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Android _ Android sensor development (acceleration sensor, magnetic field sensor, light sensor, direction sensor)

import java.util.List; import; import android.hardware.Sensor; import android.hardware.SensorEvent; import android.hardware.SensorEventListener; import android.hardware.SensorManager; import android.os.Bundle; import android.widget.TextView; public class Main extendsActivity implementsSensorEventListener { privateTextView tvAc

Android acceleration Sensor G-sensor, androidg-Sensor

Android acceleration Sensor G-sensor, androidg-Sensor Sensor. TYPE_ACCELEROMETER Values [0]: x-axis AccelerationValues [1]: acceleration in y-axis directionValues [2]: acceleration

[Based Android] Android sensor introduction (1) Acquisition of gravity sensor Acceleration

acceleration unit m/s2 of the three axes.Int type_all a constant describing all sensor types. // Used to list all sensorsInt type_gravity a constant describing a gravity sensor type. // Gravity Sensor Int type_gyroscope a constant describing a gyroscope sensor type

[Android Note 5] Android sensor introduction (I) acquisition of gravity sensor Acceleration

The instructor of the fetc project proposed a new requirement. He wanted to show the user's current movement direction in the game map. If he used GPS, it was obviously unreliable, so he thought of the powerful Android sensor... Many mobile devices have built-in sensors. Android abstracts these sensors through the sensor and sensormanager classes, and these sensors can be used by Android devices. 1.

Anroid uses a direction sensor or an acceleration sensor to operate in six directions on a mobile phone or tablet

In the recent project, to achieve the mobile operation of Android devices in six directions, the first thing that comes to mind is the direction sensor. However, due to the diversity of Android devices, in the testing process, not all devices have direction sensors. If there is no direction sensor, acceleration sensors are used, but one drawback is that when hori

Android acceleration sensor: The implementation of the shake function and android Acceleration

Android acceleration sensor: The implementation of the shake function and android Acceleration I. Principles: The shake function in the Android mobile phone is already very common. Recently, I came into contact with this function. The principle is very simple: using an acceleration

Android acceleration sensor (G-sensor)

The android accelerometer is of the sensor. type_accelerometer type. Return the value of the accelerometer through Android. Hardware. sensorevent. The Unit returned by the accelerometer is the unit of acceleration m/s ^ 2 (meter per second). The values in three directions are Values [0]: X-axis Acceleration Values [1]: acc

Android Tri-axis acceleration sensor "turn"

First, the sensor commonly used in mobile phonesIn the Android2.3 gingerbread system, Google offers 11 layers of sensor supply, as follows: (Sensor Class)#define Sensor_type_accelerometer 1//acceleration#define Sensor_type_magnetic_field 2//Magnetic#define Sensor_type_orientation 3//direction#define SENSOR_TYPE_GYROSCO

Android method for obtaining gravitational induction acceleration based on sensor sensors _android

This article describes the Android approach to obtaining gravitational induction acceleration based on sensor sensors. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: FETC Project Guidance teacher put forward new requirements, want to show in the game map user users in the direction of the period of movement, and then using GPS is obviously very unreliable, so think of the android powerful senso

Dual-axis acceleration sensor adxl202 and Its Application Design

Design of the dual-axis accelerometer ADXL202 IntroductionADXL202 is a dual-axis acceleration measurement system developed by ADI. It simulates input and can measure dynamic and static acceleration. The measurement range is ± (2 ~ 10) g, the output is the cycle adjustable Pulse WidthModulated signals can be directly connected to single-chip microcomputer or counter. The LPC2103 is a phillips family of micr

Acceleration Sensor Accelerometer

Acceleration Sensor Accelerometer The Android system supports powerful management services for sensors. The steps for developing sensor applications are as follows: (1) Call the getSystemService (Context. SENSOR_SERVICE) method of Context to obtain the Sensor Manager object. The SensorManager object represents the syst

Android Combat Simple Tutorial-the 31st gun (based on the acceleration sensor's shake-and-shake function example)

Let's take a look at the simulation of the shaking function, we are based on the mobile phone accelerometer to achieve this function, the implementation of the method is relatively Packagecom.location.activity;;ImportAndroid.content.Context;ImportAndroid.hardware.Sensor;ImportAndroid.hardware.SensorEvent;ImportAndroid.hardware.SensorEventListener;ImportAndroid.hardware.SensorManager;ImportAndroid.os.Bundle;ImportAndroid.widget

Mobile two or three "four": Gyroscope (gravity sensor) for mobile phone position, acceleration sensing and common applications.

First of all, the gyroscope sensor needs to be debugged in the real machine environment, the PC end has no effect.1. Get the SensorThe devicemotion event is monitored on the window, and the accelerationincludinggravity (built-in gravitational acceleration sensor) object is obtained through the event object. The code is as follows:function (e) { var motion

Android acceleration sensor simulated shake effect-android learning Tour (66)

Android acceleration sensor simulated shake effect-android learning Tour (66)This article mainly introduces the simple usage of android acceleration sensors. It simulates shaking. If the acceleration speed in the three directions of x, y, and z exceeds 15, the Toast will pop up, of course, you can set more complex poli

Amazed | read the TXT file in the assets folder | drawing | acceleration sensor sensormanager |

; /** (3) drawing view canvas paint ondraw The android plotting operation inherits the viewImplementation, in ondrawFunction. The invalidate and postinvalidate methods are used to refresh the interface.After the two methods are called, The ondraw event is called to re-paint the interface. The following code creates and updates the game interface. gametick () re-assigns a value to the drawing parameter based on the coordinate value obtained by the accelerometer. @ Override (4) display custom

Cocos2d-x Acceleration Sensor

Cocos2d-x Acceleration SensorUsing a real machine to debug1 //The default state of acceleration is off and needs to be manually opened .2Device::setaccelerometerenabled (true);3 4 //Auto Listener = eventlisteneracceleration::create (const std::function5 //How to add an event listener for acceleration, using eventlisteneracceleration,6 //The type o

Use an acceleration and tilt sensor in an action Capturing System

Tilt sensor: Human Motion Description is actually a series of related angle calculation processes, there is no relative displacement and scaling between the bones, so the acquisition of human motion, only the angle is necessary. Currently, motion capturing instruments use optical recognition methods for capturing. If you can use a tilt sensor to capture data, it may be better. The following is an overvi

Mma7455 acceleration sensor volume Angle

When using an accelerometer, pay attention to the following points: First, make sure that your IIC is correct; Second, you must first calibration the system. The calibration method is as follows: Flat 7455 to ensure that the Z axis is down. If the system is OK, the X axis output is 0, and the Y axis output is 0, the Z-axis output is about 63. If the number of workers is not above, the following adjustments should be made: When the scalar value is smaller than the actual value, a 2 * error va

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