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"ActionScript" flash interacts with Web pages, ActionScript interacts with JavaScript

, Google and other browsers.This is generated by the Flash webpage.html page, you can learn the code as follows:2. Flash disables the ability of Flash to call local files. You can only copy this webpage.swf to your server for debugging. Then create a new. HTML page on the server, with swf.html and webpage.swf as examples, if the different examples please set their own absolute path, assuming that the

ActionScript 3.0 step by step series (II): build a solid foundation for the syntax of ActionScript 3.0

When learning a foreign language, we should first learn its syntax. The same is true for learning a programming language. Syntax is the most basic thing in every programming language, such as how to define variables, use expressions, and perform basic operations. ActionScript 3.0 is a script language based on ECMA-262 specifications. Its basic syntax consists of identifiers, keywords, data types, operators, and delimiters. These five elements have di

Add-in Flash (ActionScript 3.0 & Flex 3.0) Series Articles Index

Flash's ActionScript 3.0 1, add up Flash (1)-ActionScript 3.0 basic data types, operators and Process Control statements Introduced All data types in Flash ActionScript 3.0 are objects, and the syntax of the operators and Process control statements is similar to C # 2, add up Flash (2)-ActionScript 3.0 base packa

The simplest example of Flash-based streaming media: RTMP push and receipt (ActionScript) and rtmpactionscript

The simplest example of Flash-based streaming media: RTMP push and receipt (ActionScript) and rtmpactionscriptThis article records some Flash-based streaming media processing examples. The most common Streaming Media Protocol for Flash platforms is RTMP. Some RTMP players/streamer Based on C/C ++ recorded previously, but no RTMP player/streamer Based on the Flash-based

The simplest example of flash-based streaming media: rtmp push and receive (ActionScript)

This article records some examples of flash-based streaming media processing. The most common streaming media protocol for the Flash platform is rtmp. Some of the previously documented RTMP players/boosters are based on C + +, but no rtmp player/ejector based on ActionScript in Flash was recorded. In fact, the RTMP player/ejector based on Flash is a "regular" in rtmp technology. RTMP itself is designed to c

Overview of Flash ActionScript 3.0

It can be said that this is the first ActionScript file I translated, although AS3.0 noisy very much. However, due to the introduction of Chinese is still rare, so translated this article. This article is translated from:Http:// of the limited level of English and ActionScript, there may be some mistakes, and I implore the Lord and the audienc

Animation basics of ActionScript 3.0-3

){this._x = 100;this._y = 100;}onClipEvent(enterFrame){this._x += 5;} In addition, the examples in this book do not use this setting method (because it is not part of the as3 language), but there are three main points to note: initialization, repeated actions, and screen refreshing, it will be part of any animation you make in any system. 2.5.4 events and event handlers) Flash MX has introduced many important changes in

Help you learn Flash/actionscript's 12 websites _flash as

for creating 3. gotoAndPlay () gotoAndPlay () is dedicated to providing resources for flash game developers.This is the society has a forum, interviews, from professional developers, and reviews of books and resources. There are also tutorials and articles on the development of flash games that can filter topics, expertise and types. Tutorial Examples: Development of space Shooting games Skeleton animation How to protect SWFs fr

Animation basics of ActionScript 3.0-1

frame of a frame-by-frame or tween animation contains a description of an image or a pair of images.A dynamic animation contains an initial description of an image and a rule for changing the first frame of description.Most of the content in this book focuses on the rules of dynamic animation. It provides a technical list to change the image description to get realistic animation results. In this chapter, you will understand how to initialize the architecture, how to apply rules on each frame,

Getting Started with Java programmer ActionScript 3

Let's face it: The client is never a friendly place for Java programmers. Java's technology at the client side, including applets, swing, and JavaFX, has so far yielded only limited results. JavaScript has almost no place like the Java language except for its name. and Adobe Flash, it does look like JavaScript, really? It may have been a few years ago that Flash was as understandable as JavaScript, but as ActionScript 3 appeared, everything changed. A

Give some suggestions for all the ActionScript

this book was published by the famous o'reilly company. Today, o'reilly's publications have become the standards of computer technology books. Seeing the logo of o'reilly is equivalent to seeing quality assurance. (I am only talking about the original English version. For qualified readers, read the original English version as much as possible. Good English does not matter, look at the Id = 799443)This book can be said to be an excellent entry-level bo

Basic grammar rules for ActionScript

Syntax This tutorial details the basic grammar rules to follow when writing scripts using ActionScript, and is a must-read tutorial for as beginners ... When scripting with ActionScript, you can create simple actions using the normal-mode action Panel, menu and list selection options. To write powerful scripts in ActionScript, you have to delve into and learn abo

The latest 3D engine project of ActionScript

3D Engine Note: For 3D engines, rendering efficiency and supported rendering functions are very important.ArticleIt is impossible to give a detailed introduction at all. In particular, it may be misleading. To learn more about application cases and technical demonstration images, please click the link to the website of each engine, the pictures placed in this category are just examples of an application of the engine, which is extremely random and d

A little suggestion for all ActionScript Beginners Classic _flash as

so on. Do not be intimidated by this mass of content, smart you should be easy to understand them, the purpose of learning is to use. Therefore, the most important thing for you is to follow the example in the book again to deepen understanding, preferably to modify those examples, and to analyze the errors that occur. In this way, you will find that your progress is faster or more than you can imagine, even though you are not able to make something

Tips for all ActionScript beginners

the example in the book again to deepen understanding, preferably to modify those examples, and to analyze the errors that occur. In this way, you will find that your progress is faster or more than you can imagine, even though you are not able to make something like it now, it will lay a solid foundation for your future achievements. Some friends always do not attach importance to such basic training, think the creativity, thought the most important

Chapter I: the base of ActionScript

introduce: Using ActionScript, you can create flash programs to do anything you can think of. But before we get to the broader range, let's take a look at the basics. Good news when ActionScript's commands have well-defined patterns, sharing the same syntax, structure, and concepts. Mastering the basics of grammar can make you a better master of ActionScript. This chapter will focus on the common features

As3 beginner's note: ActionScript-Variables

Variable Variables can be used to store values used in programs. To declare a variable, you must use the VaR statement and the variable name together. In ActionScript 2.0, only when you use a classYou must use the VaR statement. In ActionScript 3.0, you always need to use the VaR statement. For example, the following ActionScript line declares a nameFor I: VaR I;

Golden Flash guest ActionScript class record two

The second talk look and the lookMany friends in learning as when like from the example, from the Internet down a large pile of source code, and then copy the as to the script window intact, but often do not have the effect. Even if the effect has been made, and do not know why, the next encounter similar problems can not be solved. Because we have not yet understood and mastered the basic use and meaning of the statement. Today we'll talk about how to read as statements. I use this title to con

ActionScript 3.0 Overview

It can be said that this is the first ActionScript file I translated, although as3.0 is very loud. however, since there are few Chinese introductions, I have translated this article. this article is translated from: due to the limited level of English and the limited level of ActionScript, there may be some errors. I would like to ask the readers to point out this article, but I also hope it will be useful

Flash: Tips for learning ActionScript

ActionScript 3.0 is a powerful object-oriented language that depicts a new programming model for Flash Player. If you are already familiar with ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0, then when you use ActionScript 3.0 to develop your first application Program You need to know some language differences. Note: For more information, see the list of differences between

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