access com components in net application

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Mutual operations between. NET components and COM components

. NET technology is the next-generation platform technology that Microsoft vigorously promotes. Since the formal release of. NET Technical Architecture Beta2, this technology has gradually become mature and stable. According to Microsoft's platform

. NET components and COM components & managed and unmanaged code

COM components and. NET components:COM components are unmanaged objects and may not be required. NET Framework and run it directly. NET Framework components are managed objects and must have. NET Framework for the support to run.COM components have

Interoperation between COM and. net

Some basic knowledge about com Basic knowledge of Component Object ModelComponent-based software development is becoming increasingly popular. Here I will give you some com-related things I have prepared at school for your reference.I.

C # Introduction to interoperability series (4): Calling COM components in C #

C # series of articles on interoperability: C # Introduction to interoperability (I): C # Introduction to interoperability C # Introduction to interoperability series (II): use the platform to call Win32 Functions C # Introduction to

COM and. NET Interoperability

Basic knowledge of the Component Object modelComponent-based software development is becoming more and more popular, here I am in school when I organize some of the things about COM dedicated to everyone, for beginners reference.A Component(COM) is

Developing COM + components under. Net

First, the question of the proposed: (Listed below I encountered the problem) 1, each request of end user, will read mapping file--can be solved by caching; 2, the XXX subsystem needs to write mapping files--can also be written to memory and then

Exposing COM components to the. NET Framework

  This section summarizes the process needed to expose an existing COM component to managed code. For details about writing com servers that tightly integrate with the. NET Framework, see design considerations for interoperation. Existing COM

Microsoft Software Development Technology Review (COM, Ole, ActiveX and COM +)

Iv. com, Ole, ActiveX, and COM +   Many of Microsoft's technologies, such as Ole, ActiveX, and DirectX, are built based on the COM technology. Microsoft also uses a large number of COM components to customize their applications.ProgramAnd the

Asp. NET Application security Model| Security | Procedures Microsoft Corporation In this section A powerful application relies on the successful interaction of many elements and technologies. The components of each solution provide security features that are designed

20 years of Microsoft software Development Technology Review-com, OLE, ActiveX, and COM + articles

This digest from: of Microsoft's technologies, such as OLE, ActiveX, and DirectX, are built on COM technology. Microsoft itself also uses a lot of COM components to customize their applications and

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