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ASP. net mvc 2 authorize-custom authorize implementation

ASP. net mvc 2 authorize-custom authorize implementation     This article is mainly reproduced. With this small example, you can easily customize your authorize permission control, because I do not know ASP very well. net webform's membership

How the. NET Authorize (Microsoft Foundation permissions Framework) works for Cordova

Recently toss Cordova, hope to develop a B/s project like the development of a set of apps, so that development costs and maintenance costs and learning costs can be minimized;The choice of Cordova is mainly personal experience limited, do not want

Standard for the simplest authentication of ASP. NET MVC [authorize]

[Authorize] public contentresult Index2 () { return Content ( " the validation passed " ); It is often possible to see an action under a controler to verify the state of the login permission through this tag,

Use dotnetopenauth to authorize youdao cloud note

Recently, due to a lot of requirements from the company, and it is not a project requirement, several databases switch back and forth with. It's hard to confuse and forget. So I made a small tool using WPF: agiletodo, a to-do list. Originally, sqlce

Common namespaces in. NET Framework

Common namespace System. Collections in. NET Framework-it contains interfaces and classes that define a collection of various objects (such as lists, queues, arrays, hash tables, and dictionaries. System. collections. generic: contains interfaces

Learn about ASP. NET MVC5 framework secrets-IIS/ASP. NET pipelines (III), mvc5-iis

Learn about ASP. NET MVC5 framework secrets-IIS/ASP. NET pipelines (III), mvc5-iisASP. NET Pipeline Taking iis6.0as an example, the worker will use aspnet_isapi.dll to load the. NET runtime in the w3wp.exe process (if the. NET Runtime is not loaded )

ASP. net mvc preview follow-up...

The ASP. net mvc development team is in the final stage of completing the brand new "fourth preview version". They hope to release this version later this week. The third preview version focuses on improving many underlying core APIs and extensions

[ASP. net mvc] ASP. NET Identity login technology application, mvcidentity

[ASP. net mvc] ASP. NET Identity login technology application, mvcidentity[ASP. net mvc] ASP. NET Identity login Technology Application Scenario ASP. NET Identity is an open-source project contributed by Microsoft to provide ASP. NET authentication

Use ASP. NET's built-in functions to defend against Web attacks (zt)

Use ASP. NET's built-in functions to defend against Web Attacks Release date: 4/28/2005 | Updated on: 4/28/2005 Dino espositoWintellect ApplicableMicrosoft ASP. NET 1.X Microsoft ASP. Network 2.0 Abstract:Dino summarizes the most common

HTTP module and handler in ASP. NET [favorites]

【Abstract] You may have realized that with HTTP processing programs and modules, ASP. NET has provided powerful energy to developers. Insert your own component into the ASP. NET Request Processing pipeline and enjoy its advantages.   Introduction

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