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Python+selenium: Browser Webdriver Action (1)--Basic object positioning

1. Positioning of simple objects-----The core of automated testingObject positioning should be the core of automated testing, to manipulate an object, you should first identify this object. An object is like a person, he will have a variety of characteristics (attributes), such as more than we can through a person's ID number, name, or he lives in which street, floor, number to find this person. Then an object has a similar property, and we can find this object through this property.2.webdriver

Java Selenium (12) Action pop-up & Smart Wait page load complete & process elements in Iframe

Frame.html Selenium code public static void Testiframe (Webdriver driver) { Driver.get ("E:\\stashfolder\\[email protected]\\stash\\tank-moneyproject\\ Pudong Software Park Training center \ \ My Textbook \\Selenium webdriver\\ Frame\\main.html "); At the time of the main win

Selenium Webdriver Learning-by ID, name locator, input, search, close action

Selenium Webdriver Learning--by ID, name location, input content, search, close operation;Open Google Browser, enter a different website, the search box positioning contains different elements (sometimes ID, sometimes name)Import Org.openqa.selenium.By;Import Org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver;Import org.openqa.selenium.WebElement;Import;Import com.thoughtworks.selenium.Wait.WaitTimedOutException;public

Python+selenium notes (ix): Action warnings and pop-up boxes

= Driver.find_element_by_css_selector ('#span_userinfo') +SIGN_OUT_BTN = Span_userinfo.find_element_by_link_text ('Exit') - () + #switches the focus to the current page pop-up warning, and gets the text of the popup box AAlert =Driver.switch_to_alert () atAlert_text =Alert.text - #Check Click to exit, do you want to pop up a message confirming exit? -Self.asserttrue (Alert_text = ='are you sure you want to quit? ') -Alert.accept ()#Click OK - - @classmethod

Java Selenium Action Pop-up dialog box example to explain _java

Web developers often need to use the JavaScript pop-up dialog box to give users some informational hints, including the following types Reading Table of Contents dialog box type Test page Code for the Selenium Action dialog box dialog box type 1. Warning Boxes: Validation results, errors or warnings for prompting user related information 2. Hint box: Used to prompt the user to enter d

Selenium Webdriver Python Action browser

New Driver Driver=webdriver. Firefox () Driver=webdriver. Ie () Driver=webdriver. Chrome () Change browser Maximize browser Driver.maximize_window () Set Browser size driver.set_window_size (480,800) browser forward, back Driver.forward () Driver.back () Sets the browser location driver. Set_window_position (0,0) Close the browser driver.quit () Close the current windowdriver.close () Refresh browser driver.refresh () get current Urldriver.current_ URL () screen screenshot driver.save_screensh

Java Selenium (11) Action Popup dialog box

(Javascriptalert.gettext ()); Javascriptalert.accept (); } Public Static voidTestprompt (Webdriver driver)throwsException {String URL= "Http://"; Driver.get (URL); Webelement Promptbutton= Driver.findelement (By.xpath ("//input[@value = ' Prompt ']")); (); Thread.Sleep (2000); Alert javascriptprompt=Driver.switchto (). alert (); Javascriptprompt.sendkeys ("This is learning

JQuery-02. Style Sheet Properties Action/class action, animation, show hide, slide in, fade in, stop animation, node action, add object, empty node

performed The first parameter determines whether the queue is emptied. You can end the animation immediately.True to empty false does not emptyThe second parameter makes the currently executing animation complete immediately, and resets the original style of show and hide, calls the callback function, and so on True to complete immediately False does not complete immediately Node Operation:Create a JQuery object$name = $ ("$ ("label name"

Selenium move div inside the scroll bar, Action popup dialog box

Or use JS to moveThe first thing to do is to locate this elementtend to use JS to locate elements, enter the following script, press ENTER, you can see the corresponding div block on the Debug page$ ("div.table-responsive")Scrolling method using ScrollLeft ()$ ("div.table-responsive"). ScrollLeft (1000)Apply to Java SeleniumTo avoid entering numbers, you can write this((Javascriptexecutor) driver). Executescript ("$ (\" Div.table-responsive\ "). ScrollLeft (Document.body.scrollWidth)" );Second,

Selenium Webdriver Learning (vi)---action frame window

First, the code implementationSecond, the realization principlePlease refer to the comments sectionThird, the problems encounteredStart in the process of running, always prompt null pointer exceptionReason: The @beforemehtod was written @beforeThe former belongs to the tsetng, the latter belonging to JUnitIv. SummaryMain methods: Getwindowhandle (), Dr.switchto (). window (ParentID);The method through which the caption is GetTitle (), through the content of the method is Getpagesource ()

Selenium webdriver-Action Browser Cookie

named "Abtest" with the Name property of the cookie PrintSelf.driver.delete_cookie ("abtest") #The second kind: Delete all cookie information at onceself.driver.delete_all_cookies ()#Once you have deleted all cookies, check the cookies again to confirm that they have been completely deleted .cookies =self.driver.get_cookies ()PrintCookies#Add custom cookie informationSelf.driver.add_cookie ({"name":"Gloryroadtrain",'value':'1479697159269020'}) #View the added cookie inf

Java notes 10__math class, Random class, arrays class/Date action Class/object comparer/

/*** Math class, Random class, arrays class: Specific Java manual ... */ Public classMain { Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {string[] S1= {"A", "B", "C", "D", "E"}; string[] S2= {"A", "B", "C", "D", "E"}; Booleanb = Arrays.equals (S1,S2);//Compare two array contentsSystem.out.println (b);//Output Truestring[] S3=NewString[6]; Arrays.fill (S3,"Well Empty");

HTTP status 404-no result defined for Action employeeaction and result input-action class

parameters. Parameters interceptor uses ognl AP to achieve this goal. To be accurate, it is the ognl. ognlruntime class, which depends on JavaReflection. For each attribute to be set, ognlruntime creates a java. Lang. reflection. Method object for it and calls its invoke method. Of course, the type conversion is not always successful, because the user input data may not be converted to the corresponding action

State mode: Wraps the executed action in a class related to the state, which determines how the action should be executed by the state.

the elevator.Elevator class Elevator has a member representing five states, all of which are elevatorstate interface types. The constructor of the elevator class creates the corresponding implementation class for the members representing the five states and assigns values, as follows:Publicelevator () {stopstate= New Stopstate (this);movingupstate= New Movingups

JSP pages, using Struts2 tags, to pass and get parameters in the action class, considerations. <s:a-ACTION><S:ITERATOR><S:PARAM>OGNL expression

When writing a SSH2 project, in addition to using the Previously here, due to my carelessness, led to no corresponding data display on the JSP page. Originally thought that is not read from the database to the data, so I from the persistence layer, DAO layer, service Layer, action class check several times, modified multiple code, the result is found, is the last JSP did not show the data. Therefore, it is

About the right-click menu in JFace Action class, Actgiongroup class, Menumanager class

Action class, Actiongroup class, Menumanager class introductionThe menu in SWT is the mean class, and the use of the menu class has been described in the previous section.Menu items are implemented using the Meauitem

Action class [] not found-action-file:/D:/apache-tomcat

SSH integration exception: action not found. Check Procedure: 1. Check whether the value of the class Attribute corresponding to the action in your struts. xml file can be found in the Spring configuration file.2. If you are sure that your configuration is correct, the package is missing when you import the package. At this time, check whether there are the fol

Selenium grab elements exclude a specific class tag

Exclude a factor, the first preferred to think of regular expression, helpless toss half a day without success, feeling is selenium on the elements of Attrs press re search in action, $ on the end of the string detection is useless. The beautifulsoup can be detected using the class of the output element of the element[' class

Python Selenium position page elements based on class

In the daily page source code, we based on the element ID to locate is the most foolproof, the ID in a single page is not duplicated. But in practice, many front-end developers do not write ID attributes for each element. A typical HTML code is as follows:1 Divclass= "Sui-tips s-isindex-wrap sui-tips-exceedtipnews"style= "display:none; width:auto;">Divclass= "Sui-tips-arrow"style= "left:15px;">em>em>Div>Divclass= "Sui-tips-body">Call me too many times today,BR>Let's have a little more of it tomo

Selenium webdriver Automated test Design (Webdriver Automation architecture design, definition interface, log processing, Java robot class applications)

Selenium webdriver Automated test Design (Webdriver Automation architecture design, definition interface, log processing, Java robot class applications)For you to share a set of courses, interested can add me 2748165793For more free information, you can view Http:// happy paradise of the yard farmCourse Outline1th Chapter:Introduction to the course overviewSelenium Introducti

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