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VBA: Error message: "Class not registered" Insert user form

SymptomsWhen you try to insert a UserForm in the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor in this article, or when you try to open a document that contains a product that is listed at the beginning of the user form, you may receive the following error message:class is not registered. looking for an object with CLSID: {ac9f2f90-e877-11ce-9f68-00aa00574a4f}Orclass is not registered. looking for an object with CLSID: {c62a69f0-16dc-11ce-9e98-00aa00574a4f}When you click Help, the following

How to access values and manipulate cells in a cell with VBA code in Excel 2003-Columns of Tang and song ci-Blog

one of my other articles.The string parameter of the Range property can not only represent the address of a cell or range of cells, but if you define the name of a cell or range of cells in the form, we can also access the cells on the form with defined names.For example, we select a continuous cell on the "Sheet1" form, A1 to B5, and enter sample in "Name Box", which gives the A1:B5 this range a name of "

Access to office VBA project programming is denied

ArticleDirectory Office 2003 and Office XP To allow any automation client to access the VBA object model and run CodeUsers must explicitly grant access permissions to them. To enable access permissions, follow these steps. Office 2003 and Office XP Open the Office 2003 or Office XP ApplicationProgram. On

Simulate changing the field value of the access subform in VBA

the keyboard input. (3) Inputting a new value will trigger the dirty event, while the beforeupdate event will trigger the dirty event with Shift + TAB keys to move the focus and then trigger the event. (4) I directly wrote another control. setfocus is used to move the focus, but the message seems to be faster than the previous sendkeys, resulting in the input of the new string into another control. It is highly suspected that the mouse and keyboa

Tomcat in the debug mode to start the direct prompt: The box can not be started, no error message, but the direct start, there will be an error message

not installed Thunderbolt Online Accelerator, Tomcat and Thunderbolt Online accelerator has conflict (what conflict to ask Thunder, online said it seems to be destroying the TCP/IP protocol), I put my thunder online accelerator unloading, in the start Tomcat does not explode above the error. ---others to test.Method Two, "You can try the Netsh winsock reset command, enter the cmd input netsh winsock reset and then reboot, I have already been able to run"--online said this practice is also feasi

Use VBScript to display a hyperlink in a message box _vbs

Ask: Hey, scripting guy!. Can I include a hyperlink to a Web page in a message box? --CB For: Hi, CB. It sounds like you want to display a message box to the user, and you want to include a hyperlink in the message box so that use

Access 2003 stops responding and an error message that references the Msaccess.exe file appears

Symptoms When you try to open a Microsoft Access database file (. mdb) in Access 2003, you may receive the following error message, and Access 2003 may stop responding: Microsoft Office Access has encountered a problem and needs to close.Note: To view the details of the er

[Original] Use winform to create a message box to replace the MessageBox provided by the system

Summary1. Why do we need to provide a custom message box?2. Let me talk about my general ideas.3. Where are your highlights?4. Are they all? Download the project source package described in this articleWhat causes us to provide a custom message box?This was initially due to the almost idiotic requirement of the Proje

VXD message box routines

In the previous tutorial, we talked about how to write a VxD program. Now we have to apply what we have learned. In this section, we write a static VxD that pops up a message box when a virtual machine is created or destroyed.Download the example here.Capturing virtual machine creation and end eventsWhen a virtual machine is created, VMM sends CREATE_VM control messages to all the VxD programs. When a virtu

MFC uses the WebBrowser component to create a scroll view in the dialog box, dynamically create a static text control, and set the message response with the mouse clicked. mfcwebbrowser

MFC uses the WebBrowser component to create a scroll view in the dialog box, dynamically create a static text control, and set the message response with the mouse clicked. mfcwebbrowser MFC Applet: 1. Simple WebBrowser ActiveX plug-in method in MFC: See blog: 2. Create a view in the dialog box (a scr

MFC edit control when the mouse leaves the edit box displays a message

Development environment: Visual Studio 2010 Application: MFC Application Notes primarily contain the common settings for the edit control controls, when multiple edit control controls are entered, individually determine whether the contents of the current input control meet the requirements, and some message macros corresponding to the edit control controls. 1 Edit Control common property settings A common feature of many controls in MFC is that you c

Teach you how to design an ASP + ACCESS message book

behavior: Open the server behavior panel and click "+" to select restricted access to the page under user identity authentication. the restricted access to page dialog box is displayed, restrict page access dialog box settings, Server behavior on the page: Open the serve

[Python crawler] Selenium get Baidu Encyclopedia tourist attractions infobox message box

Earlier I told how to get Wikipedia message box through BeautifulSoup, also can get the website content through Spider, recently studied Selenium+phantomjs, ready to use them to get Baidu Encyclopedia of Tourist Attractions message box (INFOBOX), This is also the preliminary preparation for the alignment of the graduat

C # uses Message Queuing, including remote access

Recently do a small functional requirements, using the queue, with a lot of problems, and now summed up, hoping to be able to help people in need.My requirements are simple, that is, multiple clients connected to one of my small data forwarding server, started using socket communication to achieve this function, once the data server received from different clients sent messages, These messages are processed (I am here to receive the data and then forwarded to another server), but given that the

C # Processing of "Access Denied" and "message filter display application in use" exception when reading word

Solution to the "Access Denied" and "message filter display application in use" error when creating the MS Office component in Asp.netThe "Access Denied" error occurs when Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Word. application is created in In the project, open a Word template file on the server, modify its content, and then download it to the client for use. On

As soon as IE is opened, the message box of the advertisement window and work contact will pop up ...... Done

EndurerOriginal 2006-10-19 th1Version A netizen's computer, once I open IE, will pop up a message box such as the advertisement window and work contact, asking me to help me. Download hijackthis scan log from and find the following suspicious items:/----------Logfile of hijackthis v1.99.1Platform: Windows XP SP2 (winnt 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180) Run

"Access Denied" and "Message Filter show application in use" exception processing occurs when reading Word in C #

Properties, and then select the Security tab. Click Add to add the appropriate user or group. Highlight the ASP, and select the box that corresponds to the required access. 1. Enter: Dcomcnfg on the command line, which displays the Component Services Manager2. Open "Component Services, computers, My Computer->dcom configuration", locate the "Microsoft Word document", right-click, select "Properties"3. In t

When you try to export an Access 2007-year Microsoftgraph object programming error message

Symptoms When you try to export a 2007 in Microsoft Office Access, Microsoftgraph object programming you receive the following error message: Run-time Error 1004: An application definition or object definition error. When you try to turn off the error message, you receive the following error message: Operation fai

. NET mail error "cocould not access 'cdo. message' object ."

is no difference. Only the comparison input is used, and the results show that the input is indeed different. In the project, message. CC and message. BCC are assigned a and a, respectively, and neither of these values in the test program is assigned any value. Maybe this is the reason. After another test, it is true. It turns out that after we assign values to these

When you try to run Access 2007 error message: "Cannot find your specified database"

Symptoms When you try to run Microsoft Office Access 2007, you may receive the following error message: Unable to find the database you specified, or you did not specify the database at all. This issue occurs if you click for Access 2007 on the first use installation on your computer to install the 2007 MicrosoftOffice Kit. Reason This problem occurs before

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