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Flash Activex NPAPI PPAPI various Web plugin Full installation package download address

Flash Player for Windows 8.1 x86 debugger Download the Flash Player for Windows 8.1 x64 debugger Download the Flash Player for Windows 8.1 RT Debugger Note:release builds of Flash Player for Windows 8 is a part of the Windows 8 update Uninstalling the Windows 8/8.1 ActiveX debuger:please Note the KB number in the installer filename after downloading the Installer file. To uninstall the debugger, go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs

How to make Dot poly weboffice online edit ActiveX plugin compatible with Firefox, Google, ie all kinds of browser

The use of Weboffice ActiveX plug-ins in point-of-poly is only required to install the corresponding Weboffice.ocx plugin in IE to enable online document editing. For non-ie such as Google, Firefox browser is somewhat different, if you want to be compatible with Google and Firefox need to adopt standard NPAPI development plug-in, the specific need to do the following steps:1, please install the following li

How to debug an ActiveX plugin under a multi-process browser

Overview: Now the mainstream browser is a multi-process browser, which has caused the debugging of ActiveX Plug-ins a great inconvenience! Recently, the use of VS2010 to develop ActiveX Plug-ins, due to the real browser environment to debug, Find it troublesome to find a real hosting process when attaching to a process! When you think of a tool "process Explorer", it's easy to find a real hosting proces

Use VLC ActiveX plugin to do Web version video player

A small example of online search, including the duration of the play time and so on.MRL can set up local files so that you can only play local files after publishing a Web site.If the video files are all on the server, other computers want to see, you can publish a video file server on IIS, similar to so that you can access the video files, This HTTP path can then be set to MRLBut in this case the test supported by a few formats, FLV is possibleTest can be us

Application of VLC II: VLC's ActiveX and cab

relatively large, so the CAB file is also very large, in the network bandwidth is not very good, the light download this cab may be a long time, basically can say this way is not feasible. So we need to streamline VLC according to our business needs. Jeremiah will be introduced in the next log.7. ActiveX using VLC under C #VS2005 Create a new Windows application, right-click on the left-hand toolbox and select the-->com component-->videolan VLC

Application 2 of VLC: ActiveX and cab of VLC

> In this way, the Web Client can be used without manually registering axvlc. dll. 6. A small and serious problemBecause the Installation File of VLC is usually large, the created cab file is also large. When the network bandwidth is not good, it may take a long time to download the cab, basically, this method won't work. So We VLC needs to be streamlined based on your business needs. Jeremiah will introduce it in the next log. 7. C # Use VLC Activ

ActiveX Development of Browser plugins (iv) __activex

A brief summary of the previous articles of the content, "browser plugin ActiveX development (i)" briefly introduced how to use C + + 2008 under the development of MFC based ActiveX Plug-ins, "Browser plugin ActiveX development (ii)" Introduces the problems that you m

Delphi XE7 to develop ActiveX and debug under Intraweb

Recently learning DelphiXE7 under the Intraweb development, Intraweb full server-side operation so that Fastreport report system can not run on the client, of course, there are a lot of solutions on the Internet, such as export to PDF, give the connection, let customers click Download, etc. Personal feeling is not perfect. Because I do the b/s system mainly run on the Windows platform, so still consider the ActiveX

VLC detailed instructions and configuration instructions comprehensive demonstration instances proficient in VLC Development

activexdirectory in the source code. The interfaces of ActiveX control include the first and second editions. The first editions are simple and have fewer functions. We recommend that you use the second version instead of maintenance.Mozilla pluginYou can also use VLC in Firefox for Windows and Linux. In Windows, you can select Mozilla plugin when installing VLC. In fact, it adds a VLC sub-key under the hk

"Reprint" How to integrate C # window in C + + engineering

, using purely WIN32 API functions and STL to ensure that it has a high speed and a smaller executable file. But the disadvantage is that the design and development of the interface becomes difficult. So we faced this challenge and decided to use C # to create our plugins. How we successfully integrate our. NET plugin to a window created using purely WIN32 API functions? I hope that this article will help you understand this.We have prepared a small e

MFC's ActiveX Control learning

understand the ActiveX control as a dynamic link library.The following is an introduction to the ActiveX plugin from the insertion of existing controls and the application of custom plug-ins:First insert an already existing plug-in, here the author on the vc6.0 with a display date of the calendar plugin as an example:

Qt Foundation 5

thread to which the parent qobject belongs. This means that the object in the non-master thread cannot be used as the parent during creation, because the latter is created in the main thread or another non-main thread.2) before deleting a qthread object, all the objects created in the corresponding thread must be destroyed.3) The object must be deleted in the thread it was created. To delete an object in another thread, you must call the thread-safe qobject: deletelater () function, which will

Delphi Writing ActiveX control (OCX Control) knowledge and examples (with detailed steps)

I. Introduction to the Application of ActiveX:ActiveX controls, which are commonly called OCX controls, are part of ActiveX technology. ActiveX is a Component Object model COM-based technology introduced by Microsoft, including a series of extensions and enhancements to the Windows 32-bit Application programming interface (Win32 API) and Component Object model, with the goal of integrating the computer desk

Java applet knelt down for ActiveX

(specifically developed for IE) that triggers ie to automatically download the plug-in. For example, the following tag declares a Java Applet with the class name Com.cmpc.CMPCApplet3, which requires a 1.4.1 or newer sun JVM (plug-in developed for IE):width= "height=" name= "CMPC"codebase= "Http://,4,1,mn" >after the JVM is downloaded and installed, IE automatically runs the ap

ActiveX components and their registration

I. Overview In the following section, we will briefly introduce the concept and classification of ActiveX components, so that readers can have a conceptual grasp of ActiveX components. The following describes how to register ActiveX components. The registration methods of ActiveX controls,

Rapid development of ActiveX controls using Delphi

You can use Delphi to quickly develop ActiveX controls to add ActiveX controls to favorites, which are commonly referred to as OCX controls. It is part of ActiveX technology. ActiveX is a technology launched by Microsoft Based on the component object model com, including a series of extensions and enhancements to the W

ActiveX components and their registration)

From Ii. Concepts of ActiveX Components In our usual reading and programming, we often see terms such as "ActiveX controls" and "ActiveX components. So what are "ActiveX controls" and "ActiveX components"? What ar

Optimization Master Other Setup options

Disable/Cancel the specified ActiveX plugin installation Many users surf the Web page, often encounter pop-up dialog box to ask whether or not to install some ActiveX plug-ins (such as: Network name Plug-ins, etc.), not only reduce the speed of the Internet also affected their feelings. The "Disable/remove specified ActiveX

Web Client Programming

solves most of the typical client/server problems, it is hard to make up your mind to learn Java once you get started. If you are familiar with scripting languages, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with JavaScript or VBScript before turning to Java, as they may already be able to meet your needs without having to go through the hard process of learning Java. 4. ActiveXTo some extent, a strong competitor of Java should be Microsoft's ActiveX,

The simplest example of Flash-based streaming media: webpage players (HTTP, RTMP, HLS), rtmphls

Wowza server. Rtmp_sample_player_flowplayer: RTMP/HTTP Player Based on FlowPlayer (add RTMP plugin) Rtmp_sample_player_videojs: RTMP/HTTP Player Based on VideoJS Rtmp_sample_player_audio PLAYER: RTMP/HTTP Player Based on audio player Hls_sample_player_flowplayer: FlowPlayer-based HLS player (add HLS plugin) Hls_video_player_html5: HTML5-based HLS/HTTP player Activex_vlc_player: VLC-based

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