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Finger user name, home directory, stall time, logon time

FingerYum Install finger2. UseFinger is used to query the login account information on a host computer, usually displays the user name, home directory, stasis time, logon time, login shell and other information, using permissions for all users. If you want to query the

The script records information of all logon users, including the user name, Logon Time, and logon location.

There is a need to record all the login user information, including the user name, Logon Time and logon location to/var/log/login. I have written two scripts here for implementation. Requirement analysis: the user is simply a root

Achieve "record the User Logon Time and exit time, record the user IP address at the same time, and record the province and city addresses corresponding to the user IP Address"

To achieve "record the User Logon Time and exit time, record the user IP address, and record the province and city addresses corresponding to the user IP Address" Using Session_Start and Session_End is the initial idea and the re

Aspnet_membership_updatelastloginandactivitydates-Updates recent logon and active time

1 alter procedure DBO. aspnet_membership_updatelastloginandactivitydates -- updates recent logon and active time 2 @ applicationname nvarchar (256 ), 3 @ username nvarchar (256 ), 4 @ timezoneadjustment int 5as 6 begin 7 declare @ userid uniqueidentifier 8 select @ userid = NULL 9 select @ userid = U. userid 10 from DBO. aspnet_membership M, DBO. aspnet_users U,

Implementation "Record user logon time and exit time, while recording user IP, and to record the user IP corresponding province and City address"

Want to achieve "record user logon time and exit time, while recording user IP, and to record the user IP corresponding province and City address" With Session_Start and session_end, implementation is the original idea, the resul

Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Basic Configuration and application (Novice tutorial) 5---User profile

; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_2660492647.jpg "title=" 5-13.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1gncldbxrdzaabemkpk43u307.jpg-wh_50 "/>STEP2 : Select multiple users at the same time, and follow the path of the configuration file, the home folder is modified ( \\IP\ Share name \%username% )650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://

Parse the Active Directory information exposed to the user

as a standard domain user account? If you are responsible for domain security, you must find out which information is exposed to users by default.Check Directory If you want to check which information is exposed to users, you can log on as a normal user in the test environment (default domain settings). First, visit the Microsoft TechNet SysInternals website, do

Logon Failed: User Account restriction. Possible causes include not allow empty passwords, logon time restrictions, or mandatory policy restrictions.

When you access other hosts in the LAN by using the network neighbor/default share ($), the logon interface is displayed. Enter the user name and blank password and the prompt is displayed:Logon Failed: User Account restriction. Possible causes include not allow empty passwords,

Active Directory sync display user photos in SharePoint 2013

In order to maintain the consistency of communication information, it is necessary to set up Sharepoint,exchange, Lync and other information to update display, for example, employee avatar information. This article describes how to synchronize the display of user avatar information for Active Directory Active

SharePoint 2013: Move user PowerShell in SharePoint after Active Directory migration user

-spuser-identity $siteUser-web $site url-syncfromad 2>> $filepath. Txt$siteuser 1=get-spuser-web $site. url.tostring ()-identity $siteUser$FullUserLogin = $userPrefix + "|" + $NewUserTry{Move-spuser-identity $siteUser 1-newalias $newUser-ignoresid 2>> $filepath. TXT #move account must use the preceding statement to assign the account get out to the variable, before you can call the variable user in the Move statement otherwise error}Catch{$error [0].

Linux to build FTP, VSFTP, to resolve access to FTP timeout connection, to solve the user specified access to their root directory, to resolve the FTP active connection, passive connection problems

mode and#listens on IPV4 sockets. This directive cannot is used in conjunction#With the listen_ipv6 directive.listen=NO##This directive enables listening on IPV6 sockets. By default, listening#On the IPv6 ' any ' address (::) would accept connections from both IPv6#and IPV4 clients. It isn't necessary to listen on *both* IPv4 and IPv6#sockets. If you want this (perhaps because you want to listen on specific#addresses) Then you must run the copies of VSFTPD with the configuration#files.#Make sur

C # AD (Active Directory) domain information synchronization, organization unit, user and Other Information Query

Next, configure the Active Directory domain controller for Windows Server 2008 r2 Use C # to read information for the ad domain in combination with common requirements ^_^! Directory Sample Preparation Knowledge Example of reading Ad Domain Information Directorysearcher. Filter attribute extension description Description of

Use ldap c api to modify a user's password in MS Active Directory

1. First, you need to understand the notes for modifying the user password in the Windows Active Directory:1. In the Active Directory, the user's password is Unicode encoding, so the password must be converted from ASCII to unicode encoding, the following shell command Conve

Active Directory management 2: User Management

: none; padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-left: 0px; "alt =" image "src =" "border =" 0 "/> 3. You can see that users are created in both IT and HR. 650) this. width = 650; "height =" 337 "title =" image "style =" margin: 0px; border: 0px; background-image: none; padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-left: 0px; "alt =" image "src =" "border =" 0 "/> 650) thi

Simplified version of Web part for password modification in SharePoint: Web part that can modify the Active Directory and the password of the local user !!

There are problems with third-party development that has checked so many SharePoint password modifications on the Internet. Summary: 1. Use the exp2.asp interface that comes with IIS6 to modify the password. This experiment sometimes fails to obtain the user's login name. Very inconvenient. 2. Check the third-party webpart, changepassword. dll.Source codeThe SourceCodeIs to change the password of the server itself. Does the moss server have to be the domain controller of the ad? 3. Some Thi

Active Directory Parent-child domain user migration: Tfs&sharepoint issues Summary (ii)

, and there are not many users, all users who have lost permissions to SharePoint are also handled manually.VI: TFS Server service Account MigrationDue to the environment is the migration of the production environment, all service accounts if the migration and then to change the identity of these, the problem and can not find where the service account has not changed, want to immediately recover is not. So the safe way is to use the service account of all the servers and migrate them in a replac

C # uses AD (Active Directory) to authenticate the intranet user name password

1. Connect to the intranet and find the domain address of the adNslookupSet Types=all_ldap._tcp2. Verifying the functions of the ad public bool Adlogin (string userName, string password) { //Sample: //ldap:// string domain = Sys Tem. configuration.configurationmanager.appsettings["AD_domain"]; Try { DirectoryEntry entry = new DirectoryEntry (domain, userName, password); Object obj = en

Active Directory: Clean up old user accounts

Active Directory (AD) is designed to manage millions of objects in a domain. But even if you use organizational units (OUs) Well, we humans can't handle too many objects properly. So, there's a way to keep the number of objects or, specifically, the number of user accounts that doesn't stack up there, that is, to do some cleanup work. Cleanup is necessary for an

Active Directory in a virtual machine--a problem and answer that may be overlooked for a long time

Written on the outside of the title Many people today confuse the concept of virtualization and cloud computing, but the reality is that virtual machines have penetrated into large and small data centers and become "cornerstones" of a variety of businesses, possibly smaller than a test system, to a complete Hadoop cluster load. So in any case, the individual believes that deep practice of virtualization is necessary in the future that can be expected today. Today I would like to discuss in mor

Use IIS6.0's password modification function to modify the Active Directory User Password

Step 2: create a virtual directory "IISADMPWD" under the WSS site to point to % system % \ System32 \ Inetsrv \ Iisadmpwd. Set the permission to allow reading and running scripts. In fact, you can directly access IISADMPWD \ aexp2.asp and you will find that you can change the password, but to make it easier and more elegant, continue with the following steps You may change the name of aexp2.asp to default. asp. Step 2: create a web Part Page pwd. a

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