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Use parental controls to control vista

Vista already has a parental control feature built into it, which is designed to help parents control how children can use computers. But for users who have only one computer in their home, in order to prevent their parents from making Use the computer accidentally login to some Trojan sites, this function may be more used to "control parents." To set up parental cont

WIN7 system Parental Controls cannot be turned on. Can't control the time the kids surf the Internet

1. Click Start, enter Parental controls in the command box and click Parental Controls in the command line result set, as shown in the following illustration: 2. In the Parental Control dialog box, click the Create new user account in the middle. Then in the pop-up C

The default height of the iphone controls

*416 areas for portrait display, and 480*268 areas for landscape orientation.If you use the tab bar or toolbar, you will reduce the height by 48 or 44 pixels again.4. Keyboards and Pickerview This is generally horizontal 320*216 pixels, which are 480*162 pixels in length.In addition, the Uiswitch default is 94*28 pixels, and the Uisegmentedcontrol pass length is 44 pixels high.The Uitextfield height is generally at least 30 pixels. The 5.UIScreen class [[UIScreen Mainscreen] applicationframe] Ge

Usage of common controls for iphone Development

Like android, iphone contains some common controls such as buttons, image views, TableViewController (listView in android), labels (TextView in android), and progress bars. Today, let's take a look at the use of these controls. Create a View-based project and add controls

[IOS_UI Controls]iphone One application development: windows, views, view controllers and Uikit basics

1, window: UIWindowThe iphone rules are a window, multiple views, Windows is the bottom of the app you see in the apps, he is fixed, basically can not ignore, but to know how each layer is the architecture.2. View: UIViewUIView is the basis of the user-building interface, all the controls are drawn on this page, you can think of it as a canvas, you can add

Default height of various iPhone and iPad controls

toolbar is 44 pixels High. The two UI elements are not used in Landscape mode. A typical application with a navigation bar and status bar retains a 320*416 area for the vertical display and a 480*268 area for the horizontal display. If you use the tab bar or toolbar, the height will be reduced by 48 or 44 pixels again. 4. keyboard and pickerview This is generally 320*216 pixels horizontally and 480*162 pixels vertically. In addition, the default uiswitch value is 94*28 pixels, And

In iphone development, add a hidden toolbar to the keyboard

Because of the touch involved with the iphone, there is no hardware keyboard, the general is to click the input box, pop a virtual keyboard out, so in the iphone development, often in the completion of editing input, to write program code to turn off the soft keyboard output, very cumbersome, of course, there are many ways to close the soft keyboard, For example, put a button on the bottom, by clicking on t

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