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Active mode and passive mode in FTP transmission

Recently do a project to use FTP and other systems for file transfer, the results of the FTP network connection problem spent a lot of time, because too long did not make more FTP, forget that FTP is not only open 21 port, the client using different

Linux installation Zabbix Agent (active mode, passive mode)

Environment:System: CentOS 7.4Platform: Zabbix 3.2Installation package: Zabbix-3.2.11.tarCompile installation path:/usr/local/zabbix_agentd/Active mode, Passive mode introductionIf you need to refer to this article for configuration, please read

Zabbix Agent active mode monitoring

Zabbix Agent active mode monitoring Zabbix_server collects data from the Server when there are too many hosts. Zabbix has serious performance problems, mainly as follows: 1. When the monitored end reaches an order of magnitude, the Web operation is

Zabbix Agent Active Batch tuning client for Active mode monitoring

Zabbix Agent Active Batch tuning client for Active mode monitoring Zabbix_server end when the number of hosts is too high, the server side to collect data, Zabbix will have serious performance problems, the main performance is as follows: 1,

FTP active mode, passive mode introduction _FTP server

Active mode 1. FTP Client use TCP Port 1026 for command to FTP Server command port 212. FTP Server use TCP port responed to FTP client command Port 10263. FTP Server use TCP port of sending data to FTP client data port 1027 (1026 + 1)4. FTP client

[Service]ftp active mode and passive mode

Often forget this thing. So summarize this thing and feel the agreement. FTP connection mode Control connection: Standard port, for sending FTP command information Data connection: Standard port, for uploading and

How do I set the active mode and passive mode for FTP?

In the use of FTP, often encountered after the FTP link file list error situation, just because the FTP mode is not correct, how to set the working mode of FTP, what is active mode, what is passive mode, active mode and passive mode what is the

FTP active mode and passive mode, and Java ftpclient mode settings

Active mode and passive mode of FTPThe FTP server communicates with the FTP client using 20 and 212 network ports.The FTP server's 21 port is used to transfer FTP control commands, and 20 ports are used to transfer file data.FTP Active Mode:The FTP

Set the data transmission mode to port (active mode) in flashfxp.

During FTP operations, the FTP function of editplus is generally used directly. However, the FTP function of editplus cannot directly Delete non-empty directories. It is very troublesome to delete multi-level directory trees, so we use

Linux centosvmware Active mode and passive mode, add monitoring host, add custom template, handle garbled in graphics, auto discovery

First, active mode and passive modeactive or passive is relative to the clientPassive mode, the server will actively connect to the client to obtain monitoring project data, the client passively accept the connection, and to pass the monitoring

FTP active mode and passive mode

Special features of FTP: Most TCP services use a single connection. Generally, the client initiates a connection to a slave port of the server and then uses this connection for communication. However, the FTP protocol is different. It uses multiple

Vsftpd passive mode and Active Mode

Vsftp files and directoriesMain Program of/usr/sbin/vsftp/Etc/rc. d/init. d/vsftp Startup Script/Etc/vsftpd. conf vsftp configuration file/Etc/pamd/vsftpd PAM Authentication File/Etc/vsftpd. ftpuser prohibit ftp users/Etc/vsftpd. user_list list of

FTP Active mode passive mode

FTP Active Mode PORTThe client logs on to the FTP client to connect to port 21 on the serverAfter successful login, the client randomly distributes a high port for listening (greater than 1024) and notifies the FTPFTP received the client's

Zabbix Default item acquisition use passive mode to change to active mode

The working mode of data acquisition can be divided into passive mode (server-to-client data acquisition) Active mode (client actively escalation data to server) server configuration: dbhost= dbname= Zabbix Dbuser=zabbixuser Dbpassword=

FTP active mode (port) and passive mode (PASV) (transfer)

  From:   Directory Opening RemarksBasicActive FTPExample of active FTPPassive FTPExample of Passive FTPSummaryReferences   Opening RemarksOne of the most common challenges when dealing

zabbix3.2 Active Mode Monitoring

Meet a demand, the customer's host are intranet, Zabbix-server end is in the cloud, belonging to the public network IP, meaning that the public network monitoring intranet host (intranet host IP is mostly private network) After querying the data,

[Experience Exchange] active-active Mode setting kubernetes Master Multi-node high availability

About Kubernetes Master Multi-node and high-availability, the online approach takes a active-standby approach, namely:Using software such as pacemaker makes certain master services (Apiserver,scheduler,controller-manager) run only one instance at a

Zabbix Agent Active Mode monitoring log (multiple keywords)

Requirements: monitoring/data/app/app/logs/det.log log files, the occurrence of the keyword bdrc_warning Alarm, level is warning; the keyword: bdrc_eroror alarm, level information. Log Monitoring principle 1. The Zabbix server and the Zabbix agent

How to enable ftp active mode (PASV mode) in IIS)

The IIS-based FTP service supports two active and passive modes of connection, depending on the method specified by the client. IIS does not support disabled or active or passive connection mode. With the Internet, the use of HTTP and other

Active Mode (port) and passive mode (PASV) in ftp)

Article title: active and passive modes (PASV) in ftp ). Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open

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