accelerometer motion detection algorithm

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Principle and application of accelerometer-mobile phone rollover, weightlessness detection, motion detection, position recognition

This paper introduces the characteristic principle and application scenario of the-LIS3DH accelerometer sensor for wearable devices. ST's LIS3DH is widely used in smart wearable products such as smart hand loops and smart step shoes.LIS3DH has two ways of working, one of which is that it has built-in algorithms to handle common scenarios such as standstill detection, mo

DM8168 algorithm Integration--integrated SCD (can be further motion detection, motion tracking, etc.)

(void *PPRM) function. Specific content, refer to chains_scd_bits_wr.c. (Customized according to DEMO_SCD_BITS_WR.C)Problems you may encounter: the callback thread for link only runs N (6 or finite number of times) issues:Ipcbitslink need to get the empty buffer from the host A8, and to Ipcbitsinhost can continue to take data generated full buffer, reference DEMO_SCD_BITS_WR.C implementationScd_getalgresultbuffer, Scd_releasealgresultbuffer and other functions.==================================

Fusion of image velocity data and accelerometer data based on Kalman filtering algorithm

Recently before the improvement of the visual fixed-point algorithm, there was only one location ring, now ready to cascade a series of speed loop, but to solve the drone translation speed is still quite a headache, the online information is very small, we need to move our own brain to solve this problem.The first step is to measure the level of speed, the traditional method is GPS, I designed the UAV in the application scene of the GPS signal althoug

Motion detection (foreground detection) (i) ViBe

motion detection (foreground detection) (i) ViBe Http:// Because of monitoring the development of the demand, the current prospects of the research is still many, there have been many new methods and ideas. The personal understanding of the following is probably summed up as follows: Frame difference, background subtraction (G

Motion detection (foreground detection) (1) vibe

Motion detection (foreground detection) (1) vibe Http:// Due to the needs of the development of monitoring, there are still a lot of research on foreground detection, and there are also a lot of new methods and ideas. My personal knowledge is summarized as follows: Frame Difference

Image processing--motion detection

Today see a motion detection algorithm, see his effect seems to be good, free to study Download demo-82.5 KB Download source-114 kb Introduction There are many approaches for motion detection

Human Motion Detection and Tracking

Human Motion Detection refers to the process of moving the human body in the input video images, including the position, scale, and posture, Human body tracking is the process of determining the human body correspondence between frames in a video image sequence. A series of processing methods such as low-pass filtering, background difference, morphological image processing, and Region connectivity analysis

Detailed description of the components of the opencv motion detection and tracking (BLOB track) Framework

module cvfgdetector: its input data is the current frame image, and the output data is the foreground image (mask) of the current frame image ). The foreground image is a binary image of the same size as the input video frame. That is, if the pixels in the current frame are regarded as the moving foreground, the pixel value in the corresponding position in the foreground mask is 1. Otherwise, the corresponding pixel value is 0. Developers must inherit the cvfgdetector class and implement pure v

Human motion recognition system based on Kinect (both algorithm and code emit) __ algorithm

Human motion recognition system based on Kinect (both algorithms and codes are released) first of all, the development environment version used by this system is the computer systems Windows 10, Visual Studio 2013, Opencv3.0, and the Kinect SDK v2.0. These can be found on Baidu, download down to install it. For the Kinect environment configuration and bone data acquisition and so on, refer to my previous Kinect series blog (

Video de-crossover: Adaptive Motion Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Control (GPU implementation)

Algorithm for absolute static areas in the image to improve the vertical resolution. For absolute motion areas in the image, use the intra-field interpolation algorithm, improves the time-domain resolution and delivers a good effect in fast motion scenarios. When an image is in an absolute static or absolute

Back Projection/Mean Shift/CamShift Motion Tracking Algorithm (opencv)

CAMSHIFT tracks the center and size of the probability distribution of an object, it is only as good as the probability distribution that you produce for the object. typically the probability distribution is derived from color via a histogram, although it cocould be produced from correlation, recognition scores or bolstered by frame differencing or motion detection schemes, or joint probabilities of differ

Vibe algorithm for moving target detection

I. Introduction to the detection of moving targetsMoving object detection in video this piece of the present method is too much. The algorithm of moving target detection according to the relationship between target and camera can be divided into static background motion

Summarization and application of local feature point detection algorithm for image

The research of image feature detection has been a long time, many methods of image feature detection, coupled with the deformation of various algorithms, it is difficult to fully understand in a short period of time, but the main feature detection algorithm principle of the study. Overall, image features can include c

A survey of the algorithm of moving target detection and tracking algorithms __

movements of certain objects in a scene, such as swaying branches and leaves, fluctuations in the water surface, etc. 3, initialization problem. In some monitoring scenarios, it is difficult to get a pure background image without noise interference (images without detection targets and motion background targets). For example, the busy traffic scenes of people's cars. 4, occlusion and hole problems. To dete

Summarization and improvement of image processing on vehicle detection algorithm __ image processing

on the effect. For each frame to be detected, the algorithm of this paper has multi-scale detection. For example, a car is 30*30, if the 24*24 window to detect is not detected, so when we reduce the picture 0.8 times times to become 24*24, it can be detected. However, we can still use the 30*30 rectangle to frame the vehicle in the original image. Because we are reduced to 0.8 times times the image of the

The human eye detection +meanshift tracking algorithm in MATLAB Toolbox--Human eye tracking

hist2=zeros (1,4096); forI=1: A forj=1: b q_r=fix (Double(Temp1 (I,j,1))/ -); Q_g=fix (Double(Temp1 (I,j,2))/ -); Q_b=fix (Double(Temp1 (I,j,3))/ -); Q_TEMP1 (I,J)=q_r* the+q_g* -+Q_b; Hist2 (Q_TEMP1 (i,j)+1) = Hist2 (Q_TEMP1 (i,j) +1)+M_wei (I,J); End End Hist2=hist2*b; %figure (2); %subplot (1,2,1); %plot (HIST2); %Hold on ; W=zeros (1,4096); forI=1:4096 if(Hist2 (i) ~=0) %Not equal to W (i)=sqrt (Hist1 (i)/Hist2 (i)); ElseW (i)=0; End End%initialization of variables Sum_w=0; XW=

The mainstream algorithm of "turn" moving target detection and tracking

Not all, need to add slowlyA Moving target detection(i) Poor background1. Frame Difference2.GMMsuch asThe background subtraction algorithm can model the illumination change, noise disturbance and periodic motion of the background, and it can detect the moving target accurately in various situations. Therefore, in the case of fixed camera, the background subtracti

Moving target detection algorithm based on local two-value similarity mode (LBSP)

Moving target detection algorithm based on local two-value similarity mode (LBSP)[Email protected]Http:// article is based on paper: improving background subtraction using local binary similarity patternsWACV2014 the content and your own understanding, if you want to learn more details, please refer to the original text. The article thought borrowed from vibe, in fact can be unders

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