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Add the website to the iPhone's home screen and the iphone's home screen

Add the website to the iPhone's home screen and the iphone's home screen I have an article about how to fix a website to the Start Menu of Windows and customize icons, colors, and Windows push notifications. In fact, Apple has similar functions, by adding a link tag to the h

Add an icon to your home screen in iOS and add a splash screen

Although not able to develop native App, but still can take advantage of the features of the Safari browser in iOS little toss, do a pseudo-web App to meet the small vanity. Since it's a safari toss in iOS, it's basically a private property of safari that's used in the code. Adding an icon to the home screen is the first step in the Web app: Adding an icon to the scree

Add a website to your iphone's home screen

I had an article about how to pin a Web site to the Start menu in Windows, and you can customize icons, colors, and windows push notifications, but Apple has a similar function by adding the link tag to the Head section of the page. In Safari we can easily add a website to the iphone's home screen to make it look like a normal app.To do this, simply drop a pictur

How to add contacts to the home screen of Samsung I9300 (Android 4.1.2)

The specific method of operation is as follows: 1. Under the Standby page, click "Contact". 2. Select a contact person according to your needs. 3. Click on the lower left corner of the "menu" button, and Move up the option box to select "Add Home Shortcuts." After the above, the contact is successfully added to the main screen page, click on the contact i

In iOS, add the icon for the website to the home screen. In ios

In iOS, add the icon for the website to the home screen. In ios 1 The difference between apple-touch-icon and apple-touch-icon-precomposed is whether the layer highlight automatically added to the icon in iOS is applied. The former automatically adds rounded corners and highlights. 1

Android Learning Note: Home screen Widgets (1): About widgets

What is home screen WidgetsThe home screen widget, called a gadget or a Chinese gadget, is a view that is displayed on the home page and updates the views data through the background process.Android is managed by Appwidgetmanager

Pro Android Learning Note (137): Home screen Widgets (3): Configure activity

fit into widget instancesThe view of the widget instance is controlled by remoteviews, and the sample is made in a static way. Code snippets such as the following:public class Birthdaystoredata {... ...public static void Updateappwidget (Context context,int widgetid,string name, String date) {//"1" To set remote View information///1.1), Get remote View objectremoteviews views = new Remoteviews (Context.get

Android statusbar modification (1) Add the home back menu key

Because the status bar is completely changed, we recommend that you add a few PNG images first. Frameworks/base/CORE/RES/drawable. It is best to make a background image with statusbar_background.png replaced In addition, I added several icons, including the normal and pressed status of home menu and back. These images are:Frameworks \ base \ core \ res \ drawable \ ic_menu_back_pressed.pngFrameworks \ base

How to enable the appwidget to be automatically added to home screen after it is started

install widgets that appear in the menu-> widgets, you can put the java files of widgets into the widgets folder under the underlying frameworks folder, then, make some modifications to the files in the appwidget folder. For how to make the modifications, the website also provides detailed instructions so that they can be added like system widgets. After installing the widget APK, you can start to modify the theme source code. The following describes

Android series twenty-four -- home screen

Home screen is the most important application of a mobile phone, just like the homepage of a portal website, which directly determines the user's first impression. The following is a brief analysis of home screen. The home screen

"Sail Plan 022" 2015 sail plan Android Apidemo The Devil Step App->launcher shortcuts to create a shortcut on home screen for a non-active activity

Android operating system for In addition, if the user wants to add an app shortcut to the device's home screen, you can press and hold the app's icon in launcher, and the Android system will automatically add a shortcut to the app on the home

"Android" several common broadcast listeners (WIFI, light off screen, home key, SMS) summary

Context Object */public void Registerscreenactionreceiver (context MCon Text) {if (!isregisterreceiver) {isregisterreceiver = true; Intentfilter filter = new Intentfilter (); Filter.addaction (Intent.action_screen_off); Filter.addaction (intent.action_screen_on); LOG.I (TAG, "registration screen unlock, lock broadcast receiver ..."); Mcontext.registerreceiver (screenactionreceiveR.this, filter);

[Liu Yang Java]_web front-end entry-level exercise _ Thunderbolt Home first screen design

Today, the previous article, "Web front-end entry-level exercise _ Thunder Official Xuan Network Design" officially began the first version of Thunderbolt home design. If this is done, the finalFirst step: Complete the design of the logo section first Logo design, we will use the positioning of the CSS to achieve, but in the implementation of the positioning, the first need to write the structure of the Web page

Enable screen lock and Home Key (eclair and older versions)

device_provisioned is 0, need set it to 1. Fix 1: (modify the database) $ ADB Shell $ CD Data/data/COM. Android. providers. Settings/databases $ Sqlite3 settings. DB SQLite>. Tables SQLite> select * from secure; SQLite> insert into secure (name, value) values ('device _ provisioned', 1 ); SQLite>. Exit $ Reboot the phone, lock screen shows up. Note that this modification also enables the home

Android Screen Home button

1, before the Android 4.0 version, can be in the activity of Onattachedtowindow Add the following code implementation: @Override public void Onattachedtowindow (){ GetWindow (). SetType (WindowManager.LayoutParams.TYPE_KEYGUARD_DIALOG); Super.onattachedtowindow ();}2, 4.0 after the version, the processing method is as follows:Define a constant yourself first:Public static final int flag_homekey_dispatched = 0x80000000;Then, in OnCreate,

Cocos2d-x Game Pause screen, listen home button, return key, Menu key solution

Game Pause Screen: Cocos2d-x in the game pause interface provides the idea is to use Pushscene () and Popscne (), that is, push and pop-up scenes, when the game is paused, advance (Pushscene ()) Pause the scene, the previous run of the scene will be automatically paused, and then we can pause the scene to operate, such as Resume,restart,quit, when we no longer need to pause the scene, you can Popscene () will pause the scene pop-up. (The scene is like

JavaScript added to the home screen for iphone

The iphone has a bookmark bar to add the currently browsed page to the home screen, and after the user adds it, the Web app can be launched from the desktop, making people look a bit like web apps, which many people love. But many people do not know or bother to set, this article will introduce a JavaScript prompt user to add

Android statusbar: Add back, home, and menu buttons

[Go to] Android statusbar: Add back, home, and menu buttons Add the home, back, and menu menus to the system status bar on the android interface and complete the corresponding system functions. And the higlight effect is displayed. Modify the height of the status bar and the text size on the status bar. This requires t

Android statusbar: Add back, home, and menu buttons

Add the home, back, and menu menus to the system status bar on the android interface and complete the corresponding system functions. And the higlight effect is displayed. Modify the height of the status bar and the text size on the status bar. This requires the android SDK to be modified. I use eclair. The following describes my operations. 1. First, complete the display. File to be modified . /Frameworks/

Add a video animation to the home page

Now, to provide free homepage space more and more sites, like the Internet friends must also want to have a piece of the internet belongs to the world. When you're upset that you don't have a feature for your home page, add the following code to your Web page where you can add Windows video animations or other Rralmedia format video animations. 〈img Dynsrc=file

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