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VPS Cloud Server to build a site after the method of binding domain name?

There are a lot of novice stationmaster, do not know how to bind their domain name after the VPS Building station, here on the Windows System VPs host using the IIS binding site domain name method, a brief introduction.Usually, we use IIS to build a

Use VPS host to do website, let your website also support IPV6

This article is written to students in VPS, even if your VPS provider does not support IPV6, you can make your site IPv6 ready. If you have a lot of readers in the Education network, do this is very worthwhile, because the education Network has no

Vesta free VPS panel setup personal domain name Post Office WebMail and application experience

When you started surfing the Internet in the early years, if you had E-Mail, it would look like a high-end atmosphere, as a result, we will register the mailboxes of various platforms, and we are afraid that some good prefixes will be registered by

Install Virtualmin panel in VPS

Install Virtualmin panel in VPSWhat is Virtualmin panel? Users who are unfamiliar with some Linxu operations can install the web control panel on VPS to simplify operations such as adding websites or databases, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Virtualmin/Webmin,

Solve CC attacks, Linux VPs, log on to SSH, and log on to the VPs Control Panel

In order to keep the description of the operation process as concise as possible, there is no excessive explanation added in the above content, and you will stay here for a unified description. 1. The nature of "Proxy Server" Two values related to

How to modify the DNS of a Linux-based VPS host


Linux Command records used for vps migration

Vps migration is a problem that many webmasters may encounter, below I will sort out and record some problems encountered by a webmaster during the migration of vps machines and the data migration commands to avoid convenient and direct use. Because

CC attacks in Linux VPS

This article is written by a Niu of diahosting. The diahosting has passed the test and the VPs detective has not yet tested it. I. Preparations1. log on to the VPs control panel and be ready to restart the VPs at any time.2. Shut down the web server

Big talk VPS0.2-VPS/VPD's fool-type LNMP installation

Opening Talk about the VPS remote connection control after a lot of like the author of the small rookie began to sharpening, and then in that is the breathtaking LNMP a key installation process I hope everyone give a applause ah. And you VPS talent,

Easypanel free VPS panel installation and addition of site applications and support for Linux/Windows

Whether or not we have used WEB panels during the use of VPS and server site building processes, we do not have to question whether the VPS panel is really convenient for site building. Especially for users who have just transitioned from virtual

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