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Xlslib installation, Aclocal-1.13:command not found, installation upgrade autoconf-2.65.tar.gz, automake-1.13.tar.gz two files

Question 1:$ make Cdpath="${zsh_version+.}:" && CD. && aclocal-1.13 -/bin/sh:aclocal-1.13127Need to install an upgrade to autoconf-2.65.tar.gz, automake-1.13.tar.gz two filesQuestion 2:When the Xlslib is compiled, it appears:In file included

Install aclocal-1 Error

Missing: Line 46: aclocal-1.10: Command not foundwarning: 'aclocal-000000' is needed, and you do not seem to have it handy on your system. you might have modified some files without having the proper tools for further handling them. check the

Installation and use of Coreseek

Search Structure PHP--Sphinx MySQL unstructured data is also called full-text data,non-fixed-length fields such as article title Search this kind of applicable Sphinx full-text data search: Sequential scan: Like look-up Index Scan: Extract the

Use Cygwin to help compile a large number of C + + libraries under windows (with Make:command not found, and LIBTOOL.M4 and solutions with a version mismatch problem)

In order to use a library, are to download the source code, and then according to the developer's Readme manual with GCC compiled, has been unable to use makefile feel very painful, such as the recent use of ZthreadOr do you blame yourself for being

Thrift installation and troubleshooting

Introduction  Thrift is one of Facebook's core technical frameworks, allowing systems developed in different languages to communicate through this framework. The developer uses the format provided by thrift to define data and service scripts. Thrift

Configure,make,make Install detailed

Turn: Http:// Writing makefile files is a very troublesome matter for a beginner or a veteran Linux programmer; Developers should focus on programming code, and it is obviously unwise to spend too much

Part 1 basics of autotools

++ ++(Note: For the actual development mode, see section 2 .)The GNU build system has two goals:The first is to simplify the development of portable programs.The second is to simplify the building of programs that are distributed as source code.The

How to use the GNU Autotools

Writing makefile by hand is a very interesting thing, and for larger projects, it is a good thing if there are tools to do it. In the Linux system development environment, the GNU Autotools undoubtedly played this important role. (In a Windows

Quick Start to compile and release automake software in Linux

In Linux, The automake software compilation and release Quick Start-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. In this example, we assume that a software package of simserver1 is to be

Quick Start to compile and release automake software in Linux

  In this example, we assume that a software package of simserver1 is to be generated, and the source file is only one, namely, simserver1.cpp. The pthread library is used. 1. Run the autoscan scan source code directory. Run $ Autoscan Execute

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