recommends us

Analyzing the conversion rate of the business: The data analysis process of the Business-to-consumer website

access. The third is to analyze the relationship between the products that are placed in the shopping cart at the same time. In short, to the shopping cart, is the site itself and its own than, qualitative more, quantitative less. Third, consumer customers also have a life cycle Traditional retail enterprises, it is difficult to know, customers in a period of time to buy a number of products, buy what

Increase website conversion rate

," he said. ” Brock added that the successful conversion rate for general travel sites was only 1%-3%. "Not every visitor to the site can finally achieve the purchase," she said. "But there are a lot of people who had this intention, but because they had so many difficulties, the user experience was too bad, and one step in the whole process went wrong. They made an effort, but finally gave up, and the we

Improve mobile website conversion rate: Large font Simplification program

68% waiver rate, a tablet is 72%, and a site that uses a mobile phone to shop is up to 84%. In fact, the mobile screen small, slow speed, the page is not convenient is the hands of the high rate of abandonment of the yuan. Want to grasp the vast number of mobile phone groups, to enhance the mobile phone's website conversion

SEO team Work to create the maximum conversion rate of enterprise station

:    This layout is typical of putting the cart before the horse, or as mentioned above, browsing users to enter the enterprise station is the most needed to see and understand your product information, if the beginning of such a company profile such useless information occupy the user's vision, will be detrimental to the user's purchase, also not to improve the conversion

Analysis of key factors for improving e-commerce Conversion Rate

Technology reminds the majority of e-commerce websites, pay attention to improve the website conversion rate, in general, an increase of 0.5% or even 0.1% means a huge increase in revenue. How can we increase the conversion rate? You can consider the following aspects: website access speed, website design professional

Why your site keyword traffic is less than the conversion rate

to explain the importance of the user experience, then in this article I want to continue to make it clear that every webmaster should ask such a word, "My site has a profit point?" Or is "My site's profit point accurately revolves around my target conversion rate?", I think if your answer is yes, and you have a good keyword ranking, then you must be profitable now. The site's profit point does not have a

Web site practicality and SEO combined to effectively improve the conversion rate

satisfied your site visitor will be, and the ultimate goal: the conversion rate will naturally increase. 1, to ensure that your product page contains additions to the shopping cart and product description, each product page as a separate login page, user guidance, picture descriptions and text link tags are very useful. 2. Add a text description to the image,

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