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Chapter 2 of Sony's story

War chapter 12th Chapter 2 As early as 1960, I opened a showroom in the Ginza area of Tokyo, where potential customers could try our products without a salesman selling them, the showroom has become a favorite of all people, and its advertising

Professor Zheng Qiang from Zhejiang University)

Theme: Tell the truth (just look at the Chinese) Author:Zxxdx ( Zxxdx) published in: 18:49:47 [logon] [registration] [reply] [Send a message] Professor Zheng Qiang from Zhejiang University)As a scholar, I am not here to show off. With this forum,

Robin Li, China's richest man in whirlpool

Robin Li's idol is Steve Jobs, the Apple's head of the famous authoritarian manager. Inside Baidu, Li is no doubt, is the person on the altar. But as the founder, chairman and CEO of China's largest internet company, Robin Li is in the wrong

Why global house prices rose 20 years is the top _ turn

The rule of global house prices: Why is the price rise 20 years is the top?One, up to the present singing empty sing multi-price speech is speculation!For the house price problem, until now. I didn't see a piece of writing that convinced me to write

Mahout Classification algorithm

Experiment IntroductionThis course studied the Bayes classification algorithm of Mahout. First, the experimental environment explained1. Environment LoginAutomatic login without password, System user name Shiyanlou2. Introduction to the

April Newsletter: A belated confession

This is a late confession, for many days, I have been avoiding, dare not face your concern for newsletter, today, I finally summon up courage, thick-skinned, in May to you release April newsletter.Please accept my late confession. 1.

Wind fighter's prototype

About the Gezhen Hall The Gezhen club was founded in Tokyo in 1965 by President Dashan PIDA. Dashanda was born in a village in South Korea in 1923. At the age of nine, I first came into contact with martial arts on a farm in manzhou, where I

Nice ACM-ICPC article

Article:   First recognized by ACMI first heard that the ACM/ICPC competition was mentioned by Teacher Zhang in the algorithm class on the 3rd. At that time, our school was just getting started to participate

dena/Shanghai travel by using AWS massively shortens the time to launch new games and services

About dena/Shanghai Longitudinal TourDeNA was founded in 1999, is the world's leading network services company, business covers social games, e-commerce and other fields. Headquartered in Tokyo, Dena is now listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange

Vagaa, why can't we search?

1. If your computer does not install VAGAA program, you can search by Baidu, or 360 software assistant, Baidu software assistant. Search Vagaa Click to download the following image: 2. Go to the installation Vagaa interface and install the

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