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HDU 5532/2015ACM/ICPC Asia Changchun Station F.almost Sorted Array

non-descending or not ascending Solving: The first thought is the LIS, can do another is O (N) for each number, either a V-shaped or ^-shaped, or monotonous, record the rise and fall of the number of records, we have to delete a number of the impact of the record, if deleted it caused the last rise or fall the number of times to meet the n-2.///1085422276#include using namespacestd; typedefLong Longll;#defineMem (a) memset (A,0,sizeof (a))#defineMeminf (a) memset (A,127,sizeof (a));#defineINF 1

"HDU 5532 almost Sorted Array" water problem, simulation

, the same judgment a[i] and a[i+2] whether ascending.The code is as follows:1#include 2 using namespacestd;3 4 Const intmax_n=100005;5 Const intMin_a=1;6 Const intMax_a=100000;7 intT;8 intN;9 int inch[Max_n],de[max_n];Ten intFlag; One intfix_cnt; A - intMain () - { theFreopen ("5532.txt","R", stdin); -scanf"%d",T); - while(t--) - { +scanf"%d",n); - for(intI=1; i) + { Ascanf"%d",inch[i]); atde[i]=inch[i]; - } - -

Wireless NIC Driver Installed in acer (acer) Aspire E1-472G ubuntu-12.04, ubuntu12.04

Wireless NIC Driver Installed in acer (acer) Aspire E1-472G ubuntu-12.04, ubuntu12.04 I bought a relatively affordable notebook acer (acer) Aspire E1-472G, built-in linux operating system, because of work needs to replace the operating system with ubuntu12.04, however, it has been suffering from no wireless NIC Driver.

HDU 5532 almost Sorted Array (longest not descending or not ascending sub-sequence)

no problem.1#include 2#include 3#include string.h>4#include 5#include 6#include 7#include string>8#include 9#include Ten#include One#include Set> A #definell Long Long - #defineMAXN 100010 - #definePI ACOs (-1.0)//Pi the Const intmod=1e9+7; - using namespacestd; - intNUM[MAXN]; - intF[MAXN]; + intN; - intMain () + { A intT; atscanf"%d",T); - while(t--) - { -Memset (F,0,sizeof(f)); -memset (NUM,0,sizeof(num)); - inscanf"%d",n); - for(intI=0; i"%d",num[i]); to + i

HDU 5532--almost Sorted Array —————— "Tips"

OutputyesyesnoSOURCE2015ACM/ICPC Asia Changchun Station-Replay (thanks to Northeast Normal University) title: give you a sequence of n number, ask if you can delete a number from it, so that the remaining sequence is not incremented or not decremented. Thinking about the problem: consider whether the first number must be retained first. If you delete the first number, then directly from the second number, determine whether the sequence is not increment or decrement. If you do not delete the fir

Uvalive 5532 King (differential constraint, SPFA)

{ * intx=Que.front (); Que.pop_front (); $inq[x]=0;Panax Notoginseng for(intI=0; I) - { theNode e=Edge[vect[x][i]]; + if(cost[]>cost[x]+e.cost) A { thecost[]=cost[x]+E.cost; + if(!inq[]) - { $inq[]=1; $ if(++cnt[]>up)return false; - if(!que.empty () cost[]//Optimized - Que.push_front (; the Else - Que.push_back (;Wuyi

Acer Acer Swift 7 real-machine hands-on experience evaluation

Acer unveiled a range of products including the flagship concept chief Electric product Predator 21X, the mainstream gaming notebook, the Shadow Knight 3 Series, and the ultra lightweight Hummingbird family Acer Swift 7 and Spin 7. Today is the start of this Acer Swift 7, please see detailed details:

Acer (ACER) Aspire e1-472g ubuntu-12.04 install wireless card driver

I bought a more affordable laptop in the previous phase Acer (ACER) Aspire e1-472g, with the Linux operating system, due to work needs to replace the operating system ubuntu12.04, but has been plagued by no wireless network card driver. This problem has finally been solved today, the method is as follows:1. Check the wireless adapter model:~$ LSPCI-VNN | grep WirelessMy wireless network card is:02:00.0 netw

Acer Swift 7 Ultra-Extreme What about Acer Swift 7 pros and cons evaluation

Acer's 13-inch Swift 7 is the lightest, thinnest and most portable ultra-extreme in the market, coupled with a fan-less design, so it doesn't have much noise to run. At the same time, the Swift 7 design is also very stylish, and keyboard feel is also I experienced in all the superb level of the super, and the large touch pad is also very comfortable to use. But that does not mean Swift 7 is perfect, and of course there are drawbacks. First, Swift 7 is priced at $1050 (about 7090 yuan), althou

Acer Aspire P3 variants This evaluation

With the advent of Intel's hyper-polar concept, the entire notebook market began to change significantly as Microsoft Windows 8 came to market late last year. In this case, the manufacturers fully exert their own design advantages, launched a new type of unique ultra-polar products. such as Microsoft's own surface Pro, Lenovo four modes of use yoga, ASUS dual-screen design of the Taichi, are more eye-catching new products. The Acer Aspire P3, which we

Windows RT was once again affected by Acer. Microsoft was forced to adjust its strategy.

This is not the first time that Acer has published a "replaying ". When Microsoft entered the hardware release of its Surface tablet, Acer criticized Microsoft for competing with its partners. Acer compared hardware to food, And said Microsoft would not swallow it. Wang zhentang once bluntly stated that Microsoft's entry into the hardware field is destroying the

Can Acer laptops install win8.1 systems?

Can the Acer laptop install the win8.1 system? Small series deliberately checked Acer Acer (ACER) E3-111-C5N3 notebook information, with you analyze This can install win8.1 system, the specific content as follows we first look at Acer (A

Acer R7 Two-axis deformable this evaluation

Acer Aspire R7 Evaluation After the listing of Microsoft Windows 8 System, we have seen more and more mixed design notebook products in the market, including many flat/notebook two products, with unique screen design deformation, making the traditional PC market more dynamic. Recently, the well-known PC manufacturer Acer also joined the field, the introduction of a dual-axis screen Aspire R7 deformation, c

Acer c720p Assessment

Traditional laptops are undergoing some changes, such as the Chromebook of the Internet. This unconventional notebook, between the tablet and the computer, runs browser-based Chrome OS, and is actually like a full-featured browser with storage and webcam components. Although Chromebook has some limitations, it has advantages: fast, easy to operate and low in price. In addition to the Chromebook pixel is more expensive, the other Chromebook is not more than 300 U.S. dollars (about 18

Acer's low-end Ben E1

While high-end hyper-geeks tend to have attractive designs, lower-priced notebooks below 4000 yuan are more popular than ever, thanks to higher prices and the popularity of mobile platform devices. At present, some low-end notebooks have hardware upgrades, the main improvement is the use of the Intel fourth Daicouri i5 processor, such as the Delling 14 series, HP CQ14 series, and today's Acer Aspire e1-472g. On the configuration,

Acer Switch 10 hands-on

Acer unveiled a variety of products including tablet computers, AIO machines, notebooks and wearable equipment at a new conference April 29 in New York City. Among them, Aspire Switch 10 is a hybrid design of the Windows 8.1 flat, with a 10.1-inch screen, and the keyboard can be used as a notebook computer, the following to look at the machine's hands-on experience.   Fuselage design: Magnetic card mouth Type connection

Acer 4930g laptop is set to connect to Projector

The Acer 4930g741g32mn notebook, which was bought earlier, uses an XP system and cannot connect to the projector. Some people say they need to install a driver. I searched the internet and said it was about to install Acer epresentation management, Therefore, an Acer epresentation management is downloaded. The system prompts you to install

How to restore Acer with one click

First, you need to do some work before reinstalling the system, mainly back up the hard disk MBR information, enter C:/program files/Acer/Erecovery directory. Run mbrwrwin backup rtmbr. bin at the command prompt to back up the hard disk MBR information to the rtmbr. binfile and back up the file. This file will be used later! At the same time, through erecovery 1. Burn the system recovery DiscThe system recovery disc can restore the computer to a facto

Acer's new Chromebook configuration exposure

Chromebook is becoming more and more popular, especially in the education market. As one of Chromebook's major hardware vendors, Acer may soon be bringing its own two new products. A few days ago, the configuration of Acer C740 and C910 Chromebook was exposed to the media. It is said that the two models will be equipped with larger screens, while the machine's durability will also be improved so tha

Acer Aspire V11 Non-fan touch-screen notebook demo

Acer recently unveiled a range of affordable, Low-power processor-powered Windows notebooks designed to balance performance and battery life. Among them, the Aspire V11 built-in 11.6 inch screen, the fuselage adopts the fan-less design, the fuselage weight is about 1.36 kilograms, can achieve the longer endurance ability. So, is this 350 dollars (about 2173 yuan) of the cheap notebook can become your handy office tool it? Let's take a look at the demo

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