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Development Management checklists (14)-agile development-story Acceptance Test

Note: The Development Management Checklists-series of articles are transplanted from my iteye blog. The Development Management checklists column will be updated directly in the future. Next I will talk about the "estimation Story". After the story estimation is completed, I will begin to consider how to carry out the acceptance

Test-driven development (Test-driven development, TDD)--unit test--Improve code quality

!!!1. Calculate the unit test time when estimating and making the project plan2. Write unit test code before developmentWhen the house is built, the workers ' master walls will first be put on the line with a stake, so that the bricks can be erected straight, because the base bricks are based on this line. TDD is like this, first write the test code, just like th

Agile Development (iv)-story acceptance test

Then the "estimate story" said, after the completion of the story estimate will start to consider how to carry out the acceptance test, only the acceptance through the story to calculate the development completed.For a story, developers and customers may discuss a lot, the content of the discussion can be recorded in t

Test-driven development essay-test-driven or test-assisted

This essay was not included in the plan. It was caused by a small debate between me and the cold wind. We start from the point of argument. TestCodeInside or outside the class. This is a seemingly simple problem, and it seems insignificant. So that I didn't take it as a matter too much at first.However, it reflects a fundamental problem of TDD. Test first or code first ??!! A very important idea of test

Test-driven Development practices-Test-driven development

instances injected into the business logic layer, injected instance using the AUTOFAC this IOC framework, Here we use the constructor injection, for more information on the injection framework, please the reader.At this point, "Han Meimei" and "Li Lei" their respective work has been completed, we are not talking about each other, each optimized their respective function code, happy work continues, our TDD explained to this end!Reference documents:

Test-driven development practices and test-driven development

Test-driven development practices and test-driven development I always think that I understand test-driven

TDD (test driven development, test-Driven Development)

Test-driven development is an important practice in agile methods. It is generally considered to be the father of extreme programming.Kent BeckCreated 《Test-driven development by exampleThe book has been elaborated in detail. Howe

For PPT writing, testability-driven development-oriented IOC Process

An example of testability-driven development Example of a shopping cart Public Class Cart { Public Logger logger = New Logger (); PublicList Public Cart (){Productlist = New List } Public int gettotalcount (){Return this. productlist. count;} Public Void Add (product){ // Note log Logger. Log ( String . Format ( " Added a product " )); // A large segment of Logic Console. writ

. Net test driven development

nunit Perform code coverage analysis with. Net to ensure thorough application testing -James McCaffrey Putting test driven development into practice-Jimmy NilssonTDD with nunit and C #-PowerPoint presentation by Jonathan cogleyTest driven analysis and design-Jason GormanTest before you leap into

Test-driven Development (TDD) and test framework mocha.js Getting started learning

The group is now changing the development model from the traditional development model (developer development, QA testing) to the development models that try TDD(test-driven Development

Test-driven development: atdd instance details

Acceptance Test-driven development: atdd instance detailsAuthor of basic information: Markus Gartner Translator: Zhang Shaopeng Feng Shang Publishing House: People's post and telecommunications Publishing House ISBN: 9787115310620 Release Date: April 2013 Release Date: 16 release page: 146 release: 1-1 category: Comput

Elegant test code-behavior-driven development (BDD)

clarify your testing process? It can only indicate that your test code is bad enough and cannot be understood. Even if a bad code was written with enough detailed instructions, as time went on, staff changes, code modifications and maintenance, and complex files and codes became increasingly out of sync. As a result, the Code becomes worse and more complex and documents become obsolete. The best documentation is actually code. Let's take a look at

"Development" test-driven flex development-using FlexUnit Originally intended to complete the translation of this blog post, while translating, while talking about their understanding of the drive test development. Of course, my un

The technical practice of Scrum Agile software development--test-driven development TDD

Repeating the boring definitionTest-driven development, English full name Test-driven development, abbreviated as TDD, is a new development method that differs from the traditional software de

Test-driven development and eXtreme Programming

With the development of the global economy and the popularization of computer technology, the demand for computer software in various industries is increasing. At the same time, the quality requirements for software are getting higher and higher. In stark contrast, with the increase in software requirements and scale, it is difficult to deliver software to users in a timely manner and to satisfy users. Traditional software engineering methods have bee

Test-driven Development TDD (i) The benefits and introduction of TDD

BackgroundAn efficient software development process is critical for software developers, determining whether development is a painful struggle or a joy of continuous improvement. People's disdain for software blue-collar, the cumbersome and lengthy traditional development process of intolerance, so that most developers are at a loss. Some recently arisen software

Test-driven Development TDD (vi) Start Google Test in Windows

, the purpose is to let the students have never contacted Gtest to understand the basic use of gtest. There are many more advanced ways to use gtest, which we will discuss later. To summarize the contents of this article:1. Compiling gtest.lib files with vs2. Set the properties of the test project (the header file, lib file,/MT parameters (and the same parameters used when compiling gtest))3. Use the test m

Test-Driven Development Notes [beginner]

Tags: OS use for SP problem CTI code work ef [Basic steps and procedures]1. perform initial requirement analysis based on the problem, and extract the initial and incomplete [To-Do] list;2. Select a [To-Do] in the [To-Do] list and write the corresponding test;3. Run the test and fail to pass the test;4. Make the simplest improvement and run the

Test-driven development

Recently read a few articles about test-driven development, briefly summarize the following:The basic idea of TDD is to drive the entire development through testing, but test-driven developmen

Test-driven object-oriented software development (China-pub)

......Part 2 test-driven development processChapter 4 start the test drive Cycle4.1 Introduction4.2 First test a walking skeleton4.3 determine the shape of the walking skeleton......Chapter 4 keep test drive Cycle5.1 Introduction5

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