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How to restore Acer with one click

First, you need to do some work before reinstalling the system, mainly back up the hard disk MBR information, enter C:/program files/Acer/Erecovery directory. Run mbrwrwin backup rtmbr. bin at the command prompt to back up the hard disk MBR information to the rtmbr. binfile and back up the file. This file will be used later! At the same time, through erecovery 1. Burn the

Asus laptop BIOS strategy: Restore the default bios settings, Asus laptop bios

Asus laptop BIOS strategy: Restore the default bios settings, Asus laptop bios We have already set it in the bios and want to restore it to the default setting. In the bios, how should we restore our settings? I would like to share my experience with you and hope to help

Acer notebook reload system can not enter the system solution

Presumably often help students install system technology men have encountered this problem: for Acer if the system tray reinstall, the traditional method is fruitless (guide simply write not to go in, so the total card in the first step as follows figure I)! Someone on the internet said: Acer wonderful, to the whole ca

Acer notebook reload system caused C disk file loss How to recover?

Some time ago to see Acer notebook Reinstall system operation method, just their own notebook is now running very slowly, and often appear card machine problem, so they are in accordance with the operation of the reload system tutorial, Acer Notebook has been reinstalled. The first time to carry out a reload

Samsung Laptop pre-installed Win8 How to replace Win7 system

Samsung Laptop pre-installed Win8 How to replace Win7 system 1. When the computer starts, hold down the F2 key to enter the BIOS setup interface; 2, press the direction key to switch to advanced, the fast BIOS mode is set to Disabled or off; 3, switch to the boot interface, the secure boot set to disabled or off, turn off the safe start; 4, then the secure boot under the OS mode selection

The latest laptop XP system battery Charging solution

We know that laptops, compared to desktops, have an incomparable advantage of portability, but for XP users, the problem with laptop computers is the problem of computer recharging. Under normal circumstances, laptop battery can be maintained for 2 hours, but a user installed the latest notebook Special XP system, found that the battery is not charged. What is th

Laptop Wireless card does not open properly in Vista system

Knowledge Point Analysis: Laptop installation XP and Vista dual system, the wireless network card in the XP system use all normal, but in the Vista system is always unable to connect to the wireless router, has checked the driver is normal, and the wireless network card LED has not been turned on. Through experiments

The laptop can't get into the system.

The laptop will power up normally, but the system won't work. The power supply LED is lit but the system is not running and the screen is not displayed. To solve this problem, we can start with the following several aspects. 1. Hold down the power switch of the notebook computer until the power is turned off, then press the power switch again to start and

Lenovo laptop Setup when reloading the system

If your computer is a Lenovo notebook, then you install the system, there will be some convenience, can help you to more convenient installation system.One: Lenovo comes with a key to restore a key to restore the Novo key, usually next to the power key, some on one side, and some and the power key next to each other. This button is very convenient, in the state o

New Linux laptop with u disk mounted WIN7/XP System tutorial

To buy a user pre-installed Linux notebook, the first thing is to think about Windows XP system installation or Windows 7 system installation, online search XP system installation Tutorial (how to install XP system with u disk), how to reinstall the XP system (how to install

Dell Laptop win8.1 How to install win7 system with u disk

Dell Laptop win8.1 How to install win7 system with u disk First, the matters needing attention 1, the transformation of the hard disk partition form needs to clear all the disk data, backup computer files 2, after the Win7 can not restore the original win8.1, to restore to the Dell after the sale of recovery Ii. Mo

Win7 the steps to create a System Restore disk with its own restore function

The Windows 7 system provides users with the ability to create a restore system disk, and the same functionality can be found on the Windows 7 installation disk. If you do not have an installation disk (such as an OEM version of your laptop), or if the installation disk is missing or damaged, you can come from the buil

How to quickly restore the system and recover the system of an Apple notebook

How to quickly restore the system and recover the system of an Apple notebook A laptop is also known as a portable computer. Its biggest feature is its compact body, which is easier to carry than a PC. Notebook Computer, also known as a laptop, handheld Computer, or

How to restore the notebook system?

Recently Small knitting Notebook system basic to run, in the operation of the computer, often appear inexplicable cotton, even half a day did not respond. So what happens to the laptop system? Theoretically, we can solve it by System Restore and reload

Restore win7 system Notebook What if there's no electricity?

We are in the use of Win7 system will inevitably encounter some of the more troublesome problems, such as we use the notebook to restore the system when the notebook when the power exhaustion situation how to deal with, this is not a big not small problem, but still need to be resolved. In fact, our most common time is to encounter the restoration

Win7 system how to quickly restore factory settings

For the factory pre-installed Win7 system because the manufacturer has purchased the copyright, pre-installed is a genuine win7 pure version of the system, of course, the manufacturers will also purchase the cost of the computer, paid by you. After you've used it for a while, you can also restore the W7 system

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