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Design of ABS electronic controller based on dsPIC30F5011

ABS electronic controller based on dsPIC30F5011 design time: 13:53:05 Source: Micro-Computer Information: Zhao jiangtao Xu Yang Jin Ji Tian Lin Ji Yu 0 IntroductionSteamThe vehicle anti-lock braking system, also known as ABS, is a safety brake

HDU 5578 ABS (Bestcoder Round #85 C) prime Sieve + violence

Analysis: Y is a square with no squared factor number, so you can find the first non-squared factor comparison size from sqrt (x) up-down enumerationYou may feel like this to find past violence, but in fact no square factor of distributed very dense,

JavaScript Basics (v) function variables and scopes

function definition and invocationDefine a function, in JavaScript, to define the function in the following way:function ABS (x) {if (x >=0) {return x;}else{Return-x;}}The above definition of the ABS () function is as follows:function indicates that

The formula of flush with flowers

1, 30 trading days, the share price fell to half of the stock: XG: (HHV (c,30)-c)/HHV (c,30) >0.5; 2, today's volume is 5 days on average twice times moreXg:v>ma (v,5) * *; Amount of shrinkage Vol/ma (vol,10) 3, within two days, the cumulative fall

9. Notes go language-Methods and interfaces

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. 9. Notes go language-Methods and interfaces Method Go has no class. However, you can still define a method on a struct type. The method recipient appears in a

[UnityShader3] Color light effect

Reference Link: http://blog.csdn.net/stalendp/article/details/40690185:Here I divide it into three parts: 1. Color 2. Aperture 3. Animation1. Color effect is achieved first. Analyze the color map, which is centered as the origin, then the color is

Python Advanced (v) custom class

__str__ and __repr__If you want to turn an instance of a class into str, you need to implement a special method __str__ ():class Person (object): __init__(self, Name, gender): self.name = name Self.gender = Gender def

norm, singular value

"Norm" Format: N=norm (a,p) Function: Norm function can calculate several different types of matrix norm, according to different p can get different norm The following is the explanation of help norm in MATLAB NORM Matrix or vector NORM. for

Python Learning notes (v)

Directory:I. Higher-order functionsTwo. return functionThree. Anonymous functionsFour. Partial functionI. Higher-order functionsHigher-order functions are called Higher-order function in English.A variable can point to a function, which can receive

Java Fundamentals (v)

(i) An array of objects(1) An array of stored objectsstudent[] Student = new STUDENT[5];Arrays: Tool class for array manipulation (provides some sort of array and binary search method)public static string ToString (Int[] a): You can convert an array

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