active directory dns troubleshooting

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10 tips to help you fix a DNS failure

DNS is one of the network infrastructure protocols, presumably everyone should have some understanding. DNS is one of the most important services for all windows-based networks. In the absence of DNS support, the Active Directory does not work, and

Tools or technologies required to manage Active Directory

Required Technology Description Location Backup tools Perform backup and restore operations. It is automatically installed with Windows Server 2003. In Windows Server 2003, the backup tool is Backup.exe. The wizard or basic

Active AD + exchange upgrade series troubleshooting (2)

The previous article talked about how to perform the Active Directory health check. This article mainly lists several examples of Active Directory troubleshooting. 1. Event codeError 1864 Log name: Directory Service Source:

Win2K "Secret Weapon" DNS tool (i)

Tools applied in the network environment: useful for the person who is engaged in the maintenance. Also note that some tools require another tool to be used as a base to work, that is, when a tool is working, another tool that is the basis must be

IIS Information Server troubleshooting guide

From: The cause of an error on the IIS server is complex. Errors such as service startup failure, IIS process interruption, or site failure will be recorded in system logs. No matter what errors occur in IIS, you should use the

What to do if DNS does not ping through

Failure problem: Each computer in the local area network is accessing the Internet server with a "Userenv" error in the log file, id "1000", and the query is a DNS error, but DNS is provided by the ISP and cannot ping. Troubleshooting: DNS Failed

Windows Server AD Domain management creation

ObjectiveAn introduction to AD domain management and its partitioning of permissions:1. The ad domain originates from Microsoft, and is suitable for Windows, which provides strong protection for centralized management and information security for

Windows Server R2 Create an ad domain

??ObjectiveWe follow to create the first domain in the first forest. Create a method to install a Windows Server first, and then upgrade it to a domain controller. Then create a second domain controller, a member server with a domain-joined WIN8

Upgrade the computer to the domain controller for troubleshooting

Each domain must haveDomain ControllerHowever, when upgrading a server to a domain controller, there are usually minor faults for various reasons. This article lists an example of minor faults. When a Windows 2003 Server is converted to a domain

Overview of Exchange Troubleshooting steps

I. Narrowing the scope of the problem1. How many users are affected2. Whether all affected users use the same method to access Exchange3. What users want to do4. Other users performing the same task is normal5. Are all users in a database?6. Are

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