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After ActivePython is installed, the Python Idle window cannot be opened or uninstalled. activepythonpython

image (installation package. 3. solution: (1) download the same version and reinstall it. If you uninstall it again, it will be OK. (2) download and install the same version, and the system will prompt you to remove the installation or repair. You can also select repair directly, only plug-ins such as "setuptools and pip" must be installed again. Attachment: various installation packages and plug-ins hope to help children's shoes in need. Let's work together! Official Website installatio

ActivePython Insecure File Permission Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:ActivePython 2.1Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 55884Cve id: CVE-2012-5379 ActivePython of ActiveState is an implementation of the Python script language on Microsoft Windows platform. ActivePython,, and other versions have insecure file permissions on the installation directo

[Post] Python ide Evaluation

obtained by Python ide now. Try it out, because even commercial products have demo versions. You will find that these ides are a good way to speed up the development process. At the same time, pay close attention to the latest articles in this column. We will also evaluate the improved versions of some other IDES and tested products. References Please understand pythonware's pythonworks pro 1.1 Take a look at BOA constructor, which is based on wx

Convert IDE hard drive to SCSI hard disk in ESXi, increase IDE hard disk size

There is a P2V over the Windows Server R2 virtual machine, because the original disk is the IDE, the virtual machine is also the IDE, the need to increase the hard disk, but when modifying the hard disk, even in the state of the shutdown is grayed out.After several setbacks, find the following KB, the steps to resolve are as follows:(1) Open ESXi host SSH login; Select Host->configuration-"Security profile-

When the computer is turned on, the display of IDE channel 0 master: none; ide channel 0 slave: none or something

There are two kinds of faults: 1. The self-check result is as follows: ide channel 0 master: None ide channel 0 slave: Philips pcdv5016p. p1.3 ide Channel 1 master: None ide Channel 1 slave: None ide Channel 2 master: st1_0811as 3.aae id

Laraval IDE Auto complement Assistant: Laravel IDE Helper Generator

1. Introduction The expansion pack can generate a file that the IDE can understand to provide accurate auto-completion functionality. This generated file is based on the files that exist in the project, so it is always real-time. Of course, if you don't want to generate this file manually, you can also use the pre-generated files and put them in the project root directory (these files are less real-time): Larval 5:

Notes for using IDE To write C language programs, ide to write C Language Programs

Notes for using IDE To write C language programs, ide to write C Language Programs   I am a cainiao who likes programming. During the course of self-study, I have some questions and confusions. Although I have some experience, I will forget it for a long time, it is not conducive to the accumulation of knowledge. Therefore, I want to record my learning experience through the blog Park platform. I also want

C language development tool (compiler | IDE) Recommendation, development tool ide

C language development tool (compiler | IDE) Recommendation, development tool ideThere are many common C language development tools. Each development tool supports different library functions and standard implementations. However, for beginners, you can ignore these details and select a widely used and easy-to-use development tool.Visual C ++ 6.0 Visual C ++ 6.0 (VC or VC6.0) is recommended for Windows. It is a C/C ++ compiler launched by Microsoft in

The legendary best Python ide-wing ide cracking and Chinese display method

Wing ide cracking: The latest wing ide pro V4 registration machine has not been found, but found the brute force cracking method to crack. This method address is: Chinese garbled solutions: Find the installation directory and open "pango" in "wing ide 3.2 \ bin \ GTK-bin \ etc \ pango. aliases ", modify the text

Introduce a niche IDE and an IDE

Introduce a niche IDE and an IDE What IDE do you usually use as a front-end engineer? atom, webstorm, sublime, or vscode? Today, we will introduce a niche IDE, Adobe's open-source project Brackets, and provide support for Windows and OS X platforms. Brackets features simplicity and quickness, and does not have many vie

Eclipse installs color themes, personalize your IDE, and refresh your IDE

We all know that eclipse's default color theme is a white background, but what if you want to change the background color of the code editing area?Today to introduce a very good eclipse, you can easily according to their own needs to choose the color of the theme, the other said, direct, this is my personal preferred a topic, long time work on the eyes also have a certain protection effect,Do you want to be eager to customize your eclipse, then let me tell you how to install the Eclipse Color th

WxWidgets (2): An easy-to-use C + + PHP open ide--codelite IDE

This text connection: reprint Please specify the source!1, about CodeLiteThe CodeLite IDE is a powerful open source, cross-platform, integrated development environment for C/s + +. Support includes running under Windows, Linux, and MAC systems.Highlight:1. The Code autocomplete function is very powerful2. Imitation vs, easy to get started3. More user-friendly interface4. Integration with Subvers

[Pic32--ide] Debugging with Mplab IDE

Problem descriptionAfter installing the Mplab IDE, you can use it to debug your own PIC32 board for application development.Development BoardHandy is Microchip's PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit II's small board, which integrates the PIC32 debugger, so as long as the USB cable connected to the board can be debug:Connect the PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit II to your notebook with the USB mini interface, and you'll see the new device in Device Manager, and hid-co

Cute Python:python IDE Test

David Mertz introduces 6 Python integrated development environments and compares their features, platforms, and stability. He found--perhaps inadvertently--to test open source modules--free products seem to be superior to commercial products. A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of doing a new trial (or first attempt) on some Python development environments. This is likely to involve practical attempts to develop from the best text editor, additional command line approach to Python, and a more

What if the IDE hard drive interface is broken?

Introduction to Interfaces   IDE interface (Integrated-drive-electronics) is now commonly used external interface, mainly connected to the hard disk and optical drive. Using 16-bit data parallel transmission mode, small size, fast data transmission. An IDE interface can only receive two external devices. The IDE's English is all called "Integrated Drive Electronics", or "Electronic integrated

Netbeans ide 6.0.1 installation instructions

Required Software Before installing the IDE, make sure that Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 5 update 14 (version 1.5.0 _ 14) or later (including JDK 6 Update 4) is installed in the system ). If JDK 5 update 14 or later is not installed, you cannot continue to perform this installation. For more information about the required JDK version, see the required software section in the release notes of netbeans ide 6

Customizing the Eclipse IDE's interface Chapter

Why would you want to customize the IDE?At work, when the company has its own framework, open to its own personnel, or even can sell, we can make a product, and this product will include the framework itself, documents, tools, tutorials and so on. The most important of these tools is the development tools (IDE) and debugging tools. What I do in the company is a hybrid framework, and a supporting

Java Selenium Selenium IDE introduction and Usage _java

The Selenium IDE is a plugin in the Firefox browser that records your actions on Firefox and replays its operations. It's easy to use, but I don't think it's very useful. Reading Table of Contents Selenium IDE Introduction The role of the Selenium IDE Selenium IDE Online Installation method one Seleniu

Comparison of seven popular PHP integrated development tools (IDE)

This article explores all the purposes of the integrated development environment (IDE) and compares the costs and advantages of seven popular IDEs. Writing a series of articles on php gives me a deeper understanding of the world of PHP developers. I have talked with many PHP programmers. The most surprising thing is that only a few people use IDE. Most programmers use text editors, such as Notepad, Emacs, o

The IDE interface is not enough to use the solution

In the face of the growing popularity of single IDE motherboards, upgrading users with three or more IDE devices in their hands is sure to consider this solution. Do not wait until the upgrade of all the accessories to buy back, to consider this issue, that time is actually a bit late, the choice of solutions have been much less. Therefore, the upgrade plan related to the

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